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Sunday Weekly Wisdom Thread

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Time has come once again for the weekly advice thread of wisdom.

Come here and ask to get an advice, a second opinion, or a different point of view on human relations, an illness, religion, existentialism or anything else you've got.

The less vague you are the more helpful the replies can be. Replies may take a while, some even hours, but you are guaranteed an advice back, full of wisdomâ„¢.

Everyone else is free to give their advice as well.
Where should I move after graduating as a production engineer? I currently reside in northern europe and I'm tired of sandniggers ( mudslimes) and knowing that the government is keeping making life impossible to live here with taxes and bullshit.
Do you think it is wise to pretend to be wise?
Don't you have anything better to do with your life?
Seconding this one
Why exactly do you wish to leave, is it the high concentration of immigrants within your area? Is it the high cost of living? Bit of both?

Scandinavian/northern europe countries are some of the best to reside in, could it be that it's your city that you don't like, have you traveled all the cities within your country?

In all honesty /trv/ could help you a lot more on the specifics of it, pertaining to what it is that you wish to do once you move, and what countries would you actually consider with language, job opportunities and other details in mind, but I'd say think about it throughly before making such a decision, for you may find that you are trying to run away from something that's not really related to where you are.
It's a tongue in cheek joke, I don't claim to be especially wise, I'm just here to help people to the best of my abilities if they post.

I'll update the next week's OP to make sure people see that it's nothing too serious.
Basically you can't earn a good amount of money without the government taxing you to hell. You're best off if you earn nothing and own nothing here.

Some politicians want to make it possible to hide stock shares outside of the country to avoid taxation (they are protecting their wealth and interests at the cost of the people), at the same time they make life near to impossible to live outside of the capital city by increasing taxes on cars, gas, food and living in general. Owning a car in the countryside is vital for survival. If you just look at the costs of owning a car and getting a drivers license you could think that it's a privilege.
I understand where you're coming from, but moving and finding another country that will suit your individual needs is quite complex.

I'd suggest you make a thread on /trv/ about it after you specify, what countries you would consider, what qualities you are looking for in a country, which languages you can speak, what you wish to work on once you get there and people all around the country will weigh in. Though the board is slower than most, you'll get a goldmine of information if you give it a few days of time.
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Here's some self betterment tips, guys.
-all around the world*
Not really sure how this whole deal works here but if you have any question for a pilot, if you're afraid of flying or curious about stuff, just go ahead and ask.

I also have a background in the German military.

Not really wise aside from that.
I don't know if you're the right person to ask, I assume you're totally fine with flying...

What is the best mantra for times when I'm scared during a flight?

I keep telling myself the stats and all, yet I get really stressed out whenever I hear an unknown sound or smell a new smell, or when I compare the max. allowed weight written on the overhead lockers with the bags tucked in there.
Different anon here, personally in those situations I tell myself that if it happens, it happens, because truly there isn't anything you can do about it. You can be walking on a road and get ran over by a car, take a wrong step and break your neck, have a meteor smash you and so on so forth, you may think these are not similar but this is exactly the same thing.

Also, if you are religious, you should know that you don't die by coincidence. If you are a doing your part of the job, you have nothing to worry about.
While I personally don't experience these feelings I read a lot about them and try to familiarize myself with fears people might have so that I can "help" them in a way.

One thing you need to be aware of is that being nervous or afraid of flying is totally fine. Don't beat yourself up over the feelings you encounter when on a plane, that usually serves no purposes and just makes things worse as on top of being on a plane you are also stressing out over the feelings you have.

As for the part where you say that you compare the weight of bags above you with the allowed max weight. Just try to not let your mind go there, occupy yourself with other stuff.
Yes a little worry is fine and even a little nervousness but you need to be in charge of whats on your mind.

I will spare you the stats and all the talk about how planes are build to be in the air as you have probably heard all about that before.
Thanks a lot!
Will bring more music or books next time.
i find tv, games, sports, etc. to be a lot more boring without friends, yet half of the ones i had left from high school/college i severed ties with because they either don't care about shit enough to make me feel comfortable or they just never grew up. i have the other half still but they're basically all out of state.

how do i go about making friends when i live in such a small town? i tried craigslist and every person always lives at least an hour away. i've tried going to the ballpark down the street (only public place besides movies or fast food/a couple restaurants) and it's not a good crowd in which you'd want to make friends. i do enjoy smoking but i don't enjoy drinking, and i don't live in a state where mj is legal. i'm not picky when it comes to friends like it may sound, i just can't tolerate people who haven't grown up. i hang out with my pets for the time being and that gets me by, it just sucks how you can't communicate as easily with them.
Picking your friends well is a good trait, don't let others tell you otherwise.

If you are actively trying to make friends and your biggest obstacle is where you live, focus on what's available out there.

Ever tried looking for a course/taking a course on a subject you are interested about, if it exists in your area? I talk about courses a lot in these threads because truly, 10-15 people in a class like setting with a common interest is magnificent for making friends. Courses can be on anything, and I'm sure there are a few out there in your area no matter how small your town is. If you haven't got a job, or have a job you don't particularly like you can apply for one where you get to interract with people on a regular basis.

Basically, spend your time with other people where you can interract with them as much as possible.
i agree. my friend told me not to settle for people i start a relationship with after hearing that i did in grade school, and afterwords i applied that to friends. i'd rather spend time with alone or my animals than people who aren't worth my time. i tried to ignore the distance, and the first and only person i met through craigslist so far was the most shallow person i've ever met above the age of 20. i'm hoping to move to the city soon but i'm not sure if i'll be able to. i know there's at least classes at the library, and the town next to me is pretty large and only 15 minutes away so i'll try searching the internet. thanks for the advice. just to not ignore you about the job part, i've got orientation starting for one soon, just an inspector/packer job but it earns 1/3 more than i've ever made before. maybe i'll meet people there, seeing as it's a large place
Thread posts: 18
Thread images: 2

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