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just released need life advice

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i was just released from a juvenile treatment facility in houston and sent back to california. i turned 18 on the 9th so they couldnt keep me, i did 6 months there.

my case worker has me living with a friend in los angeles, but i dont like how its working out. ive been here since sunday. theyre a couple, and we live in a little studio apartment. theyre fighting and the girl is moving out in two weeks. i feel like a douchebag for staying here. im eating their food, shitting in their toilet, lounging around their apartment. theyre grown adults with their own lives and jobs.

they are trying to help me, they arent forcing me to get a job or go to school and said i can just do what makes me happy. heres what im thinking. i have a backpack with some warm clothes, and at this moment ~$75. i am going to take a bus up to san francisco, and stay up there. i can survive on the street. i just feel too bad about being a burden here. and now im an adult and i have to do something with myself.

what should i do with my life?
Avoid living in the street, feeling bad now is nothing compared to losing your life to homelessness. Find employment, save money, try to help with groceries. Yep, being a burden sucks, but adults like the people your living with are allowed to accept burdens. They know how much they can help, and they think your future is worth the burden of helping you. Don't insult them by throwing that away.
Shit man I know a sober-living in LA only $350 fit the first month and $500 after. You want the number? I'll give it to you, I'm 2 yrs sober and I send all my desperate, broke, addict friends over there. They'll sometimes let you do housework for rent if you're that desperate and looking for a job concurrently.

Living in the street is no fun at all man, I've been there. You gonna get raeped by the street. some people get beaten up regularly, you're seen as sub-human by regular people, you feel their disgust when they look at you. You'll quickly start doing drugs again to escape, then the daily hustle for dope just to feel 'ok'--not good, just not 'shitting and puking at the same time' dopesick-- is fucked. Absolute misery. The faggots whining about depression here do not know suffering, yet you're about to sally out into it because you feel a little guilty. Just wow.

SF is fucking cold too, if your gonna be homeless just kick it in Santa Monica or Venice where it is pleasant.
There are A LOT of homeless people in San Francisco. I wouldn't count on moving there.

As much as it's a blow to your ego, I'd say try to stay where you are and take that stability. You're not being a burden -- and you can prove that by doing stuff about the house. Do household repairs, chores, chip in for the bills, whatever. They know you're not trying to be a mooch or they wouldn't let you live there.

I have to admit that I don't have any experience in your situation, but I would recommend checking out your city/regional work placement options. Even if it's just a small shitty job, it's something.

I don't know if it's an option for you, but maybe consider a branch of the armed forces. Provided you survive your tour of duty, you'll get decent enough pay and the opportunity for schooling, plus work experience.

Either way, pretty much anything is better than homelessness. Trust me. I seriously had the plan you did, to just live on the streets of San Fran with jack shit to my name. And in retrospect, I have no doubt that it would have killed me.

Please check in with your local social services office or something like that. If they can't help you, they can at least point you to someone who can. I know it can be exhausting, but please try to stick in there.
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