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So I was with my girlfriend for 2 1/2 years. We started off long

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So I was with my girlfriend for 2 1/2 years. We started off long distance but we fell in love after meeting a few times and we made the effort to see each other every week(she lived 120 miles away at the time). We were very inlove and figured "fuck the distance" and we moved in to a small apartment with each other. She found a job here and eventually i started working with her and we never had any issues working with each other. About 7 months later we decided on moving to where she was from. I wanted to get out of my town and wanted to experience a new place anyways. So we rented a house that her mother owns and I lived there until last week. I had to work a lot and I had a lot of school work (im in college) and although I didnt have much time to spend with her, the time I did I spent in my office doing stuff on the conputer instead of taking her out and spending time with her. We would get in arguments but it wasnt anything serious. She just got mad whenever I didnt do a chore right or some other small things. I was really stupid and I ended up getting 2 traffic citations for speeding up there and it took a toll on my savings. I didnt make much money and was practically living paycheck to paycheck. On top of that I found out that to get my degree faster so i could get into a university, I had to move back to my hometown for 5 months. I told her my final decision in october and she seemed upset but things remained great until a few weeks ago. I made her a big dinner one night while she was working so she could eat dinner with me when she got home but surprised me when she got out with a text saying that shes going over to her coworkers house to smoke pot. She told me her name was logan and although I find it fishy for that to be a girls name i believed her. I was mad however and i made the mistake of showing it. While she was high she texted me and asked what i was doing and i said i was packing. She came home and was upset and I apologized to her. continued...
About 3 days later she said she wanted a break when I moved. I didnt think much of it at the time. The day i moved(last friday) as soon as I started unpacking my stuff I had realized what I just done and for the first time in years I started crying. I tried texting her and calling but she was ignoring me. It was too late. I went back because i left my car at the house and i had told her originally id spend a whole week with her since i wasnt going to be seeing her for a while. I asked her why we couldnt do a ldr and she said because she needs a break from our relationship and that she needs to focus on herself. I was very emotional and i wasnt thinking straight so i kept asking why and she said its because she doesnt know how she feels about me and she doesnt know who she is anymore and wants to find out what she wants to do in life. I started begging her to reconsider her decision but she wouldnt budge so a few days later I left. I got home and texted her saying I was sorry for begging and goodnight. She still insisted on texting me but i decided not to reply and give her her space but i went a whole day with no sleep because I couldnt stop thinking about how much of an ass i was towards her. So friday at 5 am I started driving. I got to her house at 8 and i told her that I was going to get my shit together and that im going to change and that i could always move back and i still didnt change her mind but she said in may we'll see where we are in our lives and from there we'll figure it out. I spent a few hours with her and then i left and she said while i was there not to wait for her and that we can see other people during the break. She wants a break but she keeps texting me and ive been replying but I know I shouldnt. I feel if I stop contacting her maybe she'll miss me but at the same time i feel she might forget about me even though we lived with each other for so long and loved each other so much. I honestly don't know where to go from here. What do?
Gf i lived with for 2 years wants her space but keeps mesaging my like a friend like nothing happened. What do?
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Date other girls.
I wish I could but I haven't moved on and it would be emotionally difficult for me to start doing that now.
a-anyone else?
p-please respond
You're gonna have to move on from her for now. Maybe you'll get back together, maybe you won't. Don't count on it though or you'll be fucking yourself. Yes it'll suck real bad.
>wanted a break but keep texting
Tell her either you guys get back together now or fuck off. No more games, you guys are both fucking adults.

Fuck you OP for being pussy-whipped
Yeah im real pussy whipped lol.
Should I just tell her that I dont want to be her crutch? I feel like maybe thats what I am to her now. Just a fallback plan incase things dont go so well with other people. I want to give her the options of either trying to fix things with me or never consider being with me again. Should I do it?
I don't think there is anything wrong with staying in touch while on a break. Wait it out. You set it in motion.
Fucking hate women who pull shit like this.Stop being a bitch and let it go
Oh jesus fucking christ. This girl is over you and she's just being nice because you're a cry baby.

Look, this relationship is over. She's not the same person as she was 2 yrs ago. Neither are you. This relationship has outgrown the both of you. You're only invested in it because of the time youve invested in it. This whole shitshow is a typical cliche relationship we've all gone through in order to self discover and mature. You're just too stupid to see it for what it is. She's ready to move on. Let her go. Quit your bitching, and move on too.
Thread posts: 13
Thread images: 2

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