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gap year?

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I'm considering a gap year before college

Reasons: Think about/plan out life more, get work experience, learn to drive, probably take classes for the career I want in the future, just try some adult things out and mature in general

Is a gap year a bad idea? If so, how much of a bad idea? Do colleges not like those who take gap years? Any other plans I should add if I do it? Tell me things I need to be aware of in general

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One last note

What exactly do I miss out doing a gap year compared to taking immediately after high school?
You sound like that youll be just be living as a new neet during this "gap year"
I wouldn't recommend it because it sounds like you're being lazy and doing nothing for a year will only keep you at /r9k/.
College as a freshman is not hard depending on the major. For the most part the basics that we all take make especially the first year very easy and after class you have a ton of free time.
>i know this because I took a semester off my sophmore year to work, find a different school to transfer to, and think of a new major.
>an 8:00am class to 9:20am with the rest of the day to yourself is a hell of a lot better than a 1:30 to 10:00pm shift at Costco or some other joint.
>I dont know how students work part time plus go to school, I guess they just sacrifice their social life because they want to or have no choice.
>if you dont want to jump into college right away I would say take 9 or 12 hours for two semesters at a CC and maybe work during it, working really helps you appreciate how great the college bubble is.
At least take 9 to 12 hours at a CC, that way you dont become lazy and jump into college a year later not used to the school work or decide to keep putting it off until your 21 and starting out as a freshman with other stupid 18 year olds who dont have a clue about life.
If I had a kid like you I would greatly encourage the CC for a year because the stigma about it does not matter once you transfer to a 4 year school.
This way your not totally lazy, you save some time and money, and you stay up to date with school work.
I would encourage them to get a job until they go to a 4 year school but thats just me.
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If you take the gap year on another continent, then good.
So to review what you just said for clarification

>not good idea in general
>you sound lazy + will likely become lazy if you do
>but if you do it anyways, take some classes in a community college so you dont become lazy when coming back
>having a job is important part of enjoying gap year

Anything else I'm missing? Care to add more?
I spent my second freshman semester taking only one english class, and spent around an hour screaming into my hands when I got home everyday. First time I've ever almost sobbed on the subway too. Got an A though. My second semester off is just about to start, and while I'm lined up for some DBT at the end of the month I'm skeptical as hell that anything will come out of it (because AvPD, not BPD). I probably am lazy as shit, but how do I find reason not to be? What makes people get out of bed? Or rather, what can I do to find a reason to get out of bed? I've been researching potential careers/hobbies/volunteer work, and everything I've seen just looks absolutely miserable to me.
I been a neet for nearly 8 years after HS because I went to college dropped out, went commune, dropped out because no room for required classes. Working now and I either know what I'm doing or going to do. My friend has a Masters and could not get a job in his field for over 2 years just because of minimum work experience.

The thing is the most reason why most college transition drop out is because they are indecisive second year of their major. Than working from the bottom again gets tiring. However it's not too late to start, though to start over again would no longer be an option.
if you can make it happen, i'd do it.
fuck i wish i would've done that.
i probably would have a degree in something other than Music. pft.
The reasons why you want to take a gap year are stupid.
>plan out life more
You can plan out your life as you get your pre-reqs out of the way before you even start your major
>get work experience
You have an entire lifetime to get work experience. Moreover, a year of work experience between the ages of 18-19 is almost a non-factor because employers are going to look at you the same regardless, having hired college students in the past with no prior experience. Moreover, you'll probably be working a dead-end job as a young person. Will that year's work experience even matter if you plan on going to college and not getting a job? If you get a job in college, why would you need a year off for experience? Makes zero sense any way you look at it
>learn to drive
Learning to drive doesn't take up that much time. Besides, vehicles are expensive in college. Unless you get a job or parents are paying for it, you'd be better off having a friend with a ride or walking around campus or taking public transport. Sucks for dating but again, you can learn in college as it takes hardly any time to learn.
>mature in general
Nothing will make you more mature than taking up responsibilities. Dicking around at home won't make you more mature. Joining the military, starting a family, or going to college are the most mature things you can do at this stage of your life.

Fucking go to college you piece of shit.
What do you want to major in, or what career do you want?

If you don't know, you probably shouldn't start wasting your money on a school yet. Remember, college is a means to an end and if you're just gonna jump into anywhere and get a degree in anything without any clear end goal in mind then it could be a waste.

Also, have you considered a trade school?
Here's your (You) and a pic related

I got two in mind: something business-related or graphic design. Business related example I've thought about is something like accounting. I'm thinking/leaning towards Graphic design because it's a career I am honestly interested

I would rather do something with my life that's actually interesting to me rather than mindlessly doing work for lots of money with zero motives in the field.
Thread posts: 11
Thread images: 2

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