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Is it easier to learn to like sex or become OK to not ever getting

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Is it easier to learn to like sex or become OK to not ever getting a romantic partner?
Or you could stop exaggerating everything for one second and come to the correct conclusion that not liking sex means not having a sexual partner. Nothing to do with a romantic partner.
>just find a boyfriend who doesn't want sex
>just find a landlord who doesn't think you'll pay rent
>just find an employer who doesn't expect you to work
A romantic relationship is about mutual gain. Landlords and employers are service providers. If you see boyfriends as romance dispenser in exchange of sexual services then perhaps this deeply ingrained sexism would explain why you are unlucky in relationships.
I know it's give and take, and that I'm supposed to like the sex as much as he does.

Having to pretend to like it is the worst part.

The best part about my job is that I don't have to pretend that I like being there. If I could just stare at a wall and wait for it to be over, I'd be fine, but guys get insulted if you do that.
The core of a relationship is that you mutually enjoy activities together. If you are not mutually enjoying activities together then you are seeking a relationship for all the wrong reasons.
>Having to pretend to like it is the worst part.
You are not emotionally ready for relationships. I'm sorry. Please give it more time.
Sexual compatibility in a relationship is super important.
Notice I did not say "having good sex," I said "sexual compatibility." Asexuality is a thing; there are people out there are who are interested in romantic relationships, but not sexual relationships. Finding them can be challenging, though. Try using online dating services like OkCupid; they can be helpful for things like this.
Then what am I supposed to do meanwhile?

Being alone gives me deep distress. It doesn't feel any better than getting fucked.
I have. There was one okay guy the next village over. He wasn't interested.
Stop being fat.

you dont need to learn to like it so much as to put up with it. unless its a painful traumatic experience, but if it is you probably arent stable enough to date healthily so why worry about that.

if you can, seek out an asexual. rare for men, but im sure they exist.

plenty of men are content being romantic 99% of the time and just squiting a load in to you twice a week. a lot of guys would LOVE not having to go out of their way to impress you sexually.

if you can put up with a half hour of someone pounding your vag a week, is it worth it for romance?
I can handle being fucked. I dislike having to pretend to like it.

Me and my ex had this deal where he'd get me blackout dunk for sex, but most guys would take that personally.

>most guys would take that personally

deal with it? or tell them to deal with it.

unfortunately we can't give you a cheatcode to fix this. you have a cross to bear, and its not even that bad. when you get close to the sexual aspect of a relationship be up front.

>i dont like sex, and i wont pretend to
>That being said, i like you and am willing to let you have sex with me two times a week, whatever you want really, vag only, etc. etc.

lay down your terms. if he doesnt like it (And sure a lot of guys wont, at least eventually) then its time to move on.

put yourself out there and someone might stick.
dont put yourself out there, and just suffer for life.
So there are good guys out there who are ok with fucking someone who doesn't want to get fucked?

>good guys

depends what you mean. someone isn't 'bad' just because their interests dont align with your own.

but yeah, a lot of men just want to pump and dump. a lot of the other stuff just comes from impressing women to ensure it keeps coming.

as long as you dont 'fuss' about it, they wont mind. but if you make it like it s a really big fucking bother and chore, they will likely be turned off tho
there are asexual guys.

You sound like you just need to get laid. A big one. To teach you what real sex is. I've had partners tell me that they didnt like having sex early in the relationship, but end up fucking every day and initiating it.

>to teach you what real sex is

this is the stupidest thing i have ever heard. dont get me wrong i fucking love sex, but everytime i say i dont like getting my dick sucked someone inevitably says 'YOU JUST NEED SOMEONE TO SHOW YOU HOW IT SDONE RIGHT'.

whats worse is its almost always really ugly old fat guys. as if they'd impress me.

if OP doesnt like sex, she doesnt like sex. some exploration might be in order, but dont be condescending.
Where do I find one?

tumblr mostly. but in reality, idk. look around and try to find something like asexual dating. but for the most part you will probably have to settle for someone who doesnt want to bang, or just get a gbf who will cuddle
I don't mean to be rude, like the person above, but I do think you could learn to love sex. I think it might be that you haven't been with someone who allows you to set the pace. People are asexual, it does happen, but usually because of some precursor event or medical condition. Try talking to a psychiatrist or sex counselor. People were meant to have sex, it is lots of fun and allows you to develop a bond with your partner. Drive varies with age and weight and physical fitness. Many people, men and women develop sexual disfunction as a result of sexual or emotional abuse. Don't get down on yourself if you don't like sex, but look for a cause. You are passing on the best in life. Don't sell yourself short.
I'm female, 22, physically fit, and my therapist thinks the situation is totally fine now that I'm not trying to date or fuck anymore.
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