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>>16578746 How do I take in less calories without feeling

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How do I take in less calories without feeling like shit. I use my fitness pal and it tells me I can only eat 1500 calories a day to lose 2 pounds a week. Im 5'9" 217 pounds and I feel like death. It gets to the point where I dream about food and can't sleep because I am hungry. I have tried eating meat and vegetables but I'm still hungry. Is this really what it takes to have your abs show? Is there some sort of trick to this calories counting thing?
Forget about calorie counting. The best method I've heard of to lose weight is to eat only recommended portions of carbs, protein and dairy, and eat as much fresh produce as you want. That way, you're filling up mostly on fruit and veges, which generally contain the least calories anyway. For example, if you're eating meat and vegetables, add a small portion of carbs because your body needs those too, and some more veges or a piece of fruit at the end if you're still hungry.
eat foods that have a lot of fiber, they're generally low in calories but filling, apples are a perfect example of this. Beans and chickpeas are excellent for that as well, its why they're so popular in third world cuisines.
Increase calories and exercise more. I was eating more than that when I lost weight and I'm a 5'7" female.
Keep yourself busy during the time in which you're not eating.

It also helps to have a structured eating schedule that you can't break because you make sure that all of your food requires preparation.
Just keep in mind that you won't actually starve to death if you are feeling hungry. You can go days without food.
Take it from my personal experiences

When i bulk i basically just do less cardio and keep my diet the same (basically)
Do a macro nutrient diet so protein, carbs and fat (use a calorie tracker app, it's easy). The micronutrients take care of themselves as long as you eat a variety.

Long slow cardio burns fat most effectively >40 mins (your body depletes sugar which it uses as fuel in that time generally and then uses fat as fuel)

>to have your abs show

bruh at 5'9" 217 you might have done too much damage to hit that goal

dat loose skin will haunt you
No, that's really not that bad. Skin is pretty elastic, and I'm assuming OP is late teens/early 20s, so it'll bounce back. If he was pushing 250 then maybe, but I think he'll be okay now.
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>I can only eat 1500 calories a day to lose 2 pounds a week. Im 5'9" 217 pounds and I feel like death.
Whoa, somethings not right there mate. TDEE varies from person to person but I'm convinced you're not eating enough - like, not nearly enough. You're going to make yourself ill if you mess this up, so go back and triple check your calculations, then go and re do it on three different websites and compare results. Just to put this in perspective I'm a good head taller than you and about 30lbs heavier, but I have to eat almost double what you're proposing just to avoid loosing weight. 1,500 a day is 80lb teenage girl levels, not grown man levels.

I know you want to get it of quick, but you have to understand this is a marathon, not a sprint. Even if you loose 10lbs this week, it does you no good at all if your diet is so hard that you can't stick to it (which is exactly what's going to happen) and you pig out and put it all back on next week.

Really, you should titrate your diet to find what works for you. Start off on, say, 2,300 for a week, wheighing yourself before and after. If you don't loose enough weight, the next week you go down by 200 a day, if you loose too much go up a bit. Repeat process until you find the right level.

Honestly, 1,500 a day isn't enough to keep a sparrow alive, let alone a grown man.

>Forget about calorie counting
Fuck off mate, you're talking out of your ass. Macro's don't make a shit of difference to weight change, it's just energy in vs energy out.
Calorie counting will help OP lose weight, but it's not going to help him keep it off. By focusing on what he's eating and making better choices about his food, he's more likely to stick to a new diet that helps him lose weight and keep it off. The reason people can't keep weight off and gain it back is because they think that they can eat what they used to once they reach their goal weight. If OP counts calories as a way of reaching his goal weight, he's going to get the idea that once he reaches his goal weight, he can eat what he likes, and he'll end up gaining it again. If he focuses on what he's eating instead of numbers, then he's more likely to keep it off because he's not seeing numbers, he's seeing healthy food choices.
keep a food journal and write down everything you eat. Not the calories, just the food and the time you ate it (guess if you can't remember)

Look at what you consume and start cutting it down or changing what you eat. You drink 3 cans of pop a day? Cut out one that's easiest for you. Don't buy too much high-calorie-shit-food at once, and keep it out of sight.

Don't try to overhaul your diet in one big go. You will not be able to maintain it. Instead, try to make conscious harm-reduction choices. One less can of pop a day is around 980 less calories in week, for instance. That's nothing to shake a stick at.

Study your thoughts when you're choosing what to eat. Pay attention to why you're deciding to eat something. Be patient and forgiving with yourself. Every new choice is a new chance. Congratulate yourself for every little victory (having smaller portions at a meal, snacking on some fruit instead of a bigass candy bar, etc), and forgive yourself when you make 'mistakes'. Drink lots of water. Go for walks.

Worry less about calories and more about self-awareness. You don't just want to lose weight. You want to be a healthier person, and that requires changing your perspective and your habits.
I'm pretty sure he's just trying too hard and setting goals at extremes because he thinks weight loss can be achieved in a few months and he'll still feel like living.
That's exactly how it doesn't work. Losing weight is for a permanent life changing event that you ease into very slowly.
Count your normal amount of calories you eat until you start to exhibit self control and go for more nutrient dense foods and water. Calculate how much weight you're gaining and the guilt will eventually change you unless gluttony is a family sin that can't be forgiven.
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