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Is this a scam?

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I started a side pet service business and this lady texted me wondering if I'm still offering the service and that she needs care for her dog right away since she's very busy and told me to email her and she sent me this
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Pt 2
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Pt 3
Its phrased like a scam, but I can't imagine where the scam is. The only thing I can think of is a competitor trying to check out your prices.

If you are sketched out by something, you should just leave it where it is. It is sketchy as hell to just refer to your dog as "Dog" and to get one right before going on vacation, especially if you are a "pet lover".

Where did they say the dog was going to be dropped off?
I didn't see all the pics.

Yes, this is a scam. I don't know exactly what it is for, but there are people fishing on craigslist and their intention is to get your name, number, and address. I don't know what they do with it, but yeah, this is a scam.
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She wants her "gate keeper" to have the pet delivered at my door. I had sent her my prices and total price for 4 weeks and she sent me this
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Pt 2
Did you actually give your address or are they trying to trick you into giving it "again"?

Yeah, this is a scam. You are being used to pay people involved in their scams. I was involved in this once, without knowing. Here how the scam I was in worked:

-Nigerian lottery e-mail is sent, someone believes it and gives them money
-Scammers have someone in the US print them a check using a home check printer set up. They tell the people making the checks that everything is legit. The info they tell them to put on the checks is fake, and basically buys them more time while they cash the check of the person they have scammed.
-they use someone they trust who prints their checks to accept money transfers and then transfer money to the people making the checks (or they just don't pay them, and use them for 2 weeks).

It sounds like instead of using someone who prints checks to pay people, they want to use someone who doesn't have any idea about their scams to send the money out.
They advertise this as a "work from home!" opportunity for gullible people. So when I say they are paying people who print checks, the people who print checks think they are legitimately working for a company that wants to outsource their check printing and mailing. Of course, red flags come up when you find out they pay you via western union money transfer.
I sadly did give my address. Thank you for this. I won't be replying any further with this person. If anything comes in the mail I'll want to report it somehow
Reading it again, here are my suspicions. Obviously, all speculation:

-This is a scam from someone in the US (thought the writing is very consistent with foreign scams)
-the person who delivers the dog is going to give you a check from this "mary white" person
-the "delivery agent" is going to demand immediate payment from you. They are going to say that paying them later was not part of the deal and that mary white said he would be paid upon delivery.
-they want you to write a check to the delivery person, or give them cash, assuming "mary white's" check will clear.
-Mary white's check obviously doesn't clear (hence the "give us 2 days to let the check clear" gives them time to deposit your check) and you're out however much money and presumably have a random ass dog.

I doubt there is any dog. I'm sure they'll get there and say "dogs in the car, where is my money"

Luckily you didn't give your social security number or anything really serious. Be vigilant in the next few months of anyone weird near you house, and just chalk it up as a life experience.

In general, trust your gut. This was very suspicious, and at the very least, a situation you shouldn't have gotten involved with. If this person has never met this dog, why would you agree to take it on with no knowledge of its background or behavior?

In the future, don't do business with people who are making plans to not ever meet you face to face, and don't give people your home address under any circumstance. There is no professional reason to give someone your home address. If someone seems weird, it probably is, especially if the payment sounds really great.

You're lucky that nothing will probably happen. I was almost arrested for felony check fraud. Luckily they realized I was some 18 year old idiot, and not a criminal mastermind, but still.
Thank you thank you thank you
this is very helpful
Are you on the east coast by any chance? Near new york specifically?

No I'm in Texas, a few hours away from the border. But that's interesting. The number the person texted me from had a 662 Mississippi area code!
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