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Wanting a Relationship

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I was out with an Army buddy of mine and his fiance and some friends, and I realized how alone in terms of a relationship I am since I'm an active duty Marine.

My circumstances just kind of make it impossible to meet women face to face anymore, I really don't even know how to handle it. It's something I want so bad, but there's nothing I can really do about it but wait.
Get into it after your service.
I'm quite early into my first four years, and I plan on staying twenty years, so that's not really an option, unfortunately.

I mean, I don't know if there's anything I could do except wait.

my brother had the same issue. one day he was texting my mom and she handed her phone to a co workers daughter. they started texting.

only met 3 times before the wedding. as you can imagine its a little weird for them. h es never home.

parents had a similar experience. dad was in navy with my uncle. uncle showed him a photo of her, dad got really interested. dad didnt get to meet her when he visited my uncles home for holiday, because mother was also visiting a friend. my grandma forced her to be pen pals with him, they met about 5 times before marrying, hung out maybe 10 times before getting pregnant.

imo, just fuck some sluts, bate with some bros, and just wait out your service. no point trying to tie down now. you necver know when or where you'll meet the right girls.

dont you tend to age out of the over-traveled middle east thing? idk, my dad was navy. at first he was all over the place but as he got promoted he moved just as much but to more stable places. he'd get longer term jobs on different bases. he was already married by then, but most men end up doing this and marrying a local.
I don't want to marry this early, of course, but I'm just looking for a good relationship.
I guess I'll have to play it by ear, but most guys I know are already engaged now and/or dating the first female Marine that pops on base.

It's why I won't even go near the females on base.

>i dont want to marry this early, of course, but im just looking for a good relationship

thats the unfortunate huge flaw of being a marine. you can get married, or you can be single. you cant really date. its borderline impossible. my own brother sees his wife like two months out of the year at the moment.

>most friends already engaged

thats cuz they are doing their best to hold on to someone. and they know, being constantly shipped overseas, the only way to do that is to make someone officially theirs. theoretically if they marry you, they cant just 'dump' you.

plus there are all those benefits of being married like actually having a house to stay at, and of course consideration. its much easier to advance and get cushy jobs if you are married. people consider that.
This fucking blows.

on the other hand its easier to keep fit and get broads when you are older too. my father was a beast for the longest time.
If the Corps wanted you to have a wife they would have issued you one

After you come back from your deployment buy a mustang and fuck girls fresh out of highschool like everyone else devil dog

>dating females in your unit

top kek

just wait until she goes on float and starts vacuuming cocks
"Yeah! They would've issued you one! Yeah!!"
I'm a Marine, almost at my 4 year mark. I got pissed off one day that I was alone still while my ex was out banging everything that moved because she is in some college that is like 75% male, I went to dunkin doughnuts and met my wife. I dont know how to explain what I did but that girl was nuts for me. Weve almost been married for 2 years now. Crazy.

I wish I waited. I rushed the shit out of it. Military I think warps perspective, makes you want to rush everything, and the "benefits" don't help. I remember my friends trying to tell me to stop and just wait but I couldn't. Your best bet is to be patient, it sucks I know. Get away from base, and go hang out with your friends.

Do everything that you said you would do before you get married, or latched down. Once you do, everything in life fly's by and the time you get to yourself becomes much less.

Getting married at 20 like me, or 50, is honestly the same experience. You get together, set up a home together, and learn what its like to live together with someone. However building a solid relationship with someone who you actually want to have around takes a lot of time and work and the military messes with it.
Thread posts: 12
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