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DUI what do??

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So I got busted with a DUI recently. Got the pleasure of spending thanks giving morning in a holding cell and having my mother bail me out.
I've got court next month but I'm not sure what to expect. She seems to think I can get off with no jail time and just the fine and mandatory community service but I don't know. Apparently it has a maximum jail time of one year.

Tl;Dr how likely is it the judge will throw the book at me on a DUI if the only damages caused were to my own vehicle on an empty road?

Also druids
Your not going to fucking jail hahaha
Care to explain why? I'm sort of freaking out. I've got a great career and I'd hate to have to give it up because I was a fucking idiot.
>Your not going to fucking jail hahaha

If it is your first dui and put weren't going over 15 miles over the speed limit which is considered reckless driving.. Plus you stated you were on an empty road... I've got a little experience... You'll most likely have a fine and license suspension for about 3-6months... Plus if that's you in the photo your looks won't hurt anything
*You weren't going over 15
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they're going to assrape your bank account
im assuming you're in merrica
That's bullshit your an ignorant ass
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>your an ignorant ass
are you saying he won't pay massively out the ass for his first DUI?
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>Also druids
no no fuck druids
The thing is the fine is the least of my worries. I'd take maximum fine over jail time as I'd have to lose my job.

Yeah basically I had a tire blow out on me and I lost control and scraped my car up pretty bad. Couldn't drive it so I put my hazards on and waited. In retrospect I could have abandoned the car and gone somewhere until I was sober but live and learn right? Or maybe just don't drive drunk. Officer seemed nice so I guess if he's in court I'll have that going for me.

Also think I might have fucked up my knee in the crash...
did they ask if you had been drinking after the crash?
tell em you have an emergency bottle of jonnie and you drank it to calm your nerves
I don't think that is a valid defense. In fact open container violation would have been another charge. Honestly had I been sober I would have been in no trouble at all. It's my fault for holding out on new tires....
worked for a lawyer where i live , he told me the story.
>be fucked up lawyer
>drive in light pole
>stagger over to by a bottle of scotch
>get back cops there
>tell em soooo shocked by wreak
>had to have a drink
>cops cant prove he was dui
also you can put beer and guns in your trunk
a gun under your seat is bad but one in your trunk is fine assuming its not stolen
Lol did you kill this OP's friend? >>16585418
First time DUI is a few grand in fines, drug and alcohol classes, and a 30 day license suspension.

It sucks, but it is nothing life ending. The license suspension is the hardest to deal with if you have to drive to work.
Yeah looks like I'll b be learning to like public transit to get to work. Although they may let me do a work only license because the states public transit is notoriously bad.
You basically fucked yourself out of a lot of opportunity and jobs by being a fucking retard , I hope the judge is a hardliner on this sort of shit

And you deserve all of it that comes to you

Drunk drivers deserve zero sympathy
Jobs such as? I'm not some manual labor pleb. I work at a desk for 8 hours. As long as I can get in I'm fine.
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