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Before I start, I'm an 18 year old senior who is lanky and

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Before I start, I'm an 18 year old senior who is lanky and wears glasses, soc gives me a 6-7, I'm very average. I've never even touched a girl's hand.
The issue here is this bangin' 9.5/10 girl, probably the most popular in our grade is paying way too much attention to me. Now, I'm used to be ignores and put off since I'm a loner, but she is all over me for some reason. She looks at me all the time in class, she occasionally asks me questions for no reason, and today we had some stupid activity seniors do, and she asked me if I was taking part in it; I said "no" and she responded with "aww why not anon?" "you should!" After that class I was just walking and she was staring me in the eyes as I passed her. The thing is, she has a bf (I think) that lives out of the state. There's no reason for this, let alone giving me all of this attention in the first place. What's this supposed to mean? Is she just trying to be friendly?
It sounds like she wants to be friends then man. Just be friendly back, if you have a lot in common or you hit it off, ask her to hang out sometime. Maybe just lunch. If you find out she has a BF just cuck him, you deserve it
I guess I could just talk more, since I basically ignore her. I don't know how this even goes since a girl has never really tried to be friends with me. Plus I'm moving to college soon.
Post a pic of yourself. Then we can tell if she likes you or if she just feels sorry for you

Most likely just being friendly.
You've fixated on the idea that something's going on, thus you interpret all the signals in a way that will support this.

- People try to be friendly through interaction. I'd advice you to stop overthinking it, at this point.
That's not nice :^( I was asked out once...
Allrighty, how do I be a friend back?
Well ignoring her isn't gonna do anything unless you want her to stop trying to be friendly to you, which it sounds like you don't want considering you made a whole thread for it. Just ask her about things she likes, what she's wearing, etc. Women love to talk, just listen attentively and respond. Don't flirt or you might put her off if you're getting signals incorrectly, just be nice until it's clear she is interested
Sounds like a good plan, thanks anon.
Just talk to her, ask her questions about stuff that she's interested in/likes. A lot of girls like to talk in general, as long as you appear interested in what she has to say. Rule even applies to trivial stuff. Just be friendly man, and don't overthink it. You can get a long way with being nice, and you'll also be able to gain some clarity as to whether she's interested or not. If you just proceed to ignore her (which I guess you're tempted to do) you will never know. In any case, see it as an opportunity to cast off the loner shell. Being able to talk to people is a good skill to have, both in your social- and work life, might as well start honing it now.
No problem man, I've been there before too. I'm horrible at taking any kinds of signals and I'm a clueless idiot, and in the long run it hurt me and any possible relationships I mightve had in high school, romantic or not. Just have to get out of your comfort zone to start progressing.
I'll add this to the other anon's, thanks to you too!
I like to think I'm perceptive but I'm really just super dense to it. I'll practice making friends with her then. Hopefully it'll come in handy for college

Sure thing. Practice makes perfect. I remember having the same challenges when I was younger.
Absolutely will. Especially if you're going to a Uni or everyone else is and you're going to a CC, you will HAVE to talk to other students to get assignments you missed, work on projects, or just eat lunch with etc etc.
Wonderful, I'll be sure to that then.
I figured, I don't get anxiety, I just kind of suck at talking most of the time. For some reason I am really funny around her when I'm talking to a few friends in that class, which may have eased the barrier between us. I'm not kidding when I say she's a 9.5/10 most popular though, that's the baffling part.
A lot of popular girls talk to anyone in general just to make friends or because they enjoy babbling to anyone who is willing to listen, I had a few popular girls try to befriend me back in high school (I'm a quiet female) but they usually backed off when they discovered that I'm not a talker like they are. She might not be into you, she is just being friendly.
I see, well that's still a big leap from what normally happens to me anyway. Just didn't know what to think of it.
Thread posts: 16
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