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Moving in with bf

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How long should you wait until you move in with your significant other since you've started dating them? What are the cons for moving in to early/late?
>What are the cons for moving in to early

You can no longer objectively evaluate them as a partner. Every decision after that point will be something like "Yes, he's acting like an asshole but if I break up with him where will I go?"

>how long should you wait until you move in with a significant other since you started dating him

that doesnt really matter. you either will be a good partner for osmeone or you wont. so the only reasonable thing you can say is 'until you are sure you'd be a good partner for them'.


test the waters. ask him to stay together for a whole week. then later try two weeks. slowly move in and see what works and what doesnt. see what happens when you spend time alone in the same house instead of it being a 2 week date.

>what are the cons of moving in early

not knowing if you'd be a good partner. thats really it. its what it all boils down to. you are either compatible or you are not.
What is the point of a tiny shirt?
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We have been toghether for 5 months now and we're in a ldr. Ive been to his house with his family for a week straight and hes been here with mine for a week and theres absolutley no problems at all between me and him. The only thing im concerned about is me or him getting mad or upset at eachother, but i guess that happens everyone. Im fairly new to this relationship thing and so is he so im kind of unsure how it all would work out

If you haven't had an argument/problem yet then you're right, you are completely fucking new to your relationship and you don't know if he'll be cool and mature and work through it or he'll punch you in the face.

So you might not want to move in with him yet.

was the staying together basically one big date. or did you have REAL alone time?
a real couple could spend an entire day doing their own thing in the same area, and just spend a meal together comfortably.

if you want to take this risk, just have a back up plan / exit strategy.
I'd say at least a year, this way you get to know each other on a deeper level and whether or not you can withstand their deeper quarks and characteristics
Id say we spent real alone time with eachother during the visits with dates like going out and eating on restaurants. While at home on the days he continued playing videogames with his friends as usual wich i had no problems at all with while i had some alone time wich he understands. We get along really well all the time and its like im waiting for something really bad to go wrong. Life can't be this good if you understand how i mean. In the evenings/nights we ethier fuck or watch movies. Im kind of asking for a fortune teller to tell me if this is going to work out, or some tips on how to make it work out
Okay thanks anon
But we really get along all the time and i cant find any reasons to get mad at him. Is this honeymoon-phase syndrome or am i just extremely lucky finding the "one"?

>we dont have immediate arguments
>its either honeymoon or 'the one'

i went 9 months in my last relationship before i had an argument, and at that point we had an argument. charm and relationships have expiration dates. it all varies from person to person.

if you are going in thinking you found 'the one' or that 'the one' exists, you probably dont have a healthy enough understanding of relationships for this to be agood idea.

that said, if this plan doesn't interfere with your other plans, go bananas, just have a REAL exit strategy.
I'm pretty sure there's a ton of check lists somewhere but off the top of my head:

You should be ok start considering it when have answered yes to all of these:

You have at least one or two serious argument or fight, and have survived it and fully resolved it.

You have been on a trip/vacation putting you in each others proximity for more than 72 continuous hours (without wanting to murder each other)

You have been gross in front of each other, and are ok with it.

You have a ballpark idea of what each others financial situation is, and know each others spending habits.

You know and are comfortable with each other's social habits, quirks, and social circles.
Thank you VERY much. This really helps

Thats what i was thinking too. This is my first serious relationship so i have alot to work on
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i hate to be smug, but c'mon man.
Sry :(
As the picture shows, in the 1980s high rise jeans were the norm, which meant that if you wanted to show midriff you had to carve at the shirt. It's simple, really.
Thread posts: 18
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