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Girlfriend Got Fired, Not Sure What to Do

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My girlfriend of almost a year and a half moved in with me in January. It was a long distance relationship and a long distance move. My family got her a lucrative job with a local bank, which she had for about two weeks before being "laid off" today.

Her claim is that they told her the job had already been filled, they'd trained too many applicants, and they no longer needed her. While I believe that's what they said, I don't believe that's why they fired her. Although she's pleasant with me, she has a some what standoffish, "bitchy" personality and frequently came home in a bad mood. I imagine that they "laid her off" because of this.

We've since then gotten into a fight. I make about $1600 a month, but I need that to pay rent, car insurance, my phone, and other bills, plus I have two large (and expensive) dogs I need to feed; I frankly don't have enough money to support her, and the month where she didn't have a job left me the poorest I've been since adulthood. I can't afford to support her until she gets another job, which I feel like will either be minimum wage or she'll get fired again.

At this point, although I love her, I honestly want to break up with her and have her take her pay check from the two weeks (about $650) and move. Am I in the wrong here?
Start training her for a life of domestic servitude. She sounds well suited to it.
Even if she was, we wouldn't be able to afford doing that. I don't have the money to support two people, and the job I have now is realistically the best I could get under my circumstances and the one most likely to allow me to get promoted and eventually make more.

There isn't much in the way of other things I can cut out, either. I already live frugally.
As someone who also was in a long distance relationship and just moved across the country to be with my boyfriend, I'd be pissed if he decided to break up with me a couple months later over something like this. If you'd break up with her so soon, you weren't serious enough about her to warrant her moving in the first place.

I'm not saying she's not in the wrong at all, if the reason she got fired was her attitude she needs to straighten up, act like an adult and not let that be an issue at her next job. But while you may not be married, there is a level of commitment now that she's left everything behind to move in with you. Don't be a douche and kick her out already, try and work through it first.

I get money is tight, but maybe you should have thought about that and saved up before she came, don't you think? I wanted to move in with my boyfriend several months ago, but realistically we knew that would be stupid and so we waited so we could each save up a lot of money. Because if I wasn't able to find a job immediately, we wanted to be able to be okay for a few months until I did.

But there's nothing you can do now about the fact that neither of you seem to have properly prepared for this. You need to either decide she's worth it, be firm with her (but still supportive) about getting a new job ASAP or if you really care that little then alright, send her packing and don't get into another relationship until you're able to deal with things like this. Shit happens, but don't drop her over that. How would you feel if the roles were reversed and she left you for losing your job? Wouldn't you feel like she was only using you for your money and saw no worth in you beyond that? Like if you couldn't split the bills with her you're useless? That's not a relationship.

Talk to her, make it clear this is serious and she needs to do something about it as soon as she can. Even a minimum wage job is better than nothing while she looks for something better.
Are you sure that's the only problem in this relationship? Because it sounds like there's some underlying stuff.

I met my boyfriend online. I moved across the country to live with him. It took me three months to find a job. To be fair, I paid for everything but rent during that time, but if he had gotten mad at me for uprooting my life to be with him... I would have seriously reconsidered my choices.
Fuck (human)bitches, get money. As primitive as it sounds, they got it figured out. Seriously, why are you even putting up with someone who is emotionally unstable? "oooh but we love eachother" you might, but she doesn't. I've had too much experience with women and they all want the same: money and dick. If you can't provide money they will leave you for someone who can. Don't waste your time OP
Thread posts: 6
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