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There's this girl I know who I know for a fact is interested

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There's this girl I know who I know for a fact is interested in me. I've known this for about 4 months now and it's common knowledge among mutual friends. She's really pretty and genuinely really nice, but I haven't asked her out or talked to her about it. The reason for this is that so far, she has not made single effort to gain my attention other than tell friends that she's interested in me, who then tell me about it.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but when someone is interested in you romantically, they should do something about it and prove they genuinely like you, right? Because otherwise, she seems like she doesn't give a shit. So far, her and our friends are expecting ME to make a move for some reason. It's not that I'm not into her, but it's that I'm put off by everyone expecting me to take charge of a vague, unenthusiastic opportunity that I didn't ask for. So what am I supposed to do? Keep her in tow until she proves she's actually interested, or just confront her and tell her what I'm saying in this post.

Pic is how I feel right now about people drama.
There could be many reasons why she hasn't said anything. Do you two talk often?
That's women for you. But at least she is telling other's about her liking you. It's a woman's dream for the man to make the first move and take her on a nice date. You can either make her fantasy come true or you can put on a fedora and post on /adv/ and /r9k/ about how dumb women are. It's not going to change.
If you want to date her do it. If you don't don't.

But don't say she has to ask you and not tell her that, that's fucking stupid.

We work together.


I'm not expecting her to ask me out. And I don't think that women are dumb, or that she is. But I am expecting her to not hand me the deck of cards and tell me to deal when I don't even know what game I'm playing. She's putting herself in the so-called 'friend zone' by being too shy, and it's not attractive.
>when I don't even know what game I'm playing

But you do know. You clearly do. You don't want to date her, so don't. If you did this wouldn't matter.

You can't have it both ways, man. If you think you know she wants to date you and you also want to date her, good. Do it.

But you do know and you're mad at her about it, so you pretty clearly don't want to.

How is this a dilemma?

I'm not mad about anything at all. A bit frustrated and confused, but not mad.

The dilemma is that I wish she'd show more initiative and be more blunt about this so I have a better understanding of the situation and know if I'm wasting my time. This is socially the equivalent of having sex with someone who just lies there and doesn't do anything. Like ok, this could be good, but wtf.
Die alone, asshole
they like playing games
you can play as well or just forget about her

Yeah I'll probably do that. I think I'm better off alone, honestly. Or dead. Death sounds easier.

She's not playing games on purpose. She's just too shy to really do anything to get my attention.
She's like a scared little kitten. Does she purr and roll over so I can stroke her round tummy?
Simple answer: Women are a thousand times more scared of rejection

Even confident girls have this problem, they will drop a thousand fucking hints but never ask you directly.

This is normal for women in general, she isn't a special exception, she's just shy and her way of dropping hints is telling her friends.

If you wanna die alone that's cool, but this is how women operate, you might as well be confused as to why the sky is blue.
Your problem is stupid and you are creating your own private drama about it.
If you don't like passive ladies who need you to take the lead then she is not for you, clearly.
Frankly the workplace is not a great environment for romance or awkward romantic conversations. It is a great place for unrequited crushes, so let her keep her crush or whatever and do your fucking work.

I can tell you right now that you're being an idiot. Nevermind women and relationships, the way you're approaching this problem is bad for the everything else in your life - family, friends, work, EVERYTHING. You're essentially missing a potential opportunity and being petty because you're sitting there and wishing that something you can't control could be different rather than taking action. You get promotions because you step it up and go above and beyond what your job requires. You make and keep friends by putting in the effort to meet with people, keep up with them, and caring about them. The people who sit back and go "hmmph, things should be like this instead" don't get shit.

You cannot control what other people do, what they like, or how they feel. You do, however, have command of yourself. Do you like this girl? Yes? Well then you've already got a leg up because you have the knowledge that she's into you, so just fucking act on it and have fun instead of being a passive-aggressive ponce.
Thread posts: 16
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