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So a friend offers me a job. He says the place needs people like

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So a friend offers me a job.
He says the place needs people like me. Honest workers who actually do a day's worth.
Great pay great benefits.
So I accept.
I go to the interview, ace it, and get hired. So I tell my former job that I'm busy with another job. Due to the fact that I'm utterly integral there, they hire a replacement ASAP.

The hiring supervisor of the new job is all like "Due to union requirements, we can only officially contract you for a month. But we've never let go an employee we like". Everyone tells me it's a sure thing I'm in.
I'm excited.
I go to fucking work.
I double the production of my unit.
Everyone likes me.

Now I find out I got fucking terminated.
I don't even know what to think.
They're going to be a man short when every day they complain about having not enough workers.

The fuck am I going to do now?
My coworkers were all "Thank god you're here, we need help".
My supervisor was all like "You're going a great job. Much better than the guy you replaced".
But corporate is like "We're downsizing this department. Thank you for your contribution".

I'm fucking unemployed. I don't have much savings. I can't go back to my last job due to the fact that my very absence for a month necessitated a replacement.
I don't know what to do.
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>he fell for the STEM meme
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How the fuck did you know?
Fucking animal research center.

I'm fucking lost.
Jesus Christ.
Trash that job on GlassDoor, call your friend a dick.

Never tell your current job you're quitting unless you've signed paperwork at the new location.

You fucked this one up.
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>Never tell your current job you're quitting unless you've signed paperwork at the new location.
But I didn't.
I said "I'm just taking a month off"
But due to totally necessary function, they had to replace me immediately.
So now they have a guy already doing my job. And they can't get me back.

And this new job doesn't give a shit about internet review.
They're a university localized company. They hire new students for like a week long stint.
Probably have literally like 10 new students replacing me.
Corporate loves students since they take shit pay.
But the local supervisors hate them since like half their week is spent training them. And then in a week they're gone.

I fucking thought that I could do something there.
You took a risk, OP, and it turned out to be a bad one. That sucks, but you can move on.

Let's look at the bright side: you seemed to have done some pretty nice networking.

Talk to those supervisors, those coworkers. Ask if they have any leads on a new job. Use them as references.
Well you got swindled and it won't be the first or last time.

Next time don't trust that friend...
You can bust ass and get shit done. You can find a job somewhere else than a friend's place or your old employer. Temp work is an option. I have 3 months in a lab after working shit jobs for the last year and I got 2 recruiters contacting me today. Disregarded both because my job is decent and neither matched the pay.

>But corporate is like "We're downsizing this department. Thank you for your contribution".

Low man on the totem pole. Say this if they ever ask why you only lasted a month. A good reference from the friend or supervisor will help if they look into it. Apply for unemployment in the mean time. $200/wk is better than nothing.
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>you can move on.
I can't.
I can't pay rent next month.
I don't know what to do.
I've tried EI in the past, but I've always been rejected.
>Next time don't trust that friend...
I've been his best friend for 15 years.
Best friends since highschool and college.

I don't have anything left.
Like the other anon said, file for unemployment. Bust your ass on finding a new job the next couple of weeks, and settle on the first one that can sustain your cost of living. Maybe use the new managers and coworkers you met as references or resources to find a new spot somewhere.

Shit sucks, anon, I feel pretty sorry for you. Have you talked to your friend about it ever since you got laid off?
>Have you talked to your friend about it ever since you got laid off?
I have.
He was honestly shocked.
He insisted that they were undermanned and that firing me made no logical sense.

But it doesn't matter. He couldn't have predicted the total split between the people hiring and the people actually working.
They can't afford to lose me.

The next week the local management will be hearing complaints left and right.
They will not be able to function.
They lose contracts.

But hiring will count fucking dollar bills and say "Hire more students".

I join the military or commit suicide.
Whatever works out
Don't be so hard on him like these other anons are saying. He probably had no idea that you were gonna get fucked. Maybe be a little more skeptical of him from now on, though.

Joining the military is actually not a terrible idea. How old are you?
I'm gonna be fucking "Pops" but I'm not that old that I get rejected.

I have a uni degree with an near perfect GPA , a wide range of knowledge, and a fit body.
Any placement test will put me in a top percentile.

My dad warned me about the military. Being a military man himself, I took his advice to heart.

But now, up against the fence, I'll have to disappoint him.
Or become a fucking bum.

What cardboard boxes withstand rain best?
This is what I should really be asking you.
I really don't know much about the military, might wanna make another thread about it. You shouldn't consider it unless it's something you want to do or have to do, though. Finding another job would be a lot less drastic.
Oh and here's a fucking joke.
I was contracted for a month.
That's fine.
I asked my supervisor two months ago to get a check up on my status.


Jesus chirst.
I've run out of fucking booze to make me able to survive this shit.

Literally, the night before I go to work for the last time, I'm told it's the last time.
Fucking thanks for the warning
>Finding another job would be a lot less drastic.
How can I?
This job took half a year to work up to.

Literally, in like 30 days, I'm on the street.
I the fuck am I supposed to do?

I need out.
I need a reset.
considering you have a degree don't enlist, go to OCS and become an officer its a much better opportunity than becoming an enlisted man (as I assume your dad was) more responsibility, less bullshit, get treated like an actual human being a lot more than a grunt would be.

you also won't be pops at OCS, 26 is the average age
Ask all of your coworkers and supervisors for openings. If they got nothing, you have to find it the normal way. Job websites and listings. If you're gonna be on the street in a month, then take anything you can get. If sweeping floors will pay enough, then do it. It doesn't have to be permanent.
>you also won't be pops at OCS, 26 is the average age
Thanks mate.
I'll look into it.

Honestly, so long as I get a roof over my head, I'll say "Thank you sir" and scrub toilets.
Done it before
>Ask all of your coworkers and supervisors for openings
That's the joke.
I should have realized this from the start.

The real employees are all grey haired and have been there for literally longer than I have been alive.
The rest are temporary student employees.

Should have fucken seen it.

The upper management wants to replace everyone with students.
But the old fucks are grandfathered in.
So they can't fire them and so they must wait for death/retirement.

Should have been a sign that there is no mid thirties employees anywhere.

I have enough money left over to get myself drunk every day.
I'm still good, somewhat

Do you have a support network?

The least your shit bag friend can do for you now is give you a couch to sleep on.
Didn't even address my suggestion for finding a new job, lol.

That's okay man, if I was in your position I'd wanna get shitfaced too. Take a day or two to relax, but realize that you're gonna have to do something to get out of this.
I got a few buds, but I've never asked them for something so strong as "Dude, can I be a fucking parasite?"
I think two of them would accept, for a reasonable time, but jesus what does that matter?

Their patience will run out far before I get anything that can pay rent in my fucking city.

One of those companies... vampirically feeding off of the naivete and hopes of young hopefuls.

Another thing I have seen is where they claim to be a union shop, then have like 10 union guys and 80 temps on the floor on 3-6 month contract-to-hire. The kicker is they never hire because there is always some issue. They will always find fault no matter how hard you work and let your contract run up.

You know better next time anon.
if you're serious about it then decide what branch you're the most interested in and go talk to an officer recruiter

I'm former navy myself but I'd generally break it down as
Army - if you're interested in heavy vehicles and soldiering
Navy - if you're interested in ships, the sea, and travel
Air Force - if you're interested in aviation (be aware that becoming a pilot is an extremely hard road)
Marines - you take pride in doing things the hard way over the smart way
Coast Guard - you actually want to help people and defend america, liking being on water is pretty important too though

Knowing everything that I know now if I had the option to reroll I'd rank them as CG>Navy>AF>army>marines

also you should be aware that becoming an officer in the military takes time, you can't just go to a recruiter and ship off to OCS in a week, you'll have to find another way to support yourself for probably around 6 months to a year while you wait for your turn to go
That's what I'm saying.
Their networks end in the fucking 80s.
I can't ask them for help.

That's my fucking job except it's even shorter than 3-6 months.
Because I'm in a god damned uni town.
20,000 students to buttfuck.
I've gone through so many students in my brief time.
Then go to job websites and look for listings. Spend a certain amount of time a day searching for a job.
Dad was Air Force.
He did weather shit.
Had a good job, but he always said that military life was accepting that your direct superior was a fucking idiot and made twice your pay.
I don't think I can avoid that anywhere.

Had a friend with similar grades do the recruitment process (due to music school of all things).
The recruiter pretty much said "Dude, pick what you want". They apparently only have to deal with the lowest dregs.

Whatever happens, I've had enough shit jobs for the last 10 years that I can handle going brain dead and doing whatever people tell me.
I can I swing a good job where I can actually thing, I'll love it.

But it doesn't really matter.
I just want to be paid. I just want to not be a hobo
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Thread images: 5

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