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Dick injury.

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Anyone here know about cocks? Due to my foreskin being robbed from me, I stretched my dickhole a few weeks ago and it won't heal.
Please help. Going to a doctor in real life would require walking around with pants on, which would probably make my condition even worse.

I assume the solution will probably end up being a drug that can prevent erections during sleep, since I think this is the main thing preventing my dick from healing. Anyone know the best thing to take to do this?
There's also the possibility of a product that could moisturize my urethra, like chapstick for my dick, which could help. Does anything like this exist?

Fucking legal genital mutilation.
Why are anime posters who come to /adv/ the worst?
dude idk but You really should call a doctor or an ambulance at least.

Wrap your dong in something comfortable enough so you wont get friction and fucking go to the ER. If you let it be you will get an infection in there and things will get worse.

Also sauce on image plox.
Yeah, I think I gotta see a doctor. I've seen some other people say that erection-preventing drugs require prescriptions. And the urethra is self-lubricating, so it's probably self-moisturizing as well.
Got any ideas of what I should wrap it in? I ordered some 100% silk boxers but that probably isn't enough to guarantee protection. I guess I'll buy a condom and use that.

Pic is Elen from the Futabu anime. Shoulda read the filename!

>Waah circumcision!
>Fucking legal genital mutilation!
>mutilates his own genitals again, far worse than any rabbi ever would
What? The head of my dick just got caught on my toilet seat as I was sitting down.

lol you didn't make that clear, I assumed you were one of those "foreskin restoration" guys and you'd injured yourself that way

How is that even possible though? How aggressively do you sit down on a toilet?

draw me a fuckin diagram nigga, I honestly can't imagine how a person could injure himself this way

This might be kind of an out-of-the-box solution, but what about a chastity cage? It's like a fetish thing, some guys lock their dicks up intentionally so they can't get erections or orgasms. it's just like a little metal or plastic cage that goes around your cock, and it's too small to get hard in there, so you don't ever get fully hard.

it won't cause any permanent damage, you can just wear it until you heal to keep yourself from getting hard. and you obviously don't need a prescription, and you can just buy one on Amazon

as for the moisturizer, I would imagine Neo-Sporin would be your best bet. prevents infection as well as moisturizing. although you should check whether it's safe to put it on your urethra, generally it's non-irritating but I've never used it on that part of myself
I'm somewhat confused myself, however my dick was already kind of worn out from urinating frequently, since I was drinking a lot of water at the time.
Fucking mutilation, making my dick get worn out simply from urinating.

Oh shit. That's a really interesting idea. I've always wondered how the dick works when equipped with a chastity belt since it looks really painful.
Kinda scared, though. When I get an erection in this state, it seems like pointing it downward promotes tearing. It's less painful to let it naturally rise skyward. I think I'd need one that fits really well to prevent this. Also, what if my dick tries to get erect through that peehole they usually have?

Can't tell if this is bait.

>can't tell if this is bait

Neo-sporin is the gentlest disinfectant that I personally know of, I use it on pretty much any kind of cut or burn or skin injury I've ever had. If your skin's so raw that your pants irritate it, you're at risk of infection. You don't just need a moisturizer, you need something that's also going to kill bacteria and keep it off the part of your skin that needs to heal
Oh, shit. OP here. I just woke up from a nap and I don't think my dick hurt at all. Maybe it will heal on its own...
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