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Hey /adv/, I have a problem and even thinking about it makes

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Hey /adv/,
I have a problem and even thinking about it makes me cringe. I had to pay for figures I preordered, but was short on money, so I put on some sites that I will do everything for money. It kinda went extremely well, even if I was a virgin, probably because Im tall, but still. But I kinda started to get addicted to it and the money, Im thinking all the time about the next appointments etc., I thought about stopping, but I just couldnt, I just have that feeling that I have to go through my messages and plan the next appointments. But seriously, I want to stop it, my parents are now asking me all the time if I work besides university and what I do. What is the best way to stop that "addiction"?
I don't see the problem. Isn't it a win-win situation for you if you're enjoying it and getting paid?
I don't really know how to explain it, but I feel extremely dirty and my depression got worse, I also fear that my parents will find out about it and they are the only people who "believe" in me, so I dont want to disappoint them. I recently had an appointment with a girl I went to school with, which really scared me for the next few weeks
What did you do for money exactly?
There's a bunch to read about this, it sounds like you use this as a kind of self-harm.
Read about people doing this and then throwing away the money because they felt so dirty.
It, as any self-harm behaviour is addictive and you should stop as soon as possible, it will most likely only get worse and probably escalate.

If you can't make yourself stop (genuinely sorry, I have no good advise there) I advise you to seek professional help. These kind of things can take a lot of time to sort out, get through and get over, so I'd advise you professional help if you don't have any close friends you trust well enough to help.

Google around for it some and I'm pretty sure you will come up with a bunch of info on it.
Prostitution in many different ways and forms

Hmm, you could be right about that, I burned my skin as a form of self harm when I was younger all the time. But I don't throw the money, at first I used it for dumb stuff like merchandise, games etc., but now I'm saving up for an apartment, so that my family can distance themselves from me. I'm already on a waiting list for proffessional help in general for 2 years since my old psychologist died, I don't have any friends, so that option is non existant. But still thanks for the help, I'll try to google it and find similiar stuff and info about it
>prostituting yourself for weeb toys
You are the new low on /adv/ desu senpai
You're honestly bugging the fuck out about people who don't care or respect your happiness.

I'm a closet nudist. Every day, I get up and do what's expected of me because if I don't, I won't have the money for even a basic future. My father wants me to follow in his footsteps so hard, he's suppressed every idea I've ever had. I'm 24 now. Today's my birthday.

My birthday wish is that you live how you want to, for me. I miss being free, being able to do whatever I want without judgement. Now my mom has no legs and I'm back to living in an invisible jail.

Make money. Have fun. Worry about the rest later. If girls get to do it, you should be able to as well.
From the way OP is talking, this sounds less like something he wants to do and more like something else.

I have absolutely no problem with people having a free sex life, I'm just concerned that in this case its hurtful.
Have ever thought about becoming an adult entertainer? If you love what you do, then that should be what matters most.
pls no bully

But my parents like me in a way I think and are really supportive when it comes to most stuff, so they care about my happiness I guess. Even if we have that negative stuff like fighting every afternoon. And the problem is also with myself, I feel disgusted with myself when I think about that stuff, Im pretty confused in general

Ye, like I said, I started to feel like I have to do it now and I seem to connect that stuff with negative emotions when "Im out of it"

Adult entertainer? Is that a porn actor? If yes, I never thought about it, some guy recently asked me if he could film our act, but I was against it. I'm 19, so I am legally allowed to work in that business in my country, but I don't really know how to start that type of stuff

Sorry guys, if my writing style is somehow weird, I'm not really "trained" to talk with people
You can contact a porn studio by email, or just push out an ad on shady websites like Craigslist. But I recommend that you do some research and find a studio, director or type of porn that seems best for you. Make sure you know what people like to see and expect you to be able to perform, and try to get into contact with a studio rep that best fits your interests.

Regardless, I want you to end up happy and doing whatever makes you smile in the morning and sleep well at night. No one should deny themselves happiness.
Thanks all you guys for your replies and advice, it will help to sort stuff out and it really helped to talk with anybody about it

Also thanks anon, the last part actually made me smile, thanks for caring
Thread posts: 13
Thread images: 1

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