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What do?

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So this is kinda weird, my ex girlfriend is trying to contact me again, and I don't know if I should respond, or just tell her straight to leave me alone

The thing is that I dated this girl for around a year, we even started to talk about marriage and stuff like that, after a while she started to get jealous of everyone and used to talk about her ex boyfriend a lot to make me angry saying stuff like ¨he always turned me on¨, the day that I shit hit the fan was when she got jealous of a 16 year old (I am 23) I told her she was crazy to think I would date an underage gilr but she insisted that I had something to do with her, then I ended the relationship. I tried to be friends with her for some time but she only talked to me when she needed something or to talk to me about her noew bf. I recently deleted her from every social shit and she sent me a message asking why I did it

Question is, should I tell her why I did it and give this whole thing closure, ignore her, or try to be friends with her again? I feel like everyone could have another chance, and I liked her a lot, but I feel like I might be doing a stupid decision to try to get back with her...
Why the fuck are you still in contact with that bitch?
I'm not, as I said I deleted her from everything a week ago, I thought she would get the message after that to avoid blocking her, but it seems she didn't

she sent me a message asking me why I deleted her
She's not right in the head m80.

Just ignore her until she gives up.
Then be honest and tell her, something like "talking with you is not good for me, wish you well for the future, this is goodbye"

Some people can't take hints.
>I like her a lot
>we even started to talk about marriage and stuff like that
How big of a problem was the jealousy issue? Can you see yourself in a relationship with this girl, where this isn't a problem anymore? I mean, how difficult is this pissant of a problem to fix? She's just insecure is all.
If you want to get back into a relationship - it must be a healthy relationship this time.
Try to talk to her, have a conversation about each other's flaws, about each one goals in the relationship. You should tell her all the things she did that bothered you, and she should do the same.
Tou need to have this conversation that this time th relatioship would be a better one.

If you do not want any contact with her - tell her to live you alone.

If you wanna be friends with her - you need to have a conversation, too. You both have to figure out if it is possible that you two will be friends.

Communication is the key
Simple, isn't it?

Good luck with that.

forgot to mention:
Don't get back together with ex's. Just don't, ok? That shit almost never works. But yeah, go ahead and assume that surely you belong to the small minority where it does work.
I disagree m8. Sometimes it works. Sometimes the whole brakeup shit just makes the relationship stronger. I have many pals who were in a relationship for a long time, then they broke up, and got back. The thing is, that after that, they stay together even longer.

If the two partners are matching to each other, sometimes one side gets emotional and jealous and then it's all screw up. But if the two sides can learn from the problems they did that led into the breakup, sometimes it works. It really is.

But if you two are tired and sick of each other, then you better stay apart of each one.

There's the thing, when the problem is fidelity issue, its amolst never works

She clearly doesn't trust op, that's why she is so jealous about him, also she played games with him talking about her ex, this shows that she is childish also, in my opinion i think op dodged a bullet, don't stick your dick in crazy, go and find a girl who is mature enough to communicate instead of play mind games
I am a female and I can talk about this from my pov: Sometimes, we are, the girls, want to play a little mind games. Because we are jelous - we want that our boyfriend will be jealous too. It has nothing with trust, because we have confidence issues when it comes to relationship. I say, prove her that she is important to you if you want to get back. Talk to her, say that no other girl important to him else than she. Talk about the whole thing. It happens when a girl becomes jealous, emotional and then overreacting. It happens. There are a lot of douches that cheat on their girlfriends out there, so you always afraid of it.
Be gentle, try to explain that you are not THAT kind of guy, OP.
Just give her some closure man. Not everyone feels this way, but I think ignoring someone without even explaining it is below dignity.
Please ignore this OP. I'm in a healthy relationship with a girl who despite sometimes feeling insecure doesn't try to toy with my emotions to make herself feel better. Treating each other with trust and respect is very important.
I disagree as well, but not in this case. OP, and this female, will not be part of that minority.

She actively emasculated you, with that comment about her ex, and actively attempted to make you jealous.

You will get no real closure from this vapid attention whore. She already has a new man, make no mistake, she is a cumdumpster in every sense of the word.

Continue with No Contact, and do not validate her, as any response would.
I'm a woman too, but you're fucking nuts.
You made the correct decision in breaking up with her and now in deleting her from your social media. Stick to it!

If she is asking now and you feel like answering, tell her briefly but precisely what you think, neither in a mean nor in a friendly way. And don't use the word maybe.

>my pov
>we are
>the girls
>little mind games
>it has nothing [to do] with trust

This is not how adults should handle relationships. If you think you can achieve anything valuable with mind games, you already got the wrong partner.
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