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>match with 18yo hottie on Tinder >hit it off >exchange

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>match with 18yo hottie on Tinder
>hit it off
>exchange numbers
>talk and text a couple of days
whenever I ask to hang out with her, she changes the subject or says she's busy.
She said she was really interested, wanted to hook up, thought I was great, but never would meet me.
I told her I wasn't interested in being some boy toy to chat with, and that I wanted to meet.

Am I a dumbass for breaking it off, or should I have tried harder.
>she is a college student here on break
>she was easily a 9/10
Everything you did in this situation was correct.
Had a sneaking suspicion that she was just interested in the attention.

She kept telling me how happy I made her, easy to talk to I was, how cute I was, and how interesting I was.

She even said she'd definitely wanna hook up.

I feel like there must be something I could do, but I think I came to an impasse.

Straight up, I have no fucking idea about tinder, never used it. I did do online dating enough to know what if follows a similar pattern to real life.

I mostly think PUA stuff is all bullshit, but there's this concept of the three second rule where if you don't act within the first three seconds of becoming interested in a girl, you should write her off because nothing will ever happen (because you'll either over think it, or you won't have the balls to act, or whatever).

In the online wold I think the exact parallel is more like a 10 message rule.. If you don't secure or agree to a meet in the first 10 messages, you're probably not ever going to get a meet. Funnily enough my girlfriend came to the exact same conclusion through her own online dating experiences.
In my opinion you can be much more stringent than 10 messages. Three from each person is probably pushing it. "I don't mean strangers" literally means "I don't date" which makes it a waste of time.
*meet strangers

nah if hse didnt want to meet whats the point in talking to her? texting buddies are annoying.
Either she was attentionwhoring or she was sincere but too anxious/scared to go through with it. Eighteen years old is still young to meet up with a complete stranger and go fuck (depending on your background), girls growing up hear stories all around about the risks of that kind of shit.

Either way, there's two people involved and it sounds like the issue was on her side.
Who the fuck would want a "texting buddy"?

I just wanna bang, and go out and show her off.

girls, for some reason. i dont really get it. i mean when you first start talking to a girl you find the time to text, but when you get like 45 minutes into it there isnt much else that can be said over text. i dont even like casually texting my friends.
That's ultimately what I told this girl.

>I can't really say anymore without actually meeting you

Texting is gay anyway, I see it more of a convenience of a quick remark that needn't be wasted by calling someone.

hey dont blame the boys for texting, i dont like it either.

but yeah, its basically used just to check in on people, and also plan for when ur gonna meet in person, things like that.

closest i got to a texting buddy is a girl ive known for like 7 years now but never met cuz she lives in texas, but we collaborate on various writing and film projects together so its not like were just wasting our time saying stupid stuff all day.
I'm gonna be alone forever.

How can a girl be that interested in me, and not wanna meet up?

>the age
you're right

>I'm gonna be alone forever
>says the extremely young adult

i mean you arent wrong. we are born alone, we die alone, we spend much of our life alone. you'll date in between.
girls use tinder to inflate their ego. sure, some will actually use tinder to date/hookup, but most of them are going to use tinder to validate that "Hey, this many guys find me attractive!"

if you can't get girls in person, you won't get girls over tinder. for girls, it's just attention-whoring without having to get personal at any level
She sends me pictures, talks on the phone, tells me how good looking I am, and has told me she wants to have sex with me multiple times.

I know, attention.

From what I understand, her father is overprotective.
>I would be too, this girl is fine as fuck
she's using tinder to be rebel against dad.
>dad is overprotective
>"lol, look at how many random dudes i talk to that want to fuck me"
She goes to college in another town, how could he have any control on her there?
She's only in town for the holiday.
>How can a girl be that interested in me, and not wanna meet up?
Why does anyone not go after someone or something they're interested in? Plenty of reasons. Anxiety, doubt, fear. Take your pick. Those generally aren't feelings that people are comfortable sharing (especially just getting to know someone), and probably wouldn't be obvious over text. And if it's any of those things, the more you push the more uncomfortable you make someone already unsure about meeting up.
Another reason why I hate humans.

I'll make a mental note of it.
Girl gave me some shit about "felt like I've known you for years" routine.

I'm still vying for the notion of her attention-whoring.
That was never going to happen. Been there. Move on asap and don't waste too much time on Tinder without meeting. My rule of thumb is max 2 weeks (which means 10-30 messages).
she's rebelling because she's currently under dad's thumb, she has no reason to slut it up at uni because dad's not breathing down her neck there.
How is she being a slut when's she's not even putting out?
did you read that post?
You implied she was being a slut here, since she isn't away.
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