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>Join a club at my college for gaming because want to make

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>Join a club at my college for gaming because want to make friends
>These guys whenever we talk about games and get in a discussion always points out the fact I am a girl for some reason when gender has nothing to do with games
>Never tell people my identity on games ever never had this issue on games ever can befriend people on games very easily
>Can not talk to these guys they are always so bitter to me and think I am some twitch girl or something
>Do not dress provocative, shy and not obnoxious, hard working have part time job while in college and volunteer a lot, go to the gym daily
>Have the same issue with befriending people who like games in real life always jump on my gender for some reason
>Not even a feminist have no clue why they assume I am some SJW or gamer girl
They sound like pricks OP, utter and total pricks. They sound like assholes who still think women can't play tabletop games and need to keep to doing they're hair or sucking dick

If they don't want to play games with you cause your a gitl you have 2 options
1-stay on, show them what you can do and tough it out, maybe they'll get better
2.drop these bastards and make your own gaming club where all are welcome, the better option

I'll never understand groups of gamers who dislike female players, I'm sick of only playing with other dudes and these assholes are the reason for it.

Drop these dicks and then blow their shot club out of the water
Ignore the name I'm a dumbass amd not OP

Forgot to become anon
Sounds good Anon will do
I'm apprehensive about joining any gaming clubs/groups for that exact reason, OP. Sorry you have to deal with shitty people.

W-will you be my friend and play vidya with me?
Games are kind of the last hiding place for men, women have kind of taken over everything else. Because of this guy's don't really like playing with women because the other male players go all fan boy on the girls and try to help them and shit and overall it completely ruins the game.
Okay Anon, what games do you have? I plan on buying Tree of Savior when it comes out.
The dynamic of playing games is sometimes to hang out with your male friends and not have to worry about keeping up the tough exterior that we wear the rest of the time. When you add a woman into the mix everything kinda changes and it's not fun anymore. Kind of a Yoko Ono situation. Once she showed up the Beatles music was dead.
So how is it I can enjoy games with people in real life? Does it have to be a girls only group? Only problem is it harder to get girls to join clubs like that I have no clue where to look for them. Plus I do not really like the idea of a gender only club it may attract the kind of people I do not really want to be around.
I've been completely absorbed in Dark Souls 2 lately (I'm having a hernia trying to wait for 3) but other than that I have loadsa games I want to play with people.

Survival horror is my all-time favorite genre but there aren't many games that get it right. I reeeeally like Dead Space 2 and Resident Evil 4.

Are you mainly into MMOs? Tree of Savior looks fun.
I'm just saying gaming is something guys want to do with other guys. Usually when girls join the competitiveness comes out and the guys fight with each other. Also everyone tends to get worse at the games because in general girls suck at competitive games (bring on the anecdotal evidence of good girl gamers).
Gaming is guys s shopping or zoomba, shopping wouldn't be as fun for girls if there were a bunch of guys there. Half the fun is the low pressure environment where you can fool around and laugh. And honestly you put a girl in the mix and gaming just becomes an arms race of white knighting
Well only way I found that works is to play with rl friends and older, mature players.
Like anon pointed out men for some reason start to be competitive or change their attitude (wich is their fault and choice entirely). This is either because
1. They're 12 years old
2. They aren't really good friends amongst themselves to begin with.
I suggest you try to find a crew of older gamers (25+) they usually treat women like people too.
It also helps if your from a smaller foreign country to join a group of your countrymen online. (if ur english/american/scandinavian then this doesn't apply).
Since there's not a lot of us playing everybody is welcome, so they get to know you and see that your a player like everybody else and not "the grill".
It might also help to start conversations about games, specifically to shit about something you dislike (tastefully ofc). That way you show that you know what you're talking about and your not a random "ganer gurl" who barely knows how to hold a controller.

Is that game still an awful grind fest?
Thread posts: 13
Thread images: 2

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