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Qualities in a partner

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Post age/gender and your answer to this question:

Imagine you happen to meet somebody and you get along with them great. Your personalities mesh well, you feel comfortable around this person, you're able to make each other laugh and generally feel good.

But you don't know much about this person yet, only that you seem to get along great.

What are some of the things that would be dealbreakers for you (aside from the generally accepted no serial killers/rapists/puppy stranglers/convicted felons/drug addicts, etc)?

Some suggestions to get you thinking:
>college dropout
>highschool dropout
>vidya addict
>likes/dislikes guns
>owns reptiles
>no awareness of politics
>zero pop culture awareness
>no life goals
>has spent time NEET'ing
>is still NEET'ing

Or is having a good personality the ultimate goal for you, regardless of all these other things?

Well the absolute dealbreakers
>current NEET
>no plans to leave the state of NEET
>doesn't like TV or vidya
>doesn't like the outdoors

Problems that we might be able to work out:
>unemployed (if searching for job)
>college dropout (if you have a decent job, this doesn't really matter)

If the point is to find someone that makes you happy, all you really need besides that is financial stability and your life is pretty set IMO.
45 F

- stupidity.
- uninterested in new things
- no intellectual curiosity
- has not a fair knowledge of the main events in the past 60 years.

- musical tastes don't mesh with mine (although this is negotiable)
- is on his fucking cell phone all the time

>Kinda unemployed
(selling mup and tab)
>college dropout
Only because Engineers aren't getting hired anywhere.
>vidya addict
I watch entire shows on Netflix?
>likes long arms, dislikes handguns and concealable weapons
>owned reptiles
>Acute awareness of politics
Its not all lost, a bachelors can get you into another country. Fuck USA. Society is fucked and I hate the ignorant people.
>zero pop culture awareness
>life goals
I wanted to become an engineer and get my degree, work and design cutting edge shit to help progress technological advances... Turns out, it's who you know through networking and working with people who are nothing more than empty husks with coffee breath. Work is half done projects that I troubleshoot and make sure pass government regulation, while the lucky shit Manager who is inbred decides direction in where the company goes even though she doesn't know her mouth from her asshole. I fucked her in both holes but she shouldn't be employed because she fucks everything up.
>has spent time NEET'ing
Yes, but I have a 'fuck you' fund from my paid coop.
>is still NEET'ing
Yes... and Drinking and tindering.
Thinking of going to college for a trade and starting my own business. There are so many dumb people running shit, I think I can do better... guess I'll find out if I can.
I didn't read the post lol, ive had four pints of beer.....

Dealbreakers pour moi are as follows;

>Politically unaware
>Art student
>Unhealthy lifestyle
>poor dental hygiene
>clingly... even a little bit is not ok
>Modern day batshit crazy feminist
>one of those people that don't correct me when I'm wrong.

I want someone who is ambitious, self motivated, team player. I'm fine with her fucking some other dude she won't see again for a long time. I've had sex all my life, I'm insecure but I can get women with hard work. If she sees a hot dude she wants to ride for a night, cool. Let me know what your going to do, don't fucking touch me until you get tested, and then we move on as a couple. Same for me if I want to bone a girl. I'm a feminist, all for equality.
It's harsh but keeps the ball rolling in terms of trust and longevity. My best girlfriend is Chinese and we had a functional open relationship, she helped me get a coop during school. Motivated me to keep working when I wanted to cry, disappear, and give up. She was a cold ass bitch, but I love her. She mad me the untolerant, efficient, number crunching pos I am today... and I love it.
I'll never find an American woman who can fill her shoes. I'm fine with porn and one night stands until I find someone who fits the description.

Thread posts: 6
Thread images: 1

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