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Tell me about it. I care.

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Tell me about it. I care.
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>tfw no gf
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I'm going steady with my first gf in college. She's extremely sweet and devoted, but she's also kind of a burden. I'm terrified of the thought of our inevitable breakup. I feel guilty for harboring these constant nagging thoughts that I'd be better off alone.
The world has destroyed my ability to care. /adv/ was my last resort; all they did was finish my cares off and destroy my will to be anywhere else anymore.
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I just dumped a similar gf a few minutes ago.
We met before college, I am now a junior.
It hurts. Get out now.
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My condolences anon. Thanks for the tip.
What pushed things over the edge? Like specifically for me, she seems so uncertain of everything - what she wants, what she doesn't want. She's intelligent otherwise but adrift in the sea her life. I want her to be happy and find something that lights her fire, but I just don't know if she can or will.
I spent my late teens and early 20s studying like an obsessive lunatic because the world told me it would get me laid. Everything since then has been my employers all going bankrupt and bouncing paychecks, then the crushing solitude which follows.
Filial piety.
Third time i have posted this but it disappeared under the others by the time i looked back

Hello, i am a female, i am 23, i have been sober for 6 months (mostly pills, weed cocaine). I haven't spoken to my ex boyfriend in a few weeks but we had sex in the back of his car. He was really mean to me and offend hit me if i got anger at him about thing and he had been going out with girl "friends" and leaving me home with his mother. I got really under weigh about 46 kg then was committed to hospital and that was the end of drugs. Just before hospital i got really fucked up ( me and him were on one of our regular week long break ups) I spelt with a guy who gave me free drugs then cried for hours - he stopped after a few minutes as i was crying. Then hospital with a kidney problem and bad withdrawl from the last 6 months. be 6 months later my old friends are all junkies and my ex boyfriend (has money from his dad) is living the life with whatever he wants (house women car). I am living with my mum sleeping on a mattress on the floor. I am studying a science degree but i am so fuckin retarded i don't know how i'll ever make friend or get anywhere. I need to talk to someone i am so ridicuously loney. My mum spends all her time with her boyfriend(who is my ex boyfriends before the lasts dad) and my sister has her own serious problems at the moment. I keep writing list of things to follow everyday but i feel heavy with my emotions and i never do it.
So well after January if I ever see you again you won't talk to me since I guess we aren't that close even though you told me some seriously personal shit a little bit ago then I guess I did something to get you mad or disappointed with me and we didn't talk for a bit but just the other day you started to talk to me and I then we laughed but in a little over 4 weeks we won't see each other that often or at all and I will easily be forgotten probably since I am that guy people easily forget but I hang around your town since I have a ton of friends there and if we do see each other again you won't say anything except maybe a friendly 'hello' but why should I care since I wouldn't of actually had a shot with you since at most I'm a 4 and you're a 10 and since day one I was shocked and confused why you even spoke to me although over the past year and a few months we talked a ton I fucked up with saying things to you and they always came out wrong but even still those things that came out wrong others probably would've punched me or slapped me and just walked away to never speak to me again but you didn't and I honestly wonder why do you also feel the same or is it you're just an overly friendly person but even still I'm happy you stayed I really do like being a friend but of course I definitely would love to be more than that but I probably won't since I'm a chubby dorky guy and you're a realy pretty nice girl who a ton of people like but you know I guess friends is enough if after January we still talk and shit then I'll definitely be happy but if not then I guess it wasn't meant to be
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