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How to stop being bored/apathetic all the time?

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How do I stop being bored and apathetic towards EVERYTHING.

I'm just sitting here in my room and there's nothing to do. As soon as I get the urge to play a game, listen to some music, talk to somebody, watch a movie, etc. I get bored of it and no longer want to do it.
Stop thinking about yourself and think what you can do to help others.
my life.
shy and socially awkward as a child and teenager.

great familiy life but no goals in life whatsoever. Not lazy nor stupid just no drive to make anything.
Got into a lot of MMORPG, Video Games, anime , etc etc etc and basically was in autopilot IRL.
Downspiral into social rejection ( lost gf, friends, jobs,etc etc, luckily no drugs tho)
Got to the point that not even games music internet, girls or anything that moved me before had any effect in me.
Got counseling. 3 or four therapists that ripped me of and gave no real help
The last one looked at me after 5 minutes and said:
T:I dont give a fuck about you and your problems.
Me:WTF i pay you for that. isnt the point of counseling hearing about my problems
T:No, I have to give you what you need , not what you want.Stop thinking about yourself.
T:Tell you this. Make a plan for next month. make a list of things you want to change about yourself, a list of things you think you CAN change and a list of things thatyou can do with minimum effort.
Make a list of things you can do to help other people, you familiy,friends but most important strangers .
ME: Why strangers?
T:Because you need to get out your comfort zone,if a stranger likes you is most likely because of what you are now .

You wont change if you want to do it right away.Is more evolution than change. Do small things from the list and start crossing them so as to have a feeling of progress. Set deadlines if you want but dont stress too much its a guide not a rule.
Me: ooookey...
T: Do it for a month and come see me again.
Me: Meh.....
Went to my house and didnt do a fuss about it.
I thought she was the typical smug therapist.
dont know why but a few days later i felt like when you posted sad tom there and made the list.
saw an ad about a local animal shelter that needed help and went because what the hell? feeling sorry about myself
wont do me any good right?
Long story short
Started feeding the dogs and whatnot.
dogs dont lie so feeling the happiness and joy of just having food and shelter made me happy
Met a lot of people in the shelter, lot of girls and got a gf out of it (Btw people that care about animals are the best, any girl that likes animals is most likely a lovely person and any man thal likes animals is a big turnon for most women as i found out :) )
After a while I went out more, made some friends and started to think to become a vet (I was 20 at the time).
But i wanted to help people too so i chose to become a doctor instead
Went to college
Met a girl with a passion for helping people.(Mah Waifu)
Got my degree
Became a plastic surgeon
Get paid for helping people out.
House, famiily,waifu, dog , still no children but soon
Pure bliss right now.

And it all started with the girl that told me STOP THINKING ABOUT YOURSELF and start caring for others.
Never got the chance to thank her.
Hope this huge textwall helps you out a bit
the dog
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the waifu
me, telling you with all my heart.
fuck you and your problems.
the minute i stopped overthinking and started doing was the minute i started to feel better
I started feeling this way in college because I had no friends or a girlfriend, so everything I did was to distract myself from the depression. Eventually I made a breakthrough when I decided to make it my goal in life to have the most satisfying relationships possible. Now I viewed my hobbies and interests as ways to connect with more people which makes pursuing them fun and rewarding again.
how old are you?
looks like a man desu senpai

Appreciate the story. If it's any consolation, I want to become a surgeon myself one day. I'm working on becoming an EMT and maybe doing some volunteering here and there to pad my resume.

I work full time and go to school full time, so perhaps I'm feeling a bit burnt out, but really, I've felt this way for the better part of a few years now.

I don't feel like it 100% of the time. I just occasionally get super bored and nothing holds my interests.
idk what a man desu senpai is
BTW i got diagnosed with ADD and aspergers in my late twenties that explained a lot of the social awkwardness i felt as a child. If you have a sense of dread anytime you are faced with a social situation you should check that out.
Social anxiety = normal if you are shy but it goes when you get to know people
Not being able to get to know people because you cant read peoples intentions or feelings
thats not normal.I thought i was shy and awkward because of my personality but it turned out its was just my condition and seclusion was a way to cope with it.
In a nutshell:
If _You are not able to read people intentions and emotions
try to hide it, and fail miserably because most people CAN sense it = UNHAPPINESS, depression
build anger against the people that you cant comprehend and thar excludes you from the group = antisocial behaviour,drugs,self aggression or criminal behaviour

burnout,tried to fake normal and failed and stopped trying so you are pretty much in the i dont give a shit anymore about anything train
= apathy, depression ,seclusion

ring a bell??
Go to an ADD, Aspie or people in the autist spectrum forums and start reading
If after 30 mins or so you start saying to yourself: this people understand me you are pretty much fucked and saved at the same time because you might have any of those conditions
I'm almost the same as OP expect its been like this my entire life..I hide away from public. I'm extremely reclusive and I don't take compliments nice even from my past gfs(all ended because "I'm not there"). i have pushed away everyone, my brother tries hard to connect with me and take me out of the house but I get uninterested, major social anxiety and fear everyone who can see inside. I don't like people, myself. I'm just so in my head that I can't get out of it..you feel me?
fix it, gets worse and next thing you know is 10+ prescriptions and lots of sleep to silence it
I don't think I have any form of autism, Aspergers or depression.

I am a naturally shy and reserved person, but I don't dread social interaction that much. I prefer solitude over crowds, but it's not like the act of going out in public cripples me or anything.

I just get bored of everything occasionally. There's no real cure for it apart from riding it out. When I "come to" it's like I feel extraordinarily better, I'm just not as bored.
ok dudes. just saying.the autist spectrum is a neurobiological condition . not a personality trait.
Think of it like this.
your mom (anyone with feelings for you)tells you to go to the mall to get groceries
Normal dude :Fuck you . I dont want you = angry mom
Dude in wheelchair; I will try but maybe i will get a few things at a time =
happy mom she is aware of the disability most likely would never ask to do chores
Now. same situation. Only that she is asking you to see other people, interact and be aware of people feelings and opinions basically yo live outside your mind
Normal dude. Does it bt instinct. = Happy mom
Normal dude in wheelchair. Does it bt instinct. = Happy mom
Normal dude. Dont care about other people despitebeing able to connect . hr is a douche= Angry mom, but is able to see his son is a douche by choice.
Autiist. Cannot do it even trying. Cannot hold interest in anything for a prolonged time. Often spaces out and is absent in his own mind, Forget things that are important for others and afterwards dont quite get why they are angry about it.
In this case your mom is angry but confused she senses that you are acting like a douche but knows you are not doing it by choice so the questioning starts
You dont do x and x because you dont love me? because it doesnt interest you?are you crazy?lazy?stupid?why x can do it and you dont?etc etc etc
Your mom is offended because you wont go to the mall and fails to see you are phisically unable to.
And you get frustrated because you want to please her but cant and you ask yourself a lot what is wrong with me ?if everyone do it why i cant? Self loathing spiral,etcetcetc
Bottom line is if you are in the spectrum your brain is wired to think different than normal people and if anything of the above feel familiar you shoul look into it.
i was shy,doubtful,sleepy,and fat.
took the pill
outgoing,working hard, talkative, still fat (but sexy)
went to my therapist and told her that the pill was affecting my personality
she told me that the medication allowed my mind to function in a nearly normal level . That i had developed my personality around the autism as a way to cope with it
instead of embracing it. It was a lifechanger.
And whats funny is that most of the people that get diagnosed as adults are diagnosed by other adults with the condition not doctors.
I diagnosed 2 last month in another forum
>I diagnosed 2 last month in another forum
What if you are still full autist and you are just projecting?

It doesn't take a therapist to see you're weird through your messages ITT...
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Meditation and reading.

It's been hard for me to be disinterested with life and negatively self-centered once I realized that we are all addicted to the subjective story we are told in our heads everyday by our ego-self.

The past doesn't exist. It has happened and passed.

The future doesn't exist. We are creating the future with each action and thought we have in the PRESENT MOMENT.

Take right action and think about ways to improve life and yourself, and watch your reality change.

Or look for an outside solution to a problem occurong inside, and never find true fulfillment.

The choice is yours, bro.
Any concrete advice?
This. Anything besides vague, platitudinous bullshit?
Read the very first sentence of his post.
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Thread images: 5

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