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Part 2 Let it out

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What time is it and what is on your mind?
0:55 am trying to schedule and organize everything in my mind that i need to still do and buy before christmas, and trying to decide what color to paint my nails
3:00 PM

Thinking about how I should get out of bed soon and all the things I should do today that I probably won't. Not even depressed. Just really fatigued always.
Its 3pm and I'm at work. Trying to deal with the shame of wasting money on strippers/sex acts and my overall rock bottom self esteem.
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qt was initiating texts with me every day last month

>tfw I suck at flirting even when a girl's insanely interested in me
>Tfw she hasn't texted for a week and a half
>tfw she's probably found someone else

Move on.

Just 8 more hours of work tomorrow and im free until next year. I can already see those last 8 hours feeling like an eternity, they always do.

Just want Steam sale to get here so i can buy some new vidya and have fun

Also, her.
6:51pm EST

Just sitting in my very small and cold room drinking some vodka.

Anyone else want to drink together?
16:53 right now and I'm taking a shit. About to call a beautiful girl and ask her how her doctor's appointment went and what she's doing tonight.
almost 2 am. listening to music, lurking. also thinking about my current relationsship, not knowing what to expect from the future
01:03 am
I think he really cares about me and it makes me happy. I'm really sleepy now

I'm thankfully feeling better than I have for the past few days. I think I had an ovarian cyst. I wasn't sure what the hell was going on, or if it was endometriosis, pelvic inflammatory disease caused by an infection, a UTI, pregnancy (uterine or ectopic), ect.

I'm just hoping I can go back to normal and not worry about it anymore or have to go to a doctor.
It's 5:16pm and I am wondering if anyone truly enjoys hanging out with me.
Should I get a GF?
>hard mode
How can I make it last without ressorting to marriage (for obvious legal reasons)
7pm and I'm thinking of him, and how he's so beautiful. Just want to see him again but probably won't until next year.
9:03 PM

I don't know if this klonopin reduction is going to work. I'm basically shivering
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3:15 AM

Thinking about what this bitch is up tho.

>Accidentaly grabbed my dick in Sports lesson while trying to get the pen out of my hand
>Still gets the pen and I am about to react to the dick grab
>Before I barely say something she says "what's up?" and I just shrug it off
>Followed by an awkward Minute of silence while sitting on the bench
>Say fuck it and just start egging and goofing around with her again

>Sitting in maths
>Both of us did horrible in our exam
>Comes up from behind while I am sitting and grabs my shoulders, I grab her by her hands and I just pull her
>Back of my head is between her boobs at this point while I'm sitting
>Doesn't resist and we talk for a few seconds while still goofing and goes back

That's what just happened today. It's pretty much every other Day like this or something else, but I think you get what I mean.

Sure you could say she likes me but I often get mixed signals here and there.

Wat do?
8:23 PM

Right now I'm trying to figure out what changes I need to make to my school schedule because I don't know what I'm doing with my life. Also my I'm worried about my relationship.

Thinking about the night before last and just the last few days in general, where my life is heading, where this relationship is heading, where he thinks this relationship is heading, whether he still thinks it's/I'm worth it anymore or not.

dat u jess?

Hating the fact I have feelings for someone who I'm pretty sure doesn't see me that way, wanna say something, but I'm scared it'll make things super awkward, even if I'm prepared to be turned down.
well anon, do you like her? if she frequently initiates physical contact, she maybe likes you.
It's 9:00, I just spent a couple hours on r/watchpeopledie, and I'm thinking about how long I need to wait before I go masturbate.
Its the current year where Kylo Ren kills Han Solo
Wow, you forgot that he killed Leia too.

Fucking plebiscite. Patricide only works when matricide comes with it.

Also, Rey kissed the black dude. Cuck cuck cuck, you fucking racists.

I'm just laying down and wondering about the sauce I'm lost in. I just wish it would be smooth sailing and happiness with incredibly minor inconveniences for the rest of my days. I hope my days are numerous too.

I want to listen to good music, make great friends, fall in love, create something interesting, innovative, incredible, remarkable and loved by many. I want to eat good food and retain a stabilized bear mode physique. When I go home this holiday season, if my ex is at the gym, I want to look my best, and I want to let them know that I know better than to make another attempt with them.

That's what's on my mind. Just stupid 20-year-old shit. :)
Thread posts: 28
Thread images: 4

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