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Teenage fag here, need some advice. Cringe ahead. So there's

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Teenage fag here, need some advice. Cringe ahead.
So there's this qt, I've had an on and off crush on her for almost 2 years. A while back the feelings went kind of dormant but then she said she liked me and telling me will help her or some shit. I'm not that expressive and one day let it all out, she says she likes me but doesn't want a relationship. She's "against" relationships. The cunt she was with earlier hurt her real bad. She knows about my huge crush(9/10), we still talk. Asked me if I was waiting for her, I said yes. Told me I shouldn't cause she's not getting in a relationship. Constantly tells me to date another girl, a friend. Says we're perfect and she'll be happy if we get together. For some reason a whole lotta people think we have something. I admit that I have thought about her that way but no I don't want her, nor does she like me in that way. People keep on telling me to move the fuck on, that it will end with me getting hurt. But really I don't see the point. I have no interest in anyone else. And even when the feeling went dormant or whatever, I didn't develop an interest in anyone else. I have no problem in waiting. What good will moving in do? She likes me and is afraid to act on her feelings. I tried convincing her but that got us nowhere. We still talk from time to time. I talk to the other girl a lot. All day really and the level of understanding and comfort between us is more than me and the qt. But really I don't a relationship with her, she's just a friend and I would like her to stay that way. I fucking want the qt. Submitted this in /b/ and the it 404ed without any replies. I'm submitting this again because I really have no one to talk to about this.
>Teenage fag here
fuck off minor
I don't really have good advice for you. But you seem like a reasonable guy. Just swept away by hormones.
Taking any kind of action would be a good idea. If you move on, she might run after you, because women want what they can't have, or what is tough to get. It's often nothing but a game. You do realize that playing games will bring you fun, but no fulfillment? In the ideal scenario, you both want the same thing.
But you're a teenage fag, as you said, so getting hooked on the qt bait is normal. Hope you get laid eventually. Best of luck.
I'm really really shy. I just have normal random conversation with her from time to time. She goes offline for days straight. She has anxiety problems. I don't put myself our there daily but at times I just feel like letting it all out. I'm really not expressive and very shy. Last night I got drunk and called her, I talked to her and about her all the time. She couldn't be there (has hairline spinal fracture) all her friends advised me to let it lose a little bit and that she won't come unless that happens, she's like that. I told her all that clich├ęd lovely, cute stuff the other night, what I feel about her and how I only remember 3 of my dreams and out of those 3 one is me hugging her, after she went to sleep. Next day she said "wow you should say this to me in person but then again you're too shy". she also read that 3 times. Hugged me once and said it was all she could think about. I just let it be most of the time but at times, I burst out. And I don't know if I want to move on. Like if there's a slightest bit of a chance I'm willing to take it. She said she's not getting in a relationship, not with me not with anyone. Fucking cunt dickhead naman

Just wait for the day when she meets Chad and suddenly she is healed and ready for commit.

I know what i'm talking about, these kind of girls are trouble, and the only one getting hurt in this history will be you.

if you want i can tell you something related
Please do
There is some truth in what this anon is saying even though they're coming off as bitter. You're not going to get the qt no matter what you do, especially since she knows she has you in her grips. Her attraction level towards you is pretty low. Just forget her, keep her around as a friend and date other women.
What I think I'll do is that I won't put myself out there again and again but I'll tell her if she asks or fuck it maybe I'll lie, say that no I don't have that much interest in her as I did before. Also, I really have no interest whatsoever in dating any one else. And yes this is true. Even her friend advised me to play hard to get. But I really don't like being so non-genuine or whatever the word is.

>Know Guy who likes girl
>Girl rejects guy with same bullshit in op, says she doesn't trust men anymore and don't want relationship any time soon
>Chad friend of mine tells that he is interested on her 2 weeks after girl rejected other friend
>they start a relationship out of nowhere
>other friend is broken hearted
>after some time she starts going full crazy on Chad
>call his phone all the fucking time and if he doesn't answer her, she call me crying saying that he is cheating on her.
>Chad dump her cuz she is nuts
>She starts treatning to kill herself is he don't come back to her.
>After some time she move on from him and find another handsome to repeat the cycle.
It's just not going to happen my man, get it through your head. Cool it off, but don't play hard to get because you're only going to play yourself. If you don't like being non-genuine then don't do it. Being locked onto one woman is only going to leave you hurt. Keep your options open.
I know nothing's gonna happen. But honestly I don't how it can hurt me. I have no expectations. Bring it the fuck on. And I won't be non-genuine. I can't.

Have you ever had sex with her?

If that is the case and she doesn't want to have a relationship, you have to be honest with yourself and see what is what you want out of this. She is not meeting your standards, as it seems.

If you haven't had sex, she is just a platonic crush for you and it is a bit pathetic to love her so much if nothing else is going on, move on already and stop wasting time, hook with the other qt and learn how to manage feelings for girls meanwhile.
No we're both virgins
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