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>dating girl for almost a year and a half and we haven't

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>dating girl for almost a year and a half and we haven't kissed on the lips yet
>says she's too shy so she won't let me kiss her there

She was a high school senior though and 17 when we started dating, I was a sophomore in college. So it wasn't about anything physical for like the first year I dated her, it was just about being together having fun with occasional hand holding and hugging when we saw each other and said good bye after dates. I'm the first person she's had a romantic relationship with so there's that. Now we are both in college and she lets her mom control her life. I'm starting to want to do more with her but as I said she can't overcome her shyness and this control her mother has in her. She's not allowed to be alone with me when no "adults"are around at either persons house and it seems like her mom is letting me see her less and less. She's completely obedient to her mother and we can never really be alone to talk about things since she's so submissive. She still wants to do things with me since she texts me first sometimes saying she wants to do something with me, I know she's not a gold digger because she never let's me treat her to eat out easily she usally pays for herself.
Even when I try to really talk to her about things I think might be troubling her she is she doesn't open up to me. I really like this girl and of course I feel a sexual attraction, but it really makes me feel sad how she always turns her head whenever I try to kiss her lips in any situation and how she seems so closed off to me. I felt maybe I wasn't being romantic enough for her so I read a lot of books on ways to maybe make her feel beutiful and such but every time I try to set a mood she somehow ruins the mood I'm trying to set up for her.

I know I should be patient for her but it's been almost a year and a half. This last month I've been having doubts in this relationship.

I just need some advice anons.
Break up. I'm a girl who took things slow in my first relationship, and even I think a year and a half is too long to fucking kiss. She sounds so annoying to be around, let alone to have as a partner
A year and a half to kiss?! You guys are just friends.
Sorry, anon. There's really not much you can do.
sorry anon but you're not dating lol
you're just massively friendzoned
She's Worth it anon
>at least she isn't a slut.
Try talking to the mom?
Yeah nah.

lmao 1.5 years and you haven't even kissed? You have to be trolling or literally on the spectrum.

I guess this is the part where I give advice:
1. Move on obviously this relationship isnt functional
2. You have a scarcity mentality, probably touches on other underlying issues, sort it out.
Is she your gf? Wtf kissing is what happens on one of the first few dates. Maybe expressing your doubts will help. You've been more than reasonable.
Dude you gotta lay down the law. She seems really immature and childish. Tell her it's weird as fuck that she's an adult and lets her mom control her and she's afraid of kissing her boyfriend she has been with for almost two years.
Your in collage common man enjoy it fuck all the bitches you can
She's made kissing this giant scary thing now. She's gotten used to no kissing and doesn't see why things have to change.

Talk to her about it but don't do this forever.
Try to make her more independent from her mom, put some distance between them. Also next time you are ready to kiss her, grab her back with one arm, the back of her head with the other, then pull her in and go for it. If she flips out, just blame it on the way you were holding here.
let me imagine the outcome:
> you are patient and wait until she can start doing things slowly
> after a while she says she is crazy about another guy and wants to break with you
> have sex with him on the first date and let him do anything he wants
As with what the others have said.
a. This relationship does not seem functional
b. She has gotten used to things being controlled for her and does not want to "mature" or "grow up" on her own (aka make her own decisions even though she's an adult)
c. There's a 99% chance that she's going to "woefully break up" with you as soon as she finds someone her mother deems stable and worthy. She'll say things like "I just don't feel that way about you anymore".

Granted there's the 1% chance she's a legit lover who wants to wait. There's the 99% chance that she's too chicken shit to break up or move forward with the relationship so it's only a matter of time until someone else ends the relationship for you (Another guy enters the picture or her controlling mother ends it for you two).

Either way, you are young and need to move on. If you want to be "guilt free" about all this sit down and have a LONG and honest conversation with her, if she doesn't want to change then just break up.
Trust me, girls are horny AF. If she's not ready or happy to do it with you.... She's going to find some new guy within the year and do everything on the first date you never got a chance to do.

If she hasn't opened up to you yet, she probably isn't going to. It's going to take a "new" "interesting" or "exciting" guy to make her break down her barriers at this point. NOT her submissive boyfriend of almost 2 years.

It really sucks to hear this, but you're old news and old new's isn't going to get new anytime soon. She needs something new and so do you.

ive had a girlfriend before where her mother completely tried to control her and our relationship. i had a respectful talk with the mother and after charming the shit out of her, told her that it is not her relationship and she is not a part of it. her mother backed off after that and wasn't so involved in our business, but when things between me and that girl began to go sour, the mom immediately tried and succeeded to gain back control and get too involved in our relationship and the issues we were having (i suspected her of cheating and was trying to get her to come clean and the mother made up this bullshit that i wanted to break up with her daughter because she wouldnt have sex with me, which was a complete mental fabrication on her part because her daughter and i were having sex regularly and it was always initiated by her daughter. i also suspect the mother was addicted to pain medication she took for her "back" due to several car crashes)


basically what this person is trying to say is that sometimes the girl isnt worth dealing with her mother's controlling bullshit
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