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Hey /adv/ So my girlfriend of two years left me, saying we need

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Hey /adv/

So my girlfriend of two years left me, saying we need to take a break so she can find herself. With every conversation I either hear that we both need work or it's essentially exclusively me. On top of this, we have each other on Pinterest and she posts these feminist "Work on yourself, you're number one" attitude pins KNOWING that I'll see them. When I ask about it she doesn't text me back or respond or anything, I'm just at an impasse on whether to break up with her when she wants to talk or let her keep pulling this shit.
TLDR: Gf left me, won't talk, says she needs time for herself and pins passive-agressive quotes about self struggle and help

Please Help, AMA
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Bumping with Pepes if anyone's collecting
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What does a "break" means for you two?

Just not seeing each other? being free to see other people?
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Nice quads
And she originally said we should break up and find ourselves, but now it's just a break where we don't talk to each other. Prior to this though she asked if I got with anyone so I am so confused
>Bumping with Pepes if anyone's collecting
I've allways got room for a few more Pepes. Anyway listen, "we need to take a break" is womanese for "I've found someone else and I'm going to sleep with him, but just incase he pumps and dumps me I need to keep you on the hook as a backup plan, and you can't say I cheated because it doesn't count on a break". I'm sorry to say it mate, but it's time to get out of there.

Have you got any rare ones?
So she says she's going to work on herself, and posts material related to doing so. If it bugs you, don't follow her on pinterest
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>>16580008 here, does anyone have a bigger version of >>16579988?
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That's what I'm seeing too
They aren't simple get better quotes, they're more like"You can't live for other people. You've got to do what's right for you even if it hurts the person you love" Type shit
>Incoming Pepes
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Didn't have that one, thanks.
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I didn't have that one, damn that's a beauty
Sorry for my english friend, just gonna laid it down quickly.

As >>16580008 says, you aren't obligated to consider this as a fact but as a possibility so it doesn't hit you too hard if she is seeing someone else and keeping you as a backup plan (IMO more people than we think do this and show remorse only if caught red-handed).

And...maybe not, maybe she actually wants to "work on herself" whatever that means but you have plenty of options here I believe.
Re-analyze your relationship with her. You're the one who knows her man, be sincere with yourself.
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Went trawling around the web yesterday to get some new ones. A few of them have watermarks, or the name of the website they're from (like a big black box with "via 9gag.com" in it) so I'll need to crop those over the weekend.
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This is what I needed. She is also depressed, comes to me for help and I brought her down, I just wish she would give me the chance you know? Thank you anon
Doesn't change anything. If it bothers you, don't follow her.
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Ah, fucking watermarks
Sorry about your girl mate, I hope you manage to figure something out. Remember, even though it's really tough right now, whatever happens this will all be water under the bridge one day. Whether it's with or without her you'll move on, you'll heal and you'll grow.

I don't really have anything else contructive to add at this point, so I'm just going to keep posting frogs and hope for dubs, because that'll be more fun than any of the other options available to me right now.
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>posting frogs and hope for dubs
Well that was a stroke of luck. I should have said "posting frogs and hoping to find £20 down the back of the sofa".
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>"take a break"

Ohhh man.

I don't want to be a dick, but these things never work out. You don't need to 'break up' since you've already split. 'Breaks' are usually just a fucked way for one person to look at their options while having a poor sap as a safety net. Or she could be honestly improving herself whereas you are just e-stalking and getting pissy over her posts.

Move on and find a hobby or something.
A break is always fatal to a relationship. Your relationship is dead. Move on.
Thread posts: 24
Thread images: 19

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