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Girl with boyfriend is/isnt into me

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Hello /adv/,

So there's this girl in my class i've been talking to for like 2-3 months, on and off. We started talking when she started random conversation with me on facebook, and i nitially thought she was into me, but her boyfriend(that i didn't know about) added me 1 week afterr we started talking and told me to stop flirting with her. At this point, I got fairly angry and told him to kill himself and pretty much made fun of him. Girl told me yes, she has a boyfriend. At this point I wanted to stop talking to her but she persuaded me otherwise. So we kept talking until yesterday, we never mentioned her boyfriend again, we soemtimes get flirty, in class she comes sit next to me we play etc. Yesterday she told me to meet up with her for a few minutes. We meet up and have some fun for a bit then we end up in a bar for like 5 hours. In this time, things went very well, she was super into me, she bit my arms, she fell asleep with her head on my chest as I was petting her. I felt super happy and I probably could have kissed her if I made the move. I then walked her home, we hugged at the end.

A few hours after, she wrote me that she's sorry for what happened, and that she wasn't really aware of what she was doing. This made me fairly angry even though I didn't show it to her and I told her we're going to take a break from talking until she knows what she wants, because she can't play both sides of the fence. She told me we might never talk again and that she has no feelings for me.

I clearly feel like she would be with me if it werent for her boyfriend, and that she's not really telling the truth when she says she has no feelings for me. I thought about giving her some kind of ultimatum, like choose me or your boyfriend, but I feel that would be a bad idea for me.

So what exactly do I do have a relationship with this girl? I don't feel she's very attracted to her boyfriend, I don't think they go out a lot or anything.
Let her decide for herself even if she's choosing a boyfriend she doesn't like.

If she "chooses" you and really still wants to be with her boyfriend chances are she's going to play you and get back with her boyfriend soon anyways. Just avoid the headache and her boyfriend. Not worth it. If she does say she wants to start talking again at all let her know she has to leave her boyfriend because you don't want problems.
Dude, just let the relationship die on its own, don't add to the problems.

Do them both a favor and back the fuck off.
Im fairly positive she'll start talking to me again, because in the past she said a lot of times to me we should stop talking because "i'm making her problems" "she's fighting with other people because of me" but she always came back. She also said she feels like she could tell me everything.
Im aware im kind of being an asshole, but I dont really care. Her boyfriend seems like an insecure moron and im sure im better than him.
She'having relationship problems and is using you as an emotional sponge you beta cuck. You didn't even make out and grope her.... fken beta
Everything you just said makes you sound like an insufferable dick. She wouldn't be upgrading if she left him for you: you and he are shite, just in different ways.
I groped her, actually.
You fucking twat.
May I ask why? At least explain to me why im being that big of a twat, its not like I raped her
You're a faget that refuses to see that he has no place in either of their lives, and instead of going full alpha douchebag and try to take his girl blatantly (major asshole move, kill yourself if you do this), you play a subversive cowardly game of emotional chess with these people.

Fuck off.
This girl is a lightning rod for controversy. She isn't worth it, homie.
How exactly do I go full alpha? Im willing to do it
Kill yourself OP
Thanks for the friendly attitude, man. My friends mostly agree and it woulf probably be the best
1 - You are a douchebag and clearly isn't better than her bf

2 - Even if you are trying so hard to be "MrStealYourGirl", this will lead you nowhere, she will for sure find someone "better" than you in future and do the same thing she is doing to her bf, to you

3 - betas think that stealing girls from another betas is an alpha move, but not even close to that, if you want to feel alpha, get a girl who is out of your league in any aspect and make her treat you like a god

4 - if you just want to P&D her, go ahead, but make sure that you will completely discard her after

1 - you could be right douchebag wise, but im better in other aspects. I'm not lying to myself, I know im being an asshole

2 - i've thought about this, and it's one of the main reasons i'm conflicted

3 - it's not about feeling alpha, i just like this girl

4 - i dont wanna P&D because we see each other a lot at school and it might backfire someway. I'd want a relationship with her
So, everybody disagrees with what you're trying to do on a thread you started, yet here you are again attempting to defend and justify how big of a piece of shit you are.

Damn son
You're right, I kind of am attempting to justify what I'm doing because i'd like a relationship with this girl very much, and I probably am going to attempt something anyway. As I said, I am aware im a huge piece of shit but i dont really care about that anymore, all people are pieces of shit
>all people are pieces of shit
Nice excuse. Good reasoning to be an even bigger tool than 90% of the population.

>"I kind of am attempting to justify what I'm doing because i'd like a relationship with this girl very much"

If you manage to achieve that, enjoy getting cucked, cuz you deserve that.
>Her boyfriend seems like an insecure moron and im sure im better than him.

Yes, you're trying very hard to get into his girlfriends pants. And he's insecure. It's not like he's on the money or something here on what you're trying to do.

Personally, I think the boyfriend should ditch the bitch, as both of you seem pretty immature. Her for flirting and putting herself in positions, and you for being a complete dick.

At one point in your life, you're going to fuck with the wrong guy and end up in hospital. Bet you'll still blame him as an aggressive douche, and not look at your own actions. But it will be your actions will cause that. Perhaps something to think about.
Well, this guy in particular is some anorexic shithead and im fairly muscular, so I dont think ill end up in the hospital from this one. Also I have some friends that would like nothing better than to give this guy a beating if a situation arises, so i'm not afraid of that one.

yeah, this is one of my biggest fears definitely, that if i end up with her she'll do the same thing to me that she's doing to him.
>I could beat him in a fight
>he's skinny and I'm a big strong man, I deserve pretty gril

Go jump off a bridge
i didn't say that, dont straw-man. the guy I replied to said that i might end up in hospital, and I just said that's not a possiblity.

I'm kind of telling myself that he's getting cucked because he's a terrible boyfriend or something, am I just lying to myself or is she a bitch?
>she a bitch?
You are all major bitches in this equation, with the bf being a poor SOB that wants to hang on to what's rightfully his, but some retard has decided to fuck with his girl and mess everything up.
I actually feel kind of shitty now after all the things you guys told me, but I feel like it's a little too late to back down on all the shit I did.
I didn't say that guy. I said your shitty attitude is going to land you in hospital at some point. And desu, you'll have it coming. You don't need to be big to pull a knife or bat out on someone, so your muscles don't really mean shit.

I knew a guy like you, that kept trying to push shit on my ex. Talked shit behind my back. Thought he could take me out. I phoned him up, threatened him, he shat it completely. I was ready for taking a bat and hospitalizing him. Regardless, I found out he had a wife. So I contacted his wife, signed documents testifying to his adultery, ruined his marriage. On top of that, I ended up fucking his wife when I met up with her to discuss things. Pieces of shit like you have to learn the hard way.
lol, that's a nice story, you're good if it actually happened. At this point I wouldn;t be surprised if he tries something, I'm aware I kind of deserve it. I still feel he should be more mad at this gf for talking to me tho rather than blaming me, his gf is the one mostly writing to me and shit. Also, as I said, she asked me out, adn then she suggested going to a bar, thats why im not feeling that bad. She's the one that keeps lying to herself she has no feelings for me then drags me in bars and gets super gropey with me. I probably wouldn't have groped her and shit if she didnt initiate stuff
Thread posts: 29
Thread images: 1

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