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poor life choices

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britbong sixth form student here, I hate my a-levels but I would have far fewer career paths without them and my family would think I am wasting my intelligence, epsecially if they knew the whole truth of it (I wanna be an illustator)

can't get good enough at drawing to prove it's a viable path, school takes away too much time/energy

miserable 24/7, lost confidence and social vigor (can't talk to 'that girl' because I feel so shitty all the time, and struggling to make new friends), I'm a cunt to my family because I'm so stressed/upset all the time, failed hard on my last assessment

everything's coming apart at the seams what the fuck do I do
b-bump, sorry guys but I really would like some help here
okay I'm gonna go to bed for a while
final bump and I'll let it die
pls guys
Still here op?
I hated my Highers too (Scottish equivalent to A levels), but I struggled through - scraped a pass on a few, did ok on others - and i'm so glad I did. I know it's a drag and it will be hard but trust me, if you're going to do them, do them now.

You REALLY don't want to be in a position in 5+ years thinking "I wish I had done them then".


Having said that, there are plenty of people that have gone far without any kind of formal education, especially artistic type people.

I'm not going to tell you what you should do. That is a choice you'll have to make yourself, just make sure you can live with it everyday afterwards.

And as for girls, honestly forget them as best you can for the next few years. Either they will come to you, or you'll start exceeding at work/study. It's hard but the sooner you realise this the better.

That's probably badly worded, but i'll stick around a while if you want to chat.
First of all let them know that you're having a hard time and lost you're motivation for school. That way they can motivate you when you need it and they'll know where the stress is coming from, which will help to reduce your stress not having to worry about your family. Try and keep getting good grades though, that way you'll have every option whenever you'll have to decide. If you really want to become an illustrator than go for it, but practice so you can show them you mean it. Don't forget that in the end it's better to make less money while doing something you love than making lots of money while doing something you hate, that's asking for problems in the long term
Seems like anon had similar ideas
nah dude you worded yourself fine

it makes me feel a lot better to have somebody say they struggled too - all of my friends are doing great and I think a lot of my anxiety stemmed from the fact I felt alone in the matter

it's only two years of my life, I get that, but as it stands I can't see any academic career path that particularly interests me. I'm worried I'll end up going to uni because I don't know what to do, and accumulate not only misery but debt.

I don't want to regret not having gone, but it's becoming a daily struggle of wanting to quit, and my mood makes me ill-equipped for everything, from my studies to my social life to my hobbies

I suppose I'll have to settle for masturbating when it comes to girls. Just hard letting go of social pressures and my own sex drive (especially at this age) - the most I've ever done with a girl is feel her tits.

thank you for your reply anon, even if you're gone now, you've made me feel better
this is also great advice, thank you.
I think I will make more effort to let people know I'm struggling. Probably my tutor, as my parents shrug off my hints that I'm struggling with "just work harder"

Perhaps I have an issue with pride, I hate showing weakness
sage for doubleposting
by the way guys feel free to flat out tell me im lazy and should harden up if im giving evidence to suggest that
Drawing is not a viable path unless you can actually create really good content that stands above and beyond the crowd.

Art is all or nothing, period. If you want to pursue art you must accept the pretty substantial possibility of a lifetime of being broke and living hand to mouth. That's how a majority of artists live.

From my humble opinion.

Keep your grades
Always look to a mirror and see if that person on the mirror is happy. You can talk about the situation with your family. If you have a understanding family, there's no problem, if no, shit happens, carry that weight and keep it up.

If you wanna be an illustrator prepare yourself for a hell of practice, patience and time.

In the social part, find someone who can help you out with the communication, inclusive that girl and stay positive, everyday try to talk to someone more often.

(18-year-old third world foreigner, but that's all i've learned through my life)
Thread posts: 13
Thread images: 1

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