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Have any of you guys turned your life around and gone from being

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Have any of you guys turned your life around and gone from being a loser to being somebody?

How did you do it?
When I stopped giving a fuck and developed strong moral standards, I turned from a kissless virgin into a... well, person who has sex occasionally.

Fake it till you make it and don't stop too early would be my advice. Works with self-confidence, looks, people skills, skills in bed,...

Just never turn into an ignorant asshole. That's why I mentioned the strong moral standards.
Not true. You may want to get a pregnancy test. Also, make a realistic estimation about how likely she might have cheated on you. If ANY reason to be suspicious, make it clear that you are never going to pay for someone else's kid.
I know she didint chested o me in any way. Whats to expect if she didnt cheated
Just try to flip the switch.
I was once a druggie loser that hung out with two other druggie losers. Granted, in high school, many people did drugs, but I guess we were the people that didn't do it the cool, social way. I OD'd several times, was admitted to the mental hospital around 4 times. People slowly stop visiting you after they realize it's just a pattern. I lost my closest friends and they stopped caring.

First off, I stopped doing drugs. There was no way to convince my old friends I was done. Even to this day, they still think I do drugs and this happened over 6 years ago.

I focused on losing weight for a while and I lost a lot . Enrolled in a couple of college courses. Just 1-2 classes so I wouldn't overwhelm myself and give up.

It took me about two years after sobriety to find a stable job. In that meantime, I was living off welfare because my parents kicked me out.

I've been with my job for over three years. I got promoted. Going to school to be promoted more. My social life, well, in the mix of self-repair I found someone who supported me. It's mostly just been me and my SO. I have a few close friends but my work and school schedule get in the way of seeing them too often.

I did it by realizing what a fucking mess I was. And how I don't want to be that ever again. You reach bottom eventually, then there is nowhere to go but up.
I gave honest effort to trying alternatives. I threw away my conceit. Instead of being sure that my way was best and everyone else was shit, I tried everyone else's way. Not in some weak bullshit fashion either. I made a legitimate go of it. Then I looked back weeks or months down the road and asked myself whether I was happier for having tried.

If they're anything like I was, losers are afraid to change. They're like broken records repeating the mantra that people should be however they want to be and not change for anyone. What they fail to realize is that when a person changes, their new ways are just as much "who they are" are their old ways. I'm still me. I still do things because I want to, because I choose to. My identity didn't disappear. I simply grew.

i was a literal neet just sitting in my apartment all day pretending to be someone.

now i manage an office, have actual friends, look a fuckton better, get laid, etc.

the trick was basically deciding to turn my life around. the trick after that was doing it one month at a time.

December i focused on eating healthy.
january i focused on working out
february i focused on finding a job
march i focused on starting a new hobby

little goals along the way all helped. it all kinda came together and now life is great.
I realised that no one knows I'm a loser unless I show it. So I kept my head up and faked confidence (no one knows you're shy and unconfident until you show it).

I was unhappy with my weight so I just started walking a lot more. Gradually I reduced my portion sizes, but kept the meals the same. Over a longer period of time I made a few changes in the actual food choice.

I also put on some muscle. I realised that muscle doesn't choose to only go on attractive, confident people. Muscles develop if you use them. I started working out at home (never been to a gym). Now I have a broad chest that looks great and shows even when dressed.

I also started travelling more. I realised that there wasn't anything actually stopping me from travelling. Travelling is not reserved only for the outgoing folk. So I did it.

I'm still a nobody, but at least I don't feel like I'm worth anything less than anyone else.
I went from NEET for 10 years to being a sophomore in college, working full time and owning stocks. If that means anything.

I did it by just doing it, it's nowhere near as hard as you think. Most the people in the world are morons so you'll probably be fine.
I had very bad starting conditions (dad was an abusive alcoholic, lot's of fighting and violence, dropped out of school, almost went full-slut-core, had an abortion when i was 18, a kid at age 21, worked as a hair dresser, then jobbed around. I was depressed all the time, overweight, no friends, no bf, apt was a mess, never had enough money, got financial aid, jadda jadda).
Now i have an awesome job that pays really well and i'm going to start a higher education next summer with the prospect of having a very good salary after. My son is in kindergarden and is having a blast. We live in a wonderful apartment. I lost a lot of weight, worked on my relationship with my dad, went off my sleeping pills and ssri's. I work out and have a few very good & close friends, and a rather big social circle. I have my finances under my belt and am not even in depth. I startet to pick up my hobbies again and added new ones. And best of all, i just got a boyfriend that's even better than i could have ever imagined. Life's just awesome!
Interesting. I have an education and a decent job, but no life.
Im in the same boat OP. I havent had a life in a good 3 to 4 years. What Im doing is a lot of self reflecting, been doing it for the last 2 years. I feel now that I have nothing to show off, nothing to be afraid of, no one to impress I can do whatever I set my mind to. It starts with you. Destroy all seeds of doubt, if more negative thoughts come, change it with positive ones. I feel better than I did almost 3 years ago when I was depressed. I lost 2 years to myself pity, this year was not as bad even though my dad was diagnosed with stage 2 prostate cancer. The good was that the operation was a success and no traces of cancer showed and i did have a job for a bit until layoff but not letting that fuck me over. If you hit rock bottom, theres no where to go but up. Its going to take time. If you want to make it out, you will shed blood, sweat, and there will be rivers of tears. There is a brighter day, I have yet to see it but my days arent as dark as before and that gives me hope and will to not stop finding my shit. Hopefully we see eachother at the top, OP.
Thread posts: 14
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