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>Can't decide a major >wanted to do film at first

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>Can't decide a major
>wanted to do film at first
>but FUCK that the curriculum was so ugly, and the horror stories i'd heard
>came to realization, dodged bullet
>Wanted to do physics next because it was interesting and it would maybe get me somewhere
>Didn't like the idea of all the school, and search for tenor to research. A bachelors would get me a few good looks on resumes. but not physics
>decided to maybe write programs for physicists and astronomers who needed it
>Switched to Computer Science
>Spent my just my Pre-calculus class thinking about other things I could be doing
>lose motivation from not studying physics
>don't want to go back
>"maybe I can use this all to work on something fun like video games."
>use that to numb the pain for a bit
>girlfriend brings up 3D animation instead
>begin fantasizing about that in class
>"well, it's not exactly film.. and everything is 3D now right?"
>grow more dissatisfied the more I think about it in math class
>ditch final
>glad to be out
>Not sure what I'm really doing though
>google "3D animation" and mostly for profit schools and niche programs come up
>not sure what major I should be taking
>currently taking a transfer path for Fullerton's major Fine Arts: Animation
>uncertain of the future
>uncertain of my path in life
>don't want to waste time taking classes anymore
no matter what path you choose you'll need the basics so don't freak about "taking the wrong class". just focus on learning. even if you decide to be a burger flipper in the end, knowing calculus won't make you any worse or prevent you from being a better burger flipper.

in your spare time try to contact people studying what you want to study, of working where you want to work, and see if that's what you want. if you're still lost just pause your education till you can get your shit together.
But I want to know now, you know?
Like I've got some sort of idea..? I'm kind of decent when it comes to art when I'm winging it, and my gf says with more practice I'd be phenomenal.
I also think 3D animation might be a way for me connecting with Film, which I originally skimped out on.

But I just don't know where to go with it, how I'll end up.

The comforting thing with CS and Physics was, atleast I was pretty much guaranteed a job *somewhere*.

I know it's not going to kill me but it hurts not to know, and it's been driving me mad.
>Start at film
>go through real things people do
>arrive in fantasy land
you fucked up. go back.
listen i think ou've got some fucked up high school idea of how the world works right now. you were probably part of some clique who dresses and acts a certain way, and you think that will be person you have to be forever and always.

but the real world isn't like that. you can still be artsy in your spare time even with a CS or physics degree so you're not really closing doors.

if your decide to switch paths completely later on it will certainly be difficult, but absolutely not impossible. and you will be entering the new domain with a unique life perspective that makes you valuable.

most people actually jump around in life. but the only bad thing you can possibly do right now is to half ass things and not actually learning because then you truly are wasting time.
You think so?
I originally was the same until my uncle who's a Doctor suggested doing whatever I want.
He said the only reason he became a doctor was because he was passionate about it. Noting that choosing something you're not initimately involved with in the end becomes not only a disservice to yourself, but those you're working for (boss/clients).

That gave me a bit of morale boost. But I can't help but worry about being realistic.
Not at all ! I most certainly know that you can keep art as a hobby whilst doing something more realistic.
The problem there arises when I feel as though I'm not fully committing myself to it out of self doubt, it's at that point I feel like I'm kind of half-assing it. Not particularly productive towards finding a "dream job" type career, right? It feels far-fetched, but I'd also feel like a pussy for not taking the risk.

I definitely understand that nothing is cement. I'd just not like to take CS up until my higher division classes out of fear and then finally decide to grow a pair. Though apart of me feels CS while doing art as a hobby may be more logical and safe.

Do you see the conflict here?
he's a doctor. he helps people. nobody wants or needs your stupid fucking animations. you won't be doing a disservice to a boss or any clients because you won't be working.

The discussion isn't the work ethic, gain, or contribution a career X or Y has in area A or B, dummy. Seems more bias than constructive desu.

Maybe my only wasted time was replying to you in the first place lol
Op you should try doing something that involves film but is actually practical, like advertising or some shit idk.

But when I first started school I just went for art because thats what i liked to do, then I realized i was probably making a giant mistake, so i changed it to computer science, and I fucking hated that shit, so i just ended up going into visual communication, so I just make websites for companies and do animation and freelance art projects on the side. Im pretty happy
jesus christ your so bitter about something and its fucking hilarious, its like you have this idea that because you're too much of a pussy to live out dreams that everybody needs to be this grounded, boring, leveled out asshole. DESU SENPAI, getting a degree doesnt even necessarily mean you'll be getting a job in that field. Its just a piece of paper that says "I was able to make it through 4 years of bullshit"

Now please stop giving advice you underaged fuck
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