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All I've ever attracted is girls who are looking for relationships and only like vanilla sex. I'm really tired of the vanilla sex. For those of you who have had FWB before (who weren't exes) how did it happen for you? I've tried tinder as well and every girl that matches with me isn't the FWB type. I matched with one girl who looked like she wouldn't be so vanilla in the bedroom and she unmatched me because I didn't message her right away I'm assuming. How do I go about attracting girls who don't want a relationship or if they do want a relationship, ones that aren't so goddamn vanilla in the sack?

>tits for your advice
>tits for advice.
>On a work safe board.

Are you retarded nigger?
FWBs are the only thing I had during college. It happened by meeting girls in class or extracurriculars, being the charming motherfucker that I am and then flirting with them. Like clockwork that led to the question "So how come you don't have a girlfriend?" which is when I'd bring up having no interest in a committed relationship. Then I'd resume flirting. College girls can do that much math in their heads quite easily.

The big thing is to not talk about it. It has to feel spontaneous and organic. Otherwise she's just going to get paranoid.
>the word "nigger" on a work safe board

seems like we are in the same boat my friend
why would she get paranoid?

so you're saying just flirt with them and say youre not interested in a committed relationship?

i also have the problem of attracting girls who are vanilla with sex
Let's see who's post gets deleted
Because she thinks you're manipulating her, because she thinks you're covering up actual feelings, because she worries about being called a slut, because she worries that she actually is a slut, because she thinks that ideas which need justifications are inherently suspect, etc. People treat spontaneous and arranged situations very differently. The latter makes them think.

Yes, flirt with them. Don't talk about commitment unless they do.

You have a problem with thinking that it matters who you attract. It's not like you have a lifespan of a housefly and need to make every passing second count. If you happen upon a girl who's too vanilla, just stop having sex with her and try again elsewhere. It's not like you x-ray every fucking pistachio in its shell just to make sure it looks good before breaking it open. You just crack the shell. If it looks shitty, throw it away and try another one.
so how do you move from a spontaneous hookup to a constant one without a relationship?
i've made the long arduous journey over here from /b/ not realizing this was a worksafe board when i posted this.

mods are asleep anyway.

television isnt work safe at this hour
FWB, at least in my experience, is nothing more than a series of spontaneous hookups. You still interact between those times (hence the "friends") but the more structure you try to give it, the less spontaneous it becomes. That goes back to the point I made about paranoia. Also structuring friendship and intimacy is all of the practical aspect of a relationship anyway, and why would someone sign up for that without the security of commitment?

Don't try to introduce consistency. You'll fill your appetite, don't worry. Keep it spontaneous.

the next hurtle is the fact that i need to get it heated enough to hookup spontaneously without the introduction of alcohol at all.
i usually live so far from places that i would have to drive and cab fare would be ridiculous.
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alright you win, the tits got deleted
It shouldn't be all that difficult to get a girl's attention without alcohol involved. I did it sitting in lecture halls with classmates. We certainly weren't sipping on margaritas during class. Get your shit together. Don't tell me that you're unaware of what makes an appealing man. If you want to reap the benefits then you have to put in the work. Nothing's free.

And yeah, you need to make accommodations as necessary. You'd have to do the same in the context of friends without benefits too. Interpersonal relationships work only when both people are willing to make investments. We've all done it. I know it's a stretch on your time and wallet sometimes. I know it's not ideal. I get it. But you gotta understand that they payoff is bigger than the price. It's a good thing to do.
alright dude. thanks for the help
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