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How do I enjoy myself at parties? I don't say this in a

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How do I enjoy myself at parties?

I don't say this in a "oh god how do these idiots enjoy this" sense but rather as somebody who really would like to go to parties and enjoy himself.

It all feels awkward to me, I'm a bad dancer and I can't hear people speaking.
I'm also curious about this.

Never seen a point beyond the possibility of having sex, and there's easier ways where I don't have to endure a shitty couple of hours before having sex.
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The whole point of parties is to let go.
What, like, of my inhibitions? Dance and get drunk and scream WOOOOOO?

The problem is I don't wanna do any of that shit. I'm not a shy person secretly craving to do that. It's just not fun.
Just do what you feel like doing, hu?
Are we talking private gathering or a concert?you might want to dip into all the possible aspects of the occasion.
have a preset agenda:
Talk to as many people as reasonable /possible.
help in the kitchen.
try to deepen a already existing friendship.
use the atmosphere to initiate/plan the next party.
get to know someone new.
lern something new.
Let them talk about their work/ hobby.
talk about common interest.
and yeah try to dance at least a bit because hardly anyone really CAN dance and at least for males no great moves are required anyway.

please elaborate
>Dance and get drunk and scream WOOOOOO?
for some that is what they feel like doing the whole week.
What do you feel like?
Basically a party is a blank page for everything you normally have to invent a sound reason for like talking to strangers, dressing silly, spending time with people or just relaxing in one place for some time.
Then don't go to parties.

I hate the idea that if you don't do what other people do that somehow makes you a fuck up. Not everyone likes parties the same way that not everyone likes Two & a Half Men. You might as well ask, "How do I enjoy hacking chunks of my face off with a straight razor?"
As I've seen and experienced, people usually fuck up at the most important part, by going to parties where they play music that they don't like.

When I go to a concert or a party, I do it to listen to the music i love and to release stress. If you're anxious and trying to force yourself to feel good, you won't, that's pretty obvious.

Alcohol and drugs will help you get relaxed, get more comfy and be more open to the music, people and your surroundings, but that's your own decision to take them or not. Even if you're not a big fan of alcohol, a stronger shot or cocktail before the party can get you in the right mood.

Based on the party you're going to, I can recommend wearing masks. In the drum & bass scene it's not uncommon to wear masks to parties and festivals, other than them being fun and amazing, I bet you heard that cliché anon quote saying
"Give a man a mask, and he'll show you his true face".
Well, that is quite correct. Most people will loosen up behind anonymity.

Other than that, all I can tell you is to listen to the music when you're in a party. Stand in the back, where you have some air and free place to dance or even just stand still. Close your eyes and concentrate on shutting out the world around you. Try to feel the beats, take the music apart, listen to how it builds up. Just enjoy the music itself.

If you're a bad dancer, don't force yourself to dance. Standing still, or even just moving your feet a bit is acceptable. Everyone is there to enjoy the music, some are fighting in moshpits, some are in the back, chilling out in their own little world.

Cheers :)
I don't know, I enjoy more just sitting around with people in a bar and talk about stuff.

I kind of just go because it's "the thing to do", but the problem is that I don't know what to do there.
Bro the only time I go to a party is when I get roped in by other people, and those people are only going assuming I'm saying yes. So it's like, nobody even wants to go. I was gonna go for you, but you're only going for me. Shit's weird. Stop going.
The answer is to fake it until you make it anon. You're going to have to put down a few beers and just go act like you're having a good time and follow the motions. Eventually, it will become something different and authentic. This is the answer to more things in life than most people care to admit, and will work for you too.

I go to parties for the "Free" food. Always have, always will.
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