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>me >21 y/o kissless virgin >somewhat by choice, didnt/still

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>21 y/o kissless virgin
>somewhat by choice, didnt/still dont want these things to happen with just anybody

>match with girl on tinder
she plays league
>find out she is the same rank as me
> get her league info
"ill talk to you soon sometime" - anon 2015
>didnt get on league for 3 weeks because of finals, then went on break with no computer for a few weeks, and got into CS:GO when i got back and didnt get on league
>i forgot she existed for 11 months ( starting with finals )
>got burnt out on csgo in january, decided to get back into league
>inviting people to game, didnt recognize the name as anybody i knew.
>check the note
>"tndr girl"
>instantly remember her nick name and add her on skype
>she sort of remembers me
>invite her to ranked
get to talkin
blah blah how ya doin gurl
>find out she goes to school 5 hours away but lives in my city when she isnt in school
>we clicked super fast, and that fucking bot lane synergy was insane
we talk for like 5 or more hours a day
>havnt missed a day since we reconnected
>send me bdsm test
i failed basically the whole test
never bring it up again
>i go to art school (its not liberal arts, its more engineer-y type art) and tell her i have anatomy figure drawing
>send me a photo of the drawing anon
>anon thats awesome, what would you do if it was me up there
>tells me i should come visit her
that brings us to now

she is into everything im into and dislikes everything im not into, but she has always said that shit first and i just think... holy shit me too.
i dont want to drive 5 hours unless i know that we are a thing. because if she just wants to play games i can sit here at home and we can play that way.

TL;DR girl lives 5 hours away, insane how much we connect. she might want me, but i dont know how to ask somebody to go out with me when we cant even be near eachother and i dont want to fuck everything up.
reading this gave me cancer..

are you sure you're 21? you sound more like you're 14.
yes im 21, sorry man
>i go to art school (its not liberal arts, its more engineer-y type art)

You're an art student?
Quit that, and take something that will make you money. Unless one of your relatives can pay for your life, you won't find a job worth a damn with a shitty engineering-y but not engineering degree.

I've spent 3 years in mechanical engineering, I'm going to finish because I am almost done but I don't expect to get a job with it.... I'm going to do a trade a community college and run my own business.
you have more problems to attend to instead of a girl mate.

Now, back on track. I wouldn't drive 2 hours to a girl I was already boning in the first place.
Don't put women on a pedestal, find some girl that will benefit your life. Not someone to waste away playing league with. baka.
That's my 3 cents... Tits are nice, your time is more nice.
i have offers of 110k a year before ive graduated from companies like pixar and blur. so i think im good on the money aspect
You fucking retard, don't let the virgin in you get in the way of thinking rationally and logically. It's EXTREMELY HIGHLY likely she wants to fuck. Also the fuck is the Bdsm test? Regardless, she wouldn't be bringing up kinky shit or asking "what you'd do to her" if she didn't want to fuck.

Serious question are you autistic? Because if not you're a fucking idiot, she could not be more obvious
>Bdsm test
the real question in this whole stuation is, how do i get somebody that lives 5 hours away to agree to go out with me. im not looking for a pump and dump situation, i would rather go in having a relationship. should i ask her now or wait until im on spring break and possibly go all the way to see her to bring it up

i wouldnt mind a long distance thing since i beenn alone for 21 years anyway it wouldnt be that difficult. but it seems selfish to ask her to do that shit. idk... fuck
Just tell her "hey, want to go out sometime?" It's really fucking easy to ask her out.

>i dont want to drive 5 hours unless i know that we are a thing
HOW ARE YOU GUYS NOT A THING? HOW!? You guys get along so well. How can you NOT get along? Come the fuck on. Yes 5 hours is fucking long, but its worth it for pussy.
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Worry about it after you actually meet face to face.
Dude. She's on tinder, she's looking for quick hookups. No mature person uses tinder as a legitimate dating website and you shouldn't even begin to think about turning this into a relationship, go fuck her and be prepared to get dropped.

I promise you, you'll regret turning it into a relationship, girl gamers are straight up fucked but girls who use tinder? lmfao.
Yes, and I'm the owner of Apple.
im sorry im good at what i do??
Don't worry anon, people are jealous and when they can hide themselves behind anonymity they're willing to be very very petty.
>i dont want to drive 5 hours unless i know that we are a thing. because if she just wants to play games i can sit here at home and we can play that way
I think she might think the same way. And still she invited you? Maybe, just maybe, there is more than playing what she is interested in. Maybe she wants to have you around, maybe she wants to be banged by you, maybe she wants your companion.
Whatever it is, in your position I would go over to her. Not for getting my dick wet, but for fun. I mean, you are connecting well, so why not spending time together. It will be fun and you get to know you both better.
>girl gamers are straight up fucked
What do you mean by this? Could you go more into details? What should be considered?

A five hour drive is a pretty small commitment, why don't you just do it? Gas is super cheap lately, including food and everything it's probably like a $30-40 trip tops. Go see if something happens (Note, "something happens" means a warm intimate connection, not sex. Sex is unlikely and if you go expecting only that you could just sabotage everything) and if it doesn't then you paid a tiny sum of money to go hang out with a good friend. The horror!


Do you really or are you just lying to feel good on the internet? If the latter you should serious stop to consider your future, my best friend is still trying to find consistent work after being out for about three years now and has a growing debt to pay off. It's great if you can make it but it's a very tough field with a lot of competition and occasionally very harsh working conditions.
not lyiing, being serious. but i can get more money if i graduate so im just holding out on offers until then. riot asked me to come for 120k but i want to do movies or cinematics , which riot dosnt do either( blur does riots cinematics ) but, i got connections and get free tickets to all of the LCS games if i ask. i invited the girl to come to the world finals with me
This explains it better than I could. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e5jDspIC4hY

The majority of "girl gamers" play some form of mmo, watch it and then ask yourself why.

Ok, great. I honestly don't care if you're lying or not, just offering information that may or may not be useful. Even job offers don't necessarily translate to a stable life, someone in my friend's class found work doing CG for a recent blockbuster but then when that was over they were back at Chik-fil-a sending out resumes to anyone willing to look at them.

So do you want to talk about the actual topic?
>So do you want to talk about the actual topic?
Says the guy that keeps diverting the topic.

Jealously suits you anon.

What are you talking about? I mentioned it once in a post that was mostly about the OP (>>16930288) and then once again as a reply to a post that was literally only about this tangent. If it wasn't brought up again then I wouldn't have mentioned it again. I don't have to mention anything at all, I'm not the one making a thread asking for advice.
>I've mentioned it once
>then again
>oh and again right now
So 3 times now. Drop it you green eyed monster.

I suspect that your actual problem is that you're a dick. Don't fuck it up with this girl, she could be your one real shot for a while.
I'm not OP.

You're the dick here.
just go meet her OP, there's no other way for you to find out about her.

If you're not the OP what are you even doing? Also I fail to see how it's dickish to say "hey, my friend and his friends did exactly what you did and are now struggling to survive while my bachelor's degree meant I could find a stable job in any unspecialized industry, be sure you know what you're doing before you invest countless thousands of dollars," that can actually be really helpful advice.
>pretends to be giving good advice

Because your person experience isn't always right. Pic related.

>your personal experience isn't always right
>to prove that you're giving bad advice here's my personal experience

Well, I guess they don't really teach many critical thinking skills in art school. One would think you'd at least have heard of the pot and kettle though.
I've never worked a day in my life. Just trying to prove anyone can make a lot of money.
Thread posts: 31
Thread images: 2

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