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No aggression or risk taking?

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I feel like I have no aggression in me. I am not a risk taker either. Anytime I take a risk in anything, I get my fucking neck chopped so I just stopped taking risks.

Obviously this means I am shit with women because women want aggressive and calculated risk takers. I am neither. I wish there was like a military combat drug or something that I could take. I have very little aggressive behavior in me. Makes me feel pretty unmanly. Do I have low test? I also had pursuing women and it drives me nuts when people say "men enjoy to pursue women!" I honestly don't know any dude who enjoys pursing women. It's usually a fucking crap shoot.

Anyway, what can I do to improve aggressiveness? It seems like you can't be a male and not be aggressive.
You're going about it the wrong way. Aggressiveness comes from having a goal. If you just want aggressiveness then you'd be like all the other fuccbois out there who get into fights
You should read some damn books about this. Always 'Getting your neck chopped" means you're going about taking risks the wrong way
You can be alpha and not be an aggressive fucking twat all of the time. save it for when you need it. I'm fairly placid most of the time but when I blow, I fucking blow big time and in a very aggressive way. For example someone wrongs my wife - they suddenly have a very fucking bad day.

I suppose what I'm saying, and I don't mean this in a rude way, as this ain't /b/ but perhaps it's just there within you - waiting for you to actually give a fuck about something enough to unleash it. Go to bar with your gf and take your time coming back from the gents - see if any guys start chatting to her. That should get those test levels up. My wife says she quite likes it when I go gorilla but it's not all the time, like I said.

get yourself riled and see what happens.

good luck anon
>"men enjoy to pursue women!"
That is a lie. It is repeated by people who want it to be true. Mostly women.
to be honest, anon, I loved the chase when I was in my twenties
It is indeed possible that you have low testosterone. You can look up more information and talk with a doctor about it. You can run a test to confirm the presence of a problem and take supplements to fix it. There is nothing wrong about being bothered by a potential health issue. However I advise you don't focus on it too much. It might as well be psychological and therefore you should also do as much psychological efforts as possible. It sucks to walk out of your comfort zone but it is often rewarded.
I don't have a gf. I am also extremely indifferent about a lot of things which makes it really hard to rile me up. >>16930942
you depressed dude? you need to find something to care about. something to REALLY care about.

apathy breeds apathy and you just sink lower. go find a cause bro
Your wife is a whore
People love the result of the chase, not the chase itself. Someone who like the chase itself would love people who artificially drag things along, play mind games and hard to get. Shit is exhausting. Nobody likes that outside of romance novel protagonists with perma-adrenaline godmode.
yup. and I fucking love it...
It's possible I am depresse. No idea what to do about it though. Depression feels like a condition you have to live with and not cure.
it can be managed. get yourself to the docs. they can assess your test levels and your state of mind too.

make an appointment today.
Thread posts: 15
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