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>Lying about being a recovered alcoholic I don't drink,

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>Lying about being a recovered alcoholic

I don't drink, but I work in a profession where after work it's damn near required. My brother, dad, and grandfather are all coin carrying AA members. I don't drink because I'm seriously scared about ending up like them. But when I say, "I don't drink" it turns into an all night affair of explaining to everyone who hasn't heard my story about why. And then fending off drinks for the rest of the night.

Well awhile back someone asked me why I don't drink and I said "I'm a pre-covered alcoholic" (Some stupid shit that I thought sounded clever). He heard recovered, asked when I got sober, and he dropped it. It was great. So I've been saying I'm a recovered drunk for a few months, but I feel kind of shitty doing it. I don't make up any stories or anything like that. I just say I'm sober now and I don't like talking about it. Am I wrong for doing this to avoid the hassle?
Nope. However I question the wisdom of staying in this profession.
Your reasons for not drinking are absolutely no business of theirs and they should not be pressuring you and putting you in this situation. They're at fault, not you. I think it's very smart and responsible of you to be aware of your family history and to refrain from drinking. Say whatever you have to in order to make the drinks go away.

Basically, lie your fucking ass off and don't feel bad about it. I absolve you.

Because while the people often annoy me, I absolutely love the work and I've put 13 years into it. I'll probably retire early though.


As silly as it is, it does make me feel better than someone doesn't think I'm a tool for doing this.
you need to man the fuck up dude.
if i don't want to drink i say "no i won't drink" you can add for lighter tone "but have fun guys drink one for me too"
not "ugh i don't like drinking" or "not used to drinking" or "i don't want to drink" they all imply you could be pressured into drinking.
if some fucktard still tries his bullshit i just "is there something wrong with your ear pal? i said i won't be drinking" of course sometimes you can't afford to be rude sometimes it's your superior or something so i might say casually "i have to drive, i have some business after this" which is often true enough. i like drinking tho, and can handle my shit so sometimes i do indulge but mostly i decline.
I don't think you're a tool even knowing the truth. Maybe say "I'd rather not talk about it, but I've had issues with alcohol in the past and it's best if I don't drink" if you don't want to directly lie- that's pretty much true, it's just family issues rather than personal.

In an ideal world, "I don't drink" is all you'd need to say, but people can be nosy and I understand how you'd get tired saying it over and over. Say whatever you need to get people off your back.
just out of curiosity, do you work in sales or marketing?
also this is an excellent answer
I disagree.

He did "man the fuck up," lots of times. It didn't work. It's not that people were rude to him and he was too insecure to stand up for himself, they just didn't listen, out of stupidity and not malice. You can't fix stupidity by being assertive. This isn't your typical thread where some self-described "beta" is asking "how do I function like an adult," this is just about getting the problem to go away in the easiest, most practical fashion. Which he's found a fine way to do.
well it sure sounded to me that instead of telling people to fuck off he conveniently fell into a lie.
and a lie that makes him a "victim" at that.
all i'm saying is saying "no" or "just NO" to stupid people is not that hard.
it usually plays like this for me
"come drink with us"
"no thanks, not this time"
"come on *blah blah* just one drink"
"nah, i will not but i'm gonna have a coffee"
"My family has a long history with alcoholism. I don't drink."

I would automatically stop pressuring you if you told me that. People don't want to carry the burden of turning someone into an alcoholic. That should get them to leave you alone. Plus, telling your coworkers that you used to be an alcoholic seems like a bad idea. Could change their perception of you.

Also, whenever you go out with them always keep a drink in your hand. Some bars serve non-alcoholic beer. Even a plain coke (looks the same as a rum and coke) should keep them off your case. It's much easier to call someone out if they're just sitting their empty handed.
yeah obviously you should drink something to keep with the company
btw i'm officially an alcoholic but that's just cause the retarded definition not because i have a drinking problem
so i always cringe when i hear alcoholic with a serious face
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