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Femanons, what do you like to hear?

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I'm a virgin with a Simple (serious) question for any female here.
What at are some things you like to be told whild sexting/flirting over the phone or online?

This girl grabbed my Johnson yesterday, and told me she wanted me to talk to her later. Now she wants me to say all sorts of dirty stuff to her so she can get off but i seriously am so unimaginative that all i can think of is "you're so fucking hot" or, "god i want to fuck you"

Can you please give me some examlles of things to say that you would personally like to hear? Thanks a lot!
So, are you sexting her? If so, you should go into detail about what you'd do to her. And i mean DETAIL. This could range from anything between how you would kiss her to how eager you'd be to pump her full with your hot sperm. But be crefull. You haven't done anything sexual with her yet? Has she sent you pics? Have you sent some? Nudes? What was the last text she sent?
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Some backsrory:
>This girl grabbed my Johnson yesterday, and told me she wanted me to talk to her later.
>then slipled her number into my waistband. All i said was "well, alright." and never texted her.
> Sent her a message this morning saying "hey, it's OP, sorry i totally forgot to text youast night, just got really busy. Was it important?"
>her response was "kind of, but you're fine"
>Well is it something i can still help you with?
>I was just watching you do your assignment and got to thinking I would really enjoy burying my face in your lap
>are you not interested?
>Well sure, just dont see how thats important
>So you won't help me with it then?
>yeah i got you, just let me know whats up, i get off at 8

Tried to play it off as non-autistic as possible, and i think it worked because at 7shs sent me a picture of her ass saying she was ready when i was.

>realized she was actually being serious about doing this.
>to make sure, i asked "hey, sorry but i have to stay a bit later, is 9-9:30 still okay?"
>yeah thats fine, meet me here. (gave address) just call before you start heading over
>continue convo with small talk, get off work at original time. She sends more pics

Asks "will you prep me for everything you're about to do to me?" I said what do yiu mean, she then said "tell me now how you're gonna use me when you get over here ;)"

This is where im stuck femanons.. Idk wtf to say to her, she's sent 4 messages begging me to detail what im gonna do to her, and im concerned that I'll say some stupid shit and she'll Lose all interest
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So far she's sent me 4 pics, clothed ass, Nipple imprints on shirt, Bare ass, Wet panties between legs.

Last thing i said was "haha, you're really fucking pretty, you know that? " her response was "mmm, I'm glad you think so, what are you gonna do to me?" havent said anything yet.

Can someone give me like usable, really solid example lines? Just so i know how to not sound like a dumbass?
Be yourself, she sounds easy so you shouldn't have any problems.
I told her "I'd really like to kiss you" and all she said was "lol"
Im a 26yr old virgin for a reason anon. Idk how to do this shit and its already going bad.
Well if you start saying some nasty shit and then show up and can't talk dirty to her in person that's going to be pretty obvious too.
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"I'd kiss your neck and rub your spine"
"were you still coming over?

Her responses legitimately make me feel retarded. I dont even want to go at this point. Idk wtf to do when i get there, how to start sex, or really even how to put it in. Should i bail and just honestly tell her im a virgin?
Anon just keep going. Do the best you can and take the opportunity you can get. Bring condom and busy your load with the force of a thousand suns. For the responses be like "I'll throw you up against the wall and hold you down as you scream for more" or something and you're golden. Best of luck.

Imagine fucking her, and go wild with how you'd do it. Pick the unusual things from that, then tell her.

If you've watched porn, which of course you have, then just mention some particularly sexy things you've seen from that. Either moves or scenarios are good. Just say SOMETHING, even if it's a near bogstandard plan of stripping her. Say something you lucky dog

Get to that girls house before she can cancel this, anon. If she's still annoyed when you get their, explain you're a virgin and how she's hot, then just try and move in to make out

Whatever you do, do not bail
This is probably my only chance to get laid anon. God practically threw her in my lap and i already fucked it up. An event like this hasn't happened for the past 26 years, Statistically I'll be 52 before another woman tries to sleep with me again.

I'm about to pull up to her house. Accepting the advice of literally anyone at this point. If you've had sex, please help me.

Any final tips before i go in? How to sex, how to talk, anything? Nervous about not getting it in the right way, is there a good angle?
put your penis in a hole until white stuff comes out
GODDAMNIT TELL HER YOU JUST WAN TO GET IT ON. Don't yell, but do imply you're impatient and she'll excuse you're lack of verbal skills

Just get in there

Report back
Grab your dick and fuck her with it anon, don't think about it
Will do anon. Om sure if this 404's by thr time im back, ill be making a thread on how to keep a girlfriend (or a slut thats interested in me) or how to recover from the most embarrassing moment of my life.

Thanks for bringing me this far guys, i was seriously about to bail before reading >>16932757
Good luck!
Don't reveal you're a virgin till it's the only hope. If you do tell her, couple it with telling her how hot she is.

Just be eager, and give her attention. That is all she wants, along with a bit of touching and squeezing and naughty words to validate her sexual value

Get in there
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Everything that ive ever been confused about makes perfect sense now.
So basically, i walked in and she wasnt where she said she would be. Instead she was watching the curious case of Benjamin Button. She offered me a drink, I said sure, asked what she had.
>spiced rum
>Malibu rum

I said 'So I take it you're not really a big fan of rum?'
>she actually laughed, wtf.

Got both of us drinks, she already had half of one but accepted anyway. We didn't really say much, I said it was a decent movie, she said she thought it was sad, I said i thought it was more fascinating than sad, she gave a half assed agreement, then asked "do you mind?"

>gestured toward me
>confused, but it's your house so of course I don't mind
>pushes me back in her couch and drapes herself over my legs and starts to undo my pants.
>become overwhelmed with "omg wtf I'm not ready"
>she literally uncovers everything and looks at it, then back up at me....

At this point Im thinking "great, might as well pull my paints back up and nope the fuck out of here.. But all I could really say was" I'm a grower, I promise lol" She just kinda raised her eyebrows, didn't seem to content with what she found.

Put it in her mouth anyways, felt great, but still I felt very underwhelming for her.. Almost like when you find out you've gotten a raise at work, and then come to realize it's literally just an extra penny. She continued to swirl it around in her mouth for maybe 2 minutes.. Tried to give a hand job but it was legitimately too flaccid and small to really work. So she went back to the mouth... This continued for another 10 minutes. I felt absolutely Humiliated
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Faggot your waste of a divine intervention. The universe just had to throw a girl at your pathetic ass.

Fuck you.
Kill yourself.

I'm a virgin and I would be rock fucking hard for that.
Im texting this girl from work and she has a bf...should i start sexting her too?

>tfw this pretty much happened to me
Okay OP, I'm gonna tell you what a wise one once told me.

First and foremost, DO NOT STRESS ABOUT YOUR DICK. What you had here was a bit of anxiety and anxiety is a definite boner killer. You weren't comfortable in the situation, which is completely understandable since she was moving faster than anything you had experienced before. If you focus on the anxiety, you're just gonna get more anxious which is not good for you or your dick.

Secondly, DO NOT STRESS ABOUT YOURSELF. Basically, if you can get to a point where a girl is sexting you, she's almost certainly into you enough to want to fuck you. If you're like I was, being in your mid 20s and a virgin and getting embarrassed about stuff like this, chances are you're just not comfortable expressing your sexuality in front of a girl and that needs to change. You will never have a good sexual experience if you're holding back because you're worried about what your partner is gonna think. I mean you can't just straight up act out your most degenerate fantasies as soon as you meet a girl but people want to feel wanted and they won't feel wanted if they can tell you're only halfway into it.
No you wouldn't.
Many women love men who are firm during sex -- not just their dicks. Using her hair as a handhold, occasionally spanking and generally just being in control. It's about confidence. So, op, be confident and honest. Tell her what you want.
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She was obviously bored, I couldn't think of anything else to do, so I started to pet her head. Felt like I was treating her like an animal for no apparent reason... And this was the game changer.

She let out a subtle "mmm" when I stroked her hair, then I felt a throb, and I guess she felt it too, because she just started sacking like a god damned Henry vac. Was rock hard in half a minute, she giggled and said "wow, ive never seen that before"

>seen what? :/
>a dick quadruple in size.. It's really impressive
>oh haha.. I told you I'm a grower
>well daddy, how do you want to take me?
>come on, ive been waiting for you to visit since yesterday, i promise I've been good

I simply said come here and I'll show you, grabbed her tits, literally no idea what to do with them, porn always makes them look so.. Floppy. Hers were firm, kind of like if you could squeeze jello without it collapsing. No clue what girls like, so just squeezed and licked her. This eventually trailed down her abs where she fucked it up again by saying
>mmm daddy?
>..... Yes?
>am I your favorite little girl?
you fucking nutcase. Just what the fuck do you think this is anyway?...... Said no virgin after his first blowjob ever.
I fed into her weird daddy name game throughout giving her oral, which even turned into 69'ing after a bit. I felt like I had officially succeeded in life. Fucked like a porn star.. Up until the actual sex came about.
>fuck me daddy
>don't have to tell me twice, bend over
>ooh yes!
Literally analyzing trying to determine where the fuck the hole is. So I just spit on my dick and prodded away at the general area
>found the wrong hole, she jumped in pain.
>my deepest apologies
>she took it like a champ, grabbed ahold of my dick and put it in the right one
>went full blown slant-eye. Pulled out, stuck it in, pulled out, came all over her back.
>......... Fuck.

you are funny as fuck senpai.
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Ty for this anon, Will remember for the future. Last pic and this pic related: the only pics of her I can really post on a blue board.

So I came all over her back and in her hair and once again, completely fucking humiliated. No I wasn't wearing a condom because one anon suggested getting here before she called it off, I had none, and she was getting impatient. I realized this was a fuckup as the hour and a half of my life ensued.

>she immediately turned around to give yet another blowjob.
>If the last one was heaven, this one was where you go if you die in heaven. Much less Henry vac, much more "I'm gonna scrub you with my tongue like a dog"
>She again asked if her 'daddy' liked that. Realized I never went soft (usually after gapping I'm done) and asked if she wanted to try again.
>She immediately got on her back and lifted her legs. We had sex like this for half an hour... Hands down the best thing I've ever done in my life.
>The moans, the feels, the motion, and for whatever reason being able to hug her legs made my dick diamonds.

Ended up flipping her over so she was laying on her stomach with me on top of her. Kind of felt like I was brutally nailing her to the couch, but she was moaning and at times sounded like she was trying to catch her breath.. This made me want to stop, but she kept saying not to, so I just kept on through the tunnel like a white john Henry. Hit this weird knot back there that I couldn't tell if she liked or not. She just made a gorilla noise, and when I asked if it hurt she just reached behind and squeezed my ass while continuing the noise

>welp, guess that's a no.
And heres precisely where I fucked up /adv/. Once I realized that there was underlying words in the gorilla noises, my dick of diamonds shattered. Gave her a 1 second warning that I was gonna cum, and she pushed her ass as far back against me as she could. Nutted against her knot ruthlessly. It was magic.
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First thought: omg this is life.
Second thought: I really hope I don't have to name it.
Third thought:this crazy bitch is gonna call her son her brother.

She laid there with her face wedged between the arm and back of the couch. Still hard as shit and already under the impression that I'm a dad now, I flipped her over and went to stick it in again, in the previous leg hugging position. She spammed, so I stopped and just started linking her there
>hm, so this is what cum tastes like
>I hope this doesnt make me gay
>she's still spamming while digging her nails into the base of my skull, felt fucking great..
>stopped linking and stuck it in her and she jumped, pulled all the way out and repeated
>"oh fuck yes daddy"
>she speaks English now
>kept repeated in, she practically screamed and pissed all over me.

Couldn't even finish... Might as well puke on someone who's trying to kiss you... Said no virgin who just laid ever.

>went slammed into her furiously (I remember at one point I legitimately told myself to beat the living fuck out of it like it tried to rob me) >she kept pissing on me, eventually stopped and just told me to stop because she couldn't do it anymore
>what happens if I don't? I reay hope this isn't rape

So I calm down and just go really slow, and found that I wanted to tell her I loved her...... >KEK. Way to get pussy whipped OP
>you don't love her, she's literally the biggest slut you've ever known, besides, she pissed on you like 6 times
>realize I'm lying to myself, feel more for her than I've felt for anyone since my cat died.
>wtf do I do? "you're my favorite little girl"
>huge smile on her face, looked at me with maniacal eyes that only a fuck tardy like OP could fall for

I let her legs down and let her rest on me for a bit, one could even say we cuddled. She asked if I was really her favorite. Explained to her that she was my one and only. She smiled, kissed me and ultimately I left.
Very entertaining story, Op. If this is actually real, then pray you don't get her pregnant and that she didn't just give you an std. You'll be fucked for life. She's sexy af so glad you got your dick wet to a seeming 10/10 that you didn't have to pay for.
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And that's all anons.. I really want to thank everyone for helping me with this. I would've been a 50+ yr old virgin otherwise.

She hasn't said anything to me since.. Text or anything. Maybe I'm just a typical Virgin, but I can't help but feel we have a major connection now.

Like she might potentially be my first real relationship.. Maybe even be the one. Despite my mishaps, this has turned out to truly be the best day of my life.

That said, my concerns are as follows:
>she had sex with me 2days into knowing that I existed.
>she consistently called me daddy for practically the entire 2 or so hours I was there.
>she never once mentioned safe sex, and practically forced me to cum inside her (I'm aware if I really wanted to I couldve forced her to let me pull out, but after her making it so obvious, in the moment I just didn't want to.)
>she pissed on me.

All of these things sound like major red flags, am I looking to much into this? Was this really a one night stand that my over sensitive "been waiting for this for the past 13 years" ass is just misinterpreting? Do I talk to her again?
Don't fall in love with whores Anon, and don't worry about becoming a dad I'm sure with her experience has the pill handy.

If you did well enough she might want you to do it again, though don't mention it was your first time.
Definitely real. If you guys were real friends and didn't 404 in the end, you'd here me raving about every bit of passion that's teeming within me. I'm absolutely dumbfounded and never knew life could even feel this way.

Call me a fucking idiot guys, buthow are you sure she's a whore? I mean yeah, she was easy enough to fall in my lap but... What if she just knew I was the one? Also if I just conceived a child or caught an STI in the past 3-4hrs, would it not make sense to stay with her?

Also sue already knows it was my first time, that's when she kissed me. Which really put the nail in the coffin... Before, sure just casual sex.. But you don't kiss during casual sex do you? It was the best feeling in the world, along with the 80 other new feelings I experienced tonight.
>she had sex with me 2days into knowing that I existed.

Def slutty. But do you REALLY care

>she consistently called me daddy for practically the entire 2 or so hours I was there.

Might just be her kink. Don't read into it too much

>she never once mentioned safe sex, and practically forced me to cum inside her (I'm aware if I really wanted to I couldve forced her to let me pull out, but after her making it so obvious, in the moment I just didn't want to.)

Also concerning. But i unserstand her. I did the same with my bf. If i have sex i want to feel your dick, not some rubber. I also want you to fill me with your cum. I know this insanely dumb. I have an IUD however. I wouldn't do that if i wasn't on bc. I strongly assume she does the same.

>she pissed on me.

Nah she didn't. She's a squirter. Count yourself blessed.
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The more I think about her, the less I have a problem with the things that originally irked me. Her voice.. Her name.. Her hair.. Her gorilla sounds.. Just everything about her is something that I want to hold onto for the rest of my life. If it means creepy incestuous sex talk, then so be it. It could be a lot worse I think. Honestly I could cum inside her 1000 more times and never get tired of it. I can hardly contain myself, it's taking me shred of willpower not to call or text her right now

Is there a name for the knot at the back of a vagina? How come we never see it in porn?

I only care if this morphs into something greater, like i said i could just be overwhelmed with first time virgin feels, and she could just be on to the next guy tomorrow.

Is that a healthy kink to have? Is it a red flag for anything else? Or the equivalent of a foot fetish?

This makes sense, thank you. Idk how to ask about bc without being insulting though.

It definitely smelt like piss. Was hot like piss (I've pissed in a water bottle before) and tasted exactly like what you'd expect piss to taste like. Kind of turned me on though.
Never fall in love with sluts anon, your gonna get cucked
I think it's too late desu. She's incredible
Let me tell you something about sluts anon. I'm a slut myself. And i have had my fair share of tme to think about why i act the way i do and how i ended up being a slutty girl instead of a "normal" girl.
Basicall it went like that: i always seemed to have a good hand with guys. From kindergarden on i always had a "bf". I was a really cute girl. Blue eyes, long blond hair, tiny, big lips, and so on. Otherwise i was a bit tomboyish. My dad often did "boy-stuff" with us so that was what i liked to do. I guess that combination of cute and daring was what made boys fall for me all the time. I didn't give it much thought. If somebody asked me to be his gf i said yes. It didn't mean more to me than being friends. Then i hit puberty. Pretty soon. I was 11 when my boobs started to grow. I was the first girl in my class to get boobs, menses and pubes. All the other girl where jealousr and that made the difference. Otherwise i might have felt weird or ashamed about the changes my body went trough. But the fact that it was somebody others envied me for made my new found fmeininity something i was feeling good about. This was when i started to notice that guys have found a new interest in me. They would go out of their way to make me enjoy their company. I just went with it cause why should i be suspicious about something so pleasant? My parents went trough a really rough patch exactly at that time and NO BODY even noticed that i had hit puberty. Nobody ever talked to me about guys, sex, relstionships, intimacy,love. So my sexualitu developed wild and uncontrolled. There was the first kiss. It was with a guy that was my "bf". We where chilling in his backjard, bantering and playfighting. At some point he just kissed me. It felt awesome so i went with it. It didn't cross my mind that it mifght be "too soon" or "inappropriate" or whatever. I just felt nice so it must be good, right? This continued untill i eventually lost my virginity. Absolutely unaware of any

social or moraly unnacceptable behaviour from my side. I mean, cuddling and kissing felt good. Petting made me tingly and then guys had a dick! How excitingt! And it gets hard when you play with it. I was in awe. This continued. It only ever hit me that i am now a slut after i left my first serious long time bf at the age of 20. And then it already was too late. It doesn't change a thing about me. It's just that having sex and enjoying intimacy was so natural and innocent to me that i never thought it is a problem to do whatever i feel like as long as i'm not hurting anybodies feelings. But boy was i wrong...

On one side i am happy that i was able to develope my sexuality so uninterupted by social norms. But on the other side i am now a "slut", which limits the amount of good guys that would consider forming a serious relationship with me big time. And that makes me really sad sometimes but there's not much i can do to change that. In fact the only thing i could do is lie or not act the way i would naturally. And honestly, that doesn't sound right at all. So yeah, i'm stuck hoping for a guy to deliberately see over these things
Meh, it's not as bad as you might think. It hints on incest. Which is exciting cause it's forbidden. But that might be all that is to it.

Just ask if you should get her plan b. She will tell you.

Nah, no girl would give you a golden shower without making sure you are ok with that. Squirting is something different thoug.
>so I just kept on through the tunnel like a white john Henry.
Lawd lawd
Also, it baffles me that nobody ever called me out. Seriously, NOBODY!
my parents where occupied otherwise. My Sister was the same (which reinforced me in my ways). My female friends probably didn't care that much and the guys i was with obviously where enjoying themselfe so they wouldn't say anything and ruin it. Shit happens
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what plan?.jpg
134KB, 500x400px
>she's sent 4 messages begging me to detail what im gonna do to her
Pic related would've been my response
If I supplied you with a throwaway Skype or email. Would you be against talking more in depth about this? I really like to help people, or at least generally be there for them which is how I found /adv/ in the first place. I have a lot of questions, but mostly want to know more about the way you think, on a long term scale.. It's OK if you're not okay with that haha, just a suggestion.

I find this oddly comforting.. And feel like I should give her a shot despite everything. She texted me at random as I was reading your post. Here's a cap.

Also, can someone explain to me just wtf squinting is then and why it happens? It feels great, but I'm still heavily convinced that it's urine.

It looks like I'm going back over guys...

Is this normal behavior? Literally never heard of anyone doing this..
yeah sure, i'm down to talk more over skype.
kek, she sure knows how to do the smooth talking.
squirting is just female ejaculation. obviously without the sperm inside. read up on it on google. if you are really interested, i have read "g-spot and female ejaculation" by deborah sundahl. it was a very informative read.
aww. she's aware that she behaves slutty and she is also aware that most guys would just be in it for the sex. but she stil has her hopes up.
Haha is that what's going on here? Glad it makes sense to somebody.

Am I being an idiot by going over there again?

Skype is xksvii
Let's see how this goes. If you guys want I'll report back? Think this has been an interesting enough thread to make it until morning.
wow... she is lonelier than i thought. now it's your choice to be her white knight or pump and dump her. at this point you have all the options
yeah, added you
Fuck me this is one of the funniest things I've read in a while.

Fair play anon, fair play. Every dog has its day.

Keep it casual for now, take it super slow and explain that while you enjoyed the sex you aren't really in a place to be in a relationship (unless you genuinely do like her but don't confuse attraction just because she fucked you).
Don't get pussywhipped, OP. If this turns into something, great... but remember to periodically ask yourself if it's really what's right for you and be sure she isn't just using you.
"I'm going to take you by your hair, drag you to my bed, bend you over and take you like a bitch in heat."

Works wonders for me.
Make sure to wear a condom next time, OP, and don't get sucked in by this chick. You met her two days ago, and you sure as hell don't want to base spending the rest of your life with her on that and one night.

Congratulations on quitting wizard school, though
File: 1453333356217.jpg (38KB, 706x706px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
38KB, 706x706px

I'm losing my will to not go ballisitic and rape someone go to get bareback pussy like what you got
>mmm daddy?
>..... Yes?

top kek
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