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Child abuse

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Hello people.
I was raped as a child. I'm 21 now and I'm a guy. I think I have gotten over it a little. But it keeps popping up once in a while. The thing is I don't remember his name and face. I remember where he worked because I was raped by him in his shop. If I ask around about him I could maybe find him. I just want to beat him up and just fuck his shit up. Should I do it? Ive always been depressed and purposeless in my life. Maybe this is what I need. Also I've never told my parents or friends.
Sure, do it. Be sure you can beat the shit out of him tough, if you can't then just ruin his life by telling shit about him and making sure the rumors spread : that'll weaken him.
I am sorry to hear what happened to you. But I do not think that beating him up would be a good idea.

Find him if you must, but instead of beating him up, press charges. Seek out other victims -there are probably many- and come forward en masse. This will be difficult and embarrassing, but no more than having to explain why you beat him up would be, AND you won't go to jail for it. But he might, and if that happens, he will get far worse than you could bring yourself to do to him.
Have you ever thought about reporting it? Depending on where you live, you may still be able to.

I feel your pain and I'm sorry for what happened. I was raped as a child too.
You definitely should beat him to within an inch of his life.
Uhm, well, the shitty thing is that you need to tell somebody because he could be doing it to someone else.

The other advice that I have is to not let somebody else's actions from thirteen years ago dictate your actions today or determinate he person you are or the life you lead. Life is short. Too short to give control of it to somebody else. He only did that to you because somebody did it to him. It doesn't make it fair, but right now you can make a choice to reclaim your own life. It's the best thing you can do for yourself.

I was 6 when I was molested repeatedly and was an insufferable bitch but never told anybody. Then when I was 22 all my closest family died unexpectedly. I came to this realization shortly after. You can't turn back the clock. Lost time is lost time but every moment after this is your own. I pray you are able to find your inner peace.
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>But I do not think that beating him up would be a good idea.
>Have you ever thought about reporting it?

Don't listen to these faggots OP, they're probably kid fuckers too. Wait till it's just him in the shop, then walk in there and lock the door behind you. Pull a gun on him and order him to go out the back, so you don't get seen by passers by. Chain the cunt to a chair, and soak him with a flammable liquid - petrol, turpentine, lighter fluid, anything like that will do. Take a fire extinguisher from the shop and put it right in front of him.

Then you're gonna give him a monologue about what he did to you and how badly it fucked you up. Drag it out, take your time. After that, go in to great detail about what will happen when you set him on fire, tell him how his muscles will cook like a joint of beef, how his eyes will boil, stuff like that. Make a big deal of how the extinguisher could save him but he won't be able to get it even though it's right in front of him. Listen to him beg for his life for a bit, then pretend like you're thinking about it for a few minuites. Make out like you've decided to let him go, with some condition, like he gives you all his money or whatever. Then you walk behind him under the pretence of unlocking the chains, then you lean in and whisper in to his ear "this is what it feels like when someone does something to you that you don't want them to and you can't make them stop", then you light the bottom of his trouser leg on fire, so that his whole body will be burning before he's anywhere near death.
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jesus christ dude
Don't try to do this on your own.

First, seek therapy for your PTSD. Then, if you still want to get him, go to the police. There is no statute of limitations on crimes of this sort, and sending him to jail will damage him far more than beating him up could.
I think you should
1. Report him
2. Find him
3. Spread the truth

That way you get revenge and did the right thing by reporting him.
how the fuck will they know that OP is telling the truth?
He could claim to be some ethnic minority and scream 'das raycis' if they don't beleive him.
Back to drudge with you
>I don't share someones political beleifs
>I better insult them
4chan is 18+ website
Maybe record him admitting fo it?
OP here. Thank you for your responses. I think I'm gonna do it. I'll find him and I'm gonna beat him up. Oh and if I do, OP is gonna delivar pictures I don't care if they put me in trouble who the fuck cares about some random dude posting edgy pics from some remote part of the world.

About reporting him. I have zero faith in my country's legal system. Cases go on for decades. I have no proof of something done so many years ago and as A Man this is very Immasculating and humiliating to talk about in public. Men in my country take their manhood seriously and so do I. Telling my friends or girlfriend would change their view of me forever and I hate Sympathy. I'm not a God damn puppy. I think I'll tell my parents though, they deserve to know why I'm depressed as fuck.

OP is not a faggot.
>everyone who shares political beliefs with me is an insta-bro
I'm conservative as fuck. You're just a faggot making non-faggot conservatives look bad.

Might as well got to a tea party rally dressed in the confederate flag chewing tobacco and waving cardboard sign that reads: "Murrca".
>Don't listen to these faggots OP, they're probably kid fuckers too.
Blah blah blah, ex-SEAL, 300 kills etc etc, secret spy network, fucking end you yada yada. This is 4chan. You know the drill by now.

But for crying out loud, it's not like I said to forgive him or "let it go". I said to outsource the nastiness to his fellow prison inmates. There's less visceral satisfaction -I get that- but it avoids the possibility of becoming one of said inmates himself. No point in fucking up his life yet again.
>4 sentences
>uses the word faggot 3 times
Repressed homosexuality?
>still resorts to insults instead of providing a decent argument.
go to >>>/reddit/ kiddo.
>what is 'bantz'? for $800, Alex
Go insert your political beliefs into more non relevant threads, attention whore.
>still resorts to insults instead of providing a decent argument.
With each post you make you further prove my point.

On a side note, the thread turned political before I posted. Questions of vengeance and laws are inherently political.
let me guess, Russia or other Slavic country? fucking disgusting. move to a decent place and start a new life. no past, just present and future. that's what im gonna do.
Thread posts: 22
Thread images: 3

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