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Hey /adv/, it's my birthday. Just gonna be blunt, I don't

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Hey /adv/, it's my birthday.

Just gonna be blunt, I don't like this day. For years, its never been good and its right next to Christmas, so anyone with similar birthdays should know they almost don't exist. It pretty much just gets blended in with Christmas.

None of my old friends bothered to say anything; again. Just another year, save for my ex best friend.

The only real signifier I have for this is my online name. I'm that guy who's best friend watched me get jumped, started dating my sister and took her virginity, all against or without any say from me. Then he went and fucked this girl I was dating at a party because she was drunk.

My sister still defends basically any shithead thing he does because he took her virginity, and you all know how that goes.

So now, I'm back to living with my dad. Its my 24th birthday and besides my dad, mom, sister, and aunt (the only people in my current life), he decides to send me a bullshit happy birthday text.

I start going off after he tells me who's number it is. Can't help it, why would I not hate something this shitty? He doesn't respond, nor does he acknowledge my blunt "you're not a real friend" message. Now I can't get this asshole off my mind, on my own birthday.

>TL;DR: Should I care about having friends when the only people who do attempt are the most fake people I've ever met?
You're totally in the right to be shitty to him. That's some fucked up stuff to do to a friend and your friends sister... Just ignore him anon
come on OP. Have some dignity.
I understand that this guy is your only friend, but he's not a friend, amigo.

Fuck him.

I'd say what you've probably heard before. Get your shit together.

1. Ditch this fucker
2. Stop caring so much about what other people think of you
3. Start eating healthy
4. Start going to a gym. There you can easily get a workout-buddy. Might turn in to something awesoem.

Best regards,
Anon who had a birthday a few days ago and also was congratulated by one person outside close family.
You've got it a bit backwards, my man. I've dropped this guy a while ago. Its the fact that my sister can't get away from him now, they do that stupid on and off relationship shit and have been doing so for years. Every time I visit her, I hear about how they're not seeing eachother anymore and have decided to stop being romantic or some bullshit. Then, when I'd go on some app or social media, I'd see them kissing or something and now I've gotten rid of it all. Its all just shitty reminders of a shitty past and fact that my sister and ex best friend were the catalyst of destruction to my circle of friends and social life is what really hurts.

I would need to go into heavy detail. Explain. How I was the 3rd and unwanted child, literally. About a childhood of being ignored, watching my sister be spoiled and have to constantly live in her shadow.

As soon as I got away and started making my own life, she couldn't have it. Had to move in and "be near me" even though she's done nothing but treat me like a nuisance my entire life.

In coming, she slowly attracted my best friend behind my back, apparently. All things I learned late and only thought were sibling-type.

She has the world; friends, money, intellect (or whatever you call woman thought), and yet she still had to have what was mine. Just like when she lost her baby blanket and I gave her mine as a toddler.

I don't give a shit what other people think. I'm a good looking, funny, witty, creative guys who's fit, healthy, and generous. I've tried to do good for others my entire life, even though I've always considered myself evil. This is the kind of shit I get.

I don't want to play the bullshit game of "bettering myself" that everyone is tricked into wasting time on. I'm a genuinely awesome person and I've only been used my entire life because of it.
Have you talked to your sister about this or have you had these thought your whole life and just anoyed her with passive agressivness?
Mine is on the 30th, between xmas and new years. Blow it out your ass.
Of course I've talked with her about this. Sometimes talking doesn't do anything. This family is one of the most stubborn around and I don't know where I came from, because I do not match the rest.
I honestly shouldn't have even responded to your "passive aggressive" insult. Trolled/ b8'd me.
Stop telling her how to live her life. Just let her slide. Talk to her, but don't let her get to your nerves.
What are you on about? I've never told her anything. She's been able to do whatever she wants, and my say(or lack thereof) has never mattered.
You've got some serious issues. The way I see it you just want your family to love you. You were the "unwanted baby". You're mad at your sister because she got all the attention, implying you didn't get enough. And even though she, in your view, had it all, she just had to take the only thing you had - your friend.

You are envious of your sister and it won't get better until realize that the problems aren't nesescarily them, it might (and I'm not saying it is), but the problem might be your perspective on your family.
People keep trying to belittle this. I don't care that she took my friend. I care that she took steps toward destroying someone's progress without remorse; even worse that the person was her own brother. I care that someone who lost their father and had no really deep family connections, still had the balls to betray the only person who would take them in and understand them unconditionally.

Please don't strawman this. I understand I was only given vain ways of explaining things, so it may seem as though simple explanations could come of this.

Not trying to be some special snowflake, I just so happen to have come to a basic understanding. I guess the final point is if I should just go full nihlist. A major part of me can't give a shit. The other part wants to, has this strange desire to be normal and understood.
Ok. Then it's to complex for /adv/. Off to shrink you go.
I know it might not mean much to you OP but I sincerely hope you have a good belated birthday. Maybe take some time to yourself. Buy yourself something nice. Happy Birthday!
Yeah, you own your sister. He should have received permission from you. At least he didn't remember you on your birthday. Oh.
Srawman, again. Ownership is the only thing that requires permission? What the fuck happened to RESPECT?

I swear, you children hear some "you can't tell me, you're not my dad" shit and then run the rest of your lives on that logic.
>so anyone with similar birthdays should know they almost don't exist. It pretty much just gets blended in with Christmas.

I always wondered this when I was younger. I assumed it sucked.
>le embik fallacy! XD

You clearly don't respect your sister at all. You want all of her decisions and all of the decisions of your 'friend' to conform to your will. You seem like a condescending prick. Children? I'm older than you you niggertit cuntwagon. Put a bullet in your head. The world, especially your family, will be better off without you.

Happy birthday.
to complex for /adv/ what?
Ok. Then she doesn't have your respect? So fucking what? She's 27 year old baby. Tell her not to bother you until shes grown up and just let her live her life.

What the fuck do you want?

And calling us children? Yeah. That nailed it. It's definently you that's the problem. Sorry brah. Must be a shitty birthday. But at least I gave you a present that's personal. The realization that you've got to change your fucking atitude to others. To bad you won't accept it.
Thread posts: 20
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