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>me, 25y/o, male
>addicted to 'beeing high', no matter what, for last 8 years
>mostly pot since age 20
>sometimes alcohol
>no hard stuff after 5 years
>very good relationship with gf
>good job, good friends
>health not sooo good, but ok.
>very positive character
> enjoys life

everytime i tell somebody that i smoke pot, nobody believes me, bc i'm very energetic and like my work.
i have absolutely no reason to stop smoking pot.
but its an addiction. i can't sleep without beeing high. i don't even know how it is to 'start' sleeping sober. last time had to sleep sober is many years ago.
i feal chains on me bc of this addiction. its not good.
but it isnt bad either..?

dunno what to do.
pls help anons!
Compound it with alcoholism
That's what I did
24 and I've been high and drunk every day since I was 21
I don't know what the problem is, you're clearly living a good life without it affecting you too much. I take prescribed meds to help me sleep because I have anxiety and have done so for ten years, it's practically the same thing.
how the fuck do people afford these addictions?

one of my neighbours is a smoker, smokes weed everyday, and frequently appears to go out drinking, but she works retail. how the fuck do you pay for all that
Weed isn't expensive,
neither is cheap alcohol.

It's none of your business what people spend their own money on anyway, so fuck off.

Also, to op, you claim to say addiction is not good and then go to say that it isn't 'bad'? All addiction is bad. If you're having trouble quitting then you are an addict.

Weed is harmful to the lungs, just like smoking, and eventually you'll feel harmful effects.

I smoked pot for 2 years, everyday. It took me lots of failures to not smoke, and even then I craved it once in awhile.

So, it's all up to you and how hard you want it.
one said its ok. the other its not. i agree with both.

pot have even made my life better!
pot helps me to get a 'inner balance' after a hard day.
it helped me to not kill myself in difficult moments.

but like you said. its an addiction and its harmful afer a while.

and yeah. here i stand at the beginning. to stop AND to continue smoking is kinda the same for me.

but is it really bad, when it helps you mentally? the sacrifice would be the sober brain..
Mate your living the dream! shit if you can smoke weed most nights and your wife is cool with it then whats the big fucking deal bitch?

Seriously though if you feel its starting to impact your life why not save it for weekends and hump Wednesday
Depends how you think about it. People think substance dependency because it's associated with things like alcohol or heroin. But you need to ask yourself
>is this having a bad influence on my life?
>am I suffering because of it?
if it works for you then why worry?
Addiction will never stop. You will always feel it in some way, but you find productive ways to use it.

Like OP I havnt been sober for 9 years save for 3 months and another 1 month of my adult life.
I'm alone, drunk and high right now like a fool who cant control himself, but its the norm.
I've always been a functioning addict, but I had a real problem when I started heroin because addiction went full force controlling my entire life even when I stopped. Heroin is risky by the way.
I adapted by building a routine that basically controls my life which for the most part keeps me from excessive drugs except friday and saturday.

I would love to quit, its just hard. Heroin took everyone away from me and ever since I havnt had anyone in my life to reassure me. I lose control with my impulses.

I basically wish substances never controlled my life at all, but maybe it was good to kick start my need to be active.
Well you sound like a retard so there's that
>weed isn't cheap
>I require 4-8 blunts to sleep
>that's 2-4 grams
>20 to 40 dollars
>Smoked every day for 1.5 years.
>pussies IRL want to act like they "OMG BLAZZZZZEEE [email protected]!!&" all day, they don't.
>Denver baby
>Bowl in the morning, 200-300mg of edibles at lunch, dabs when I get home, bowls before bed
>Every day
>1.5 years.
>Started sweating when I was coming down
>Started having violent mood swings
>Couldn't eat without it
>Couldn't sleep without it
>Giant mess
>Decided I needed to stop
>Oh my fucking god the withdrawals.
>Couldn't eat for three days
>Sweat pouring off of my face, hands, everywhere, all day, every day
>Insomnia for three days at a time, no sleep, not an hour, not 30 minutes
>VIOLENT mood swings.
Do yourself a favor, realize that pot is a drug, and titrate yourself off. If you don't, you're headed straight to hell. You don't have to believe me. You can bro science all day and night, but I lived this. I speak with doctors around here now, and they tell me it's a silent epidemic, that they see people just like me all day.

Do yourself a favor and get it under control now.
op here.

thank you all for answering.
i will reduce it to weekends.
will have to learn how to sleep sober, i guess.
maybe on vacation, when i don't have work-stress
Op, I'm turning 25 this month and I relate to you and this >>16932047

I don't know about those 8 blunts though, that's some poser talk.
Get your ass running, work out and become a real man, you weak stoner bitch.

That's my story, but replace the 1.5 years with 4. Lost gf, all friends, dropped outta college, and gave me social anxiety. I kept telling me till the end that I could quit every second but I just don't want to, because I "needed" the weed as a medicine for anger and anxiety problems related to a "hard" childhoof.

>I speak with doctors around here now, and they tell me it's a silent epidemic, that they see people just like me all day.

When I finally went to a therapist I thought my problems are very special, due to childhood and shit like that, but in fact she told me that she's heard my story a thousand times and she refused to talk about any problems as long as I was smoking. So I instantly quit, it was a hard month, but I got over it with binge gaming, then I started to work out and do cardio and working on myself with the therapist and I feel like I'm finally back on track.

Now when I see threads here that begin with anxiety, depression and "My life is going to nowhere" I can allmost instantly tell in wich one the OP say's he's smoking.
It's like the youtube comments in here today.
Thread posts: 16
Thread images: 1

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