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my brother is a heroin addict. i don't know how to help

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my brother is a heroin addict. i don't know how to help him. i've tried lecturing him, i've tried being extra nice to him, i ask him to get a job and do something with his life, i send him motivational videos, he doesn't give a shit. he claims he's depressed and uses heroin as a means to stay a total complete handicap. he lives with my dad and my dad has been venting to me about how stressful it is for him and i totally get it. my brother got arrested on drug related charges last month, and he hasn't changed. What CAN I DO?!

Rehabs are too expensive and the cheap ones don't seem to help at all.
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There may be nothing you can do for him anon, and if so it's honestly just something you'll have to accept and live with. I am extremely depressed, to the point where I fear I may not be here much longer, and so nothing outside of me being able to pine in my room and sulk alone with my intoxicants holds any meaning to me any longer. Everything is gray and flat and irrelevant. It doesn't matter what you tell him, say to him, in what tone...it really doesn't. There are probably some choice words you could have with him that would maybe influence his actions, but I can assure you that this is something that he is going to have to really pull through himself. All you can do is continue to try and support him anon. Listen, don't talk.

He doesn't want answers, he wants to be happy.
I mean I can't really accept that there's nothing I can do..that's a horrible feeling and he's my brother how am I supposed to just let him stay an addict?! What would help you if someone wanted to help you?

Nothing, really. Honestly man, I'm kinda fucked until I find some way to stop feeling and thinking like this, but that doesn't mean there is no hope for your brother.

I understand it's hard but sometimes you have to accept that the situation is out of your hands, it's in your brothers ballfield. You can cheer from the sidelines but only he can control his actions (well, metaphorically speaking). I'm pretty sure you can be there to support him. Keep telling him how proud you are to be his brother and that you may not understand where he is right now but that you don't think he's any less of of a person for using and that you will always be there to listen if he needs to talk. Make sure he knows you are there for him whether he continues to use or not.

*I'm pretty sure the only thing you can do is be there to support
give him some dmt
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I support this. I would sit down and explain the effects and ask that he do it with the intention of ailing some of his depression and finding answers to questions he has been asking for some time.
You can't really do anything. Some people will choose to throw their life away. I quit smoking meth after a stint in prison followed by some homelessness after my entire family abandoned me. It took me several years of addiction and suffering because of it to decide I couldn't live that way. My cousin on the other hand has been a heroin addict for 10 years in and out of prison, living on the streets as an aging crip. I fear he's been that way for so long he will never come back to society. Every time we would let him stay at our place and try to get clean and get a job he would just disappear one day completely out of our lives for many months. Maybe some day he will make a choice to stay clean but I doubt it because heroin is too much for most people.
Are you that same anon who is looking for a boyfriend?

sounds like you're a fuckup

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Nice contribution kid. It could happen to anyone, never forget that. At least I've turned my life around.
what >>16578047 said

for most people they won't change for someone else. some will though, so it's not like everyone won't stop.. but there's a lot who won't care if they go homeless etc.due to addiction
a lot of people who take heroin/hard drugs already have a shit life.. it's one of the reasons they take it. they won't really care if they get arrested or anything like that, because a lot of them already have a shit life so it's not 'bad' to them

but also, some are just too far into addiction that quitting is too hard. they might have taken heroin everyday for 5+ years... quitting at that point to them is worse then being homeless.
some might have legit pain problems (though there's also people who think they have bad pain, really it's just withdrawals) which is main reason they even take heroin, because it's easier to get then legit pain prescription and makes there life a lot more bearable because they're not in intense pain all day.

depending on the severity of his addiction, it might be better to go into maintenence treatment instead of rehab. though people will still use ontop, for a lot of people it's better than using heroin. but it just depends.. for some getting onto maintence they say can be worse because quitting suboxone/methadone is even worse then heroin. but people will say it's better than using heroin because they don't have to worry about getting it everyday and the problems that come with that (crime etc. for money, dealing with illegal substance). it depends what country he's in though because some is expensive while others will offer cheap
This exactly. Do your research on it though, extensively.
wait so i am the OP and my brother told me hes using subs... i thought you couldnt get high on it? what does it do to you? its obv a drug but is it a substitute for heroin??
i just am so stressed out i have a hard time concentrating at MY job because im worried about my brother. every day is such a fucking struggle and i dont know WHY. i HATE drugs i hate drug dealers, it ruins families and lives and its just fucking disgusting.

i dont know how to help my brother. i dont know if i ever will. i dont know if i even CAN. i just feel utterly hopeless in this situation.
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