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Help Guys, I'm Scared.

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I can't stop thinking about dying. I remembered that everyone I've ever known will die and many people I'm close with already will die in my lifetime. I'm also scared that at any point, I or someone else could just die from some freak accident. How do I forget this and just move on like a normal person?
I know another guy with fear of dying, and I just don't get it. Dying is inevitable, and so it has always been. Why worry about something you KNOW will happen? You're on earth for a while and then you're not.
I know it's irrational but a friend's older sister died pretty much out of nowhere recently and it's got me fucking paranoid of death. I can't stop thinking about how quick people can go like that.
It's all true. Everyone you know or will ever know will be forgotten the moment they breathe their last. That is nothing new, and in fact is totally natural and right. Wanting anything else is going against nature's course and will undoubtedly lead to continued disillusionment and despair on the part of those who wish to cling to youth, life, and remembrance.

I'd try to realize my ideas of self importance are flawed and that I am as important to others as others are important to me-- that is, not at all. Aging, weakening, degredation of body and mind, and death are all natural things that there is no reason to fear, unless you've developed opinions on those things.

Epictetus said that you should never forget about your eventual death, to always keep in mind the futility of the pursuit of vain and selfish things for yourself. But then, Epictetus also believed that his first lectures should move men to tears of hopelessness and despair, so they may break down their old methods of thinking to find true joy and peace of mind in Stoic thought.
You tell yourself that you've led a good life and have been the best that you can be.

If I die today, I know I won't be known as the guy that didn't do anything his life and that gives me a sound of mind.

Everyone goes through this at some point. In the end, you just have to accept that you really aren't in control, and just focus on getting as much accomplishment and enjoyment out of each day as you can. It sounds cliche, but it's true. You've got no idea how much time you're going to get, so make the most of it. Anxiety and fear are un-productive.
Realize death isn't as big of a deal as we think it is.

We assume death is a horrible thing because of course, we're alive. But once you realize that death isn't the end, just a new beginning, you can let of that fear.

"I used to cry when my pets died, now I just say 'bye!'

You know that feeling you get when you see someone you haven't seen for a very long time or a dead person inside your dreams? That feeling of "oh you never left, good to see you again."
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I also have intense existential dread. If you find something out, let me know, but all I have are momentary distractions and prayers for ever-increasing lifespans due to modern medicine and technology.

On the upside, this fear is probably the only thing keeping me from killing myself.
Face your fear head on. If you repress it you'll be miserable. Accept that you're going to die, make preparations and come to terms with it based on your beliefs.

I'm a pantheist with science based faith in reincarnation and spiritually guided by the teachings of Jesus and Buddha. I believe that everything is connected and who I am now is just one expression of the entirety that encompasses existence (God), just as everyone and everything else. I try to make life meaningful for others, however possible. When I die my body will decay and become energy for something else to exist in my place. This is very symbolic to me and I plan on donating my organs then being buried with peach seeds because they are my absolute favorite fruit and a great joy in life.

My fear of death started when my brother suddenly died, then 16 more people from my family over the next 4 years. My peace and acceptance came after years of struggling to resist my fears. The answers came to me in profound and fascinating ways, once I started looking. I pray you're both able to able to find your inner peace.
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Remember life doesn't end ..
You have and will live infinite lives
There is no death
Google spirit science
If you're not religious you have nothing to worry about.

If you are religious you have nothing to worry about.

If you're unsure about yourself, you have everything to worry about.
All you have to do to live forever is to believe that Jesus is the son of God. If you're that afraid of death I think you can manage it and quit worrying!

Remember that all life, even the life of the human race is fleeting and that there will come a time when the earth is totally devoured by the sun. Nothing will be worth remembering and there will be nobody to remember it. That's reality. Everyone you know will die. Everyone they know will die.

Personally this is way too bleak for me to live with so I started going to church and stopped living on 4chan.
Still scared

I don't want to live without fear of dying if it means being delusional. I want to learn how to accept the fact, not lie to myself about an afterlife or re incarnation. The fact of the matter is we have no idea what's going to happen when we die. That's what scares me. That and I'll have to live in a world where both my parents, a large portion of my family and some of my friends have passed eventually whether that be 30 years from now or 30 minutes from now. I just want to accept that and move on.
Whenever Im scared of dying I think of some statistics. There are roughly 24 baseball sized asteroids hitting the earths surface every day. If one hits you, you die. It could happen at any second. And then I'm no longer scared.
Today I was shopping for gifts and I thought man should I buy them? Then I was like yeah and I should save for retirement to. :)
How is that supposed to make me feel better?
>btw anon, a meteor could fly through your chest any moment. It's a one in a million chance but it can happen
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Coming to terms with the certainty of death is just a part of growing up anon. There isn't a workaround for it, I mean would you really rather stick around forever?
>I mean would you really rather stick around forever

No, not really. That would be painful.
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So you're stuck between a rock and a hard place then.

Mortal beings like us aren't supposed to stick around forever... and maybe that's not such a bad thing in the end.

If you're still young it makes sense for you to fear death, but you will probably change your mind when you're older. It's impossible for you to understand now, but eventually most people just stop giving a fuck at some point.

It's because when we're younger we crave safety in the form of knowing what's going to happen with certainty. It's why you ask your parents so many retarded questions, like what a fire hydrant is for, or why cars stop at red lights. But when you ask them what happens after death and they all start giving different answers, it throws a wrench in your consciousness because of the uncertainty it represents.

It just happens so that when you get older, you realize that uncertainty is a fundamental part of life. There's stuff that neither your parents nor anyone else knows. There's shit that's simply out of your control. You might have to take responsibility for something you didn't fuck up, or suffered due to some unforeseeable obstacle, or realized that something you did lead to unforeseen consequences. And with all that pressure hammering down on you, you manage to shit out one tiny little diamond nugget of truth; a principle to live by - whether you acknowledge it or not.

It occurs to you at that point, that the only way to live in a world of uncertainty is to let go of whatever you can't control. In other words, to acknowledge that whatever happens, happens.

At that point death becomes something that just happens. Its stops being new, or scary. Somedays you'll even pray for it to come faster.

Neil Armstrong said that each person was born with a finite amount of heartbeats. But I say we're all born with a little less amount of fucks. Odds are you'd run out of fucks before heartbeats, so its not that bad really.
there's more to existence than this life. over the past few years, everyone i've been close to who has died i've either been contacted by or managed to reach out to them. don't fret about bodies being lost, everyone still exists without them and our souls continue on eternally
huh, that actually helps a lot
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