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Hi /adv/, I have some problems. My girlfriend is taking birth

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Hi /adv/, I have some problems.

My girlfriend is taking birth control pills, and apparently, the pills inhibit her sexual desire. She says she doesn't feel the need to masturbate or read erotic stuff anymore (she used to do it regularly), but she says she wanna have sex when we're about to do it.
We've been through this for some months, and it's been okay, I guess. But we haven't have sex for like a month (because of finals), and she doesn't even care about it. I'm beggining to think she just doesn't wanna have sex with me, and what she said about magically having sexual desire when we're about to do it sounds like bullshit to me now.

Also, I think things are not the same between us. She always has been a little inexpressive in chat and maybe irl too (I'm always the one who says "I love you" first, and in chat she just says "me too"), but at least irl you can tell she's nice and cute to me. I've accepted this because I know she's just shy, and it's the way she behaves (she doesn't have much friends, and I'm her first boyfriend), and I just love her the way she is.
The thing is I think it's worse lately. She's using less emojis and I feel she's more indifferent now. I say cute things to her, and she doesn't say cute things back, she just answer normally, says "me too", or "ok". She's a little depressed though, I think it's because of the pills, so maybe that's why she's behaving like this.

Anyway, I'm afraid, maybe she doesn't love me anymore, or not like before. We've been through a lot of shit togheter, and maybe this is the consequence of that.

Sounds like me and my ex. The last night we hung out, we usually cuddle up and watch a movie, she wouldn't even touch me. She just kept telling me I didn't want to be there with her (I did) and we watched a movie awkwardly laying in her bed with a gap between us.

We broke up two days later. Two days after that, she is tweeting happily on her first official date with the guy she was cheating on me with, saying how great the date is going.

Just end it, man.
Pills do inhibit sexual desire, and do have the potential to make you more zombie. Depending on how long she started, she could be adjusting, but normally, I would switch pretty soon after noticing the emotional symptoms. Her doctor can recommend a different pill, but unfortunately it's always a guessing game to which will or won't work for you.

The sex drive will always be lowered on pills though. If it suddenly swings the other way on a pill, be alert, because she'll probably be way too emotional as well. Oh, and just because she doesn't throb with anticipation before you does not mean she doesn't enjoy having sex with you.

I switched from raging horny bitch pill to robot pill. My third was the best balance, and your gf may unfortunately have to play roulette.
Why not see about different birth control methods? Loss of sex drive is definitely an effect they can have. And yeah, lack of sexual intimacy can make you feel not as close to someone. She probably still loves you, but finds it hard to feel "in love" with you since people tie that or confuse it with lust.
I almost forgot, she said she's quitting the pills next month, so we'll see if things are going to change or not.
I'm on birth control and I find I am horny all the time. Depends on her birth control. That shit can really alter your mood. For me, mine makes me a bit impatient and snippy but I am really aware of it. Shit can also make you super depressed as I found out with the last time I took a different brand.

If things started changing when she started to go on it, it might be the birth control.
Does she play with a vibrator? I take Birth control and I have a high sex drive. Vibrators are proven to increase libido
Well, it's quite different in my case, when we can, we always have sex. But we couldn't do it lately, and she doesn't care about it.

But if I invite her here, she will come, and we'll probably have sex, and she'll probably have two orgasms like always. The thing is, I'm not sure if it would be the same next time.

She already switched to other pills because she was depressed as fuck before, and now she's a lot better. Anyway, like I said in the other post, she's quitting them, so we'll see.

I remember she said she wanted to try a vibrator ring, but in her current mood, she probably won't want it.

Thanks to everyone.
I literally become suicidal on birth control pills. Hormonal solutions are not for me. It sucks, cause pills are really easy and all... It took me over a year to recover after only 3 years of pills.

So your gf sounds like one of the easier cases. (Or maybe not, maybe she also got suicidal, idk.)

If I was her, I'd first try different pills, or maybe just quit hormonal methods.
She was really depressed once. But she changed pills, and now she's way better, but not 100% ok.
So just use a fucking condom? get a vasectomy?
We'll use condom since next month.

The real problem is that I think she doesn't love me anymore.
Hi, OP. I'm on the Depo Provera shot instead of the pill but also got lower sex drive because of birth control.
I used to masturbate 2-5x a day and looked forward to having sex with my boyfriend but now feel excited whenever I hangout with my bf in an environment that doesn't allow us to have sex (in public). My bf has a high sex drive so he wants to have sex all the times. I still try to initiate and have my bf try to get me into the mood by doing lots of foreplay, but to me sex has become a chore.
I also have been on my periods for two months now so that kills my mood even more.
My doctor told me that these symptoms should be temporary as the body adjusts to the hormones released by the birth control so I decided to wait it out and see what happens.

It's normal for you to feel unwanted because of her lower sex drive but don't be quick in assuming the worst. Taking birth control is a shitty business: you can feel great one second and then start crying the next.
Be patient with her and let her know that there are other types of birth control that she might want to try out to see which ones gives her less side effects. Good luck, OP.
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