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Hey, /adv/. I'm one of those almost emotionless guys. I

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Hey, /adv/. I'm one of those almost emotionless guys. I feel emotions, a lot of them, i just don't express them. I believe i may be a bit autistic of the legit kind, but i also doubt it since i'm highly functional and sociable. However, i don't react to jokes. At least, some of them. At the gym today, the folks threw my pair of shoes (i go to the gym in social shoes because it's more convenient, so i don't get late since i don't go home from the office) at the roof out of a joke. I found it funny, they found it funny. It wasn't bullying exactly because we all banter with each other. However, i didn't have a reaction for it. I just ''fakely'' smiled, and they must've noticed. I was aimless and numb, and i also think they noticed it. I wasn't offended by the joke or even bothered by it, i just reacted like part of me thought i should, expressing an emotion. It went to shit because it was fake and they must've thought i was feigning fun and was offended and such. I literally looked like your highschool nerd, aimless, at the sight of bullies bullying him, with a fake smile.

I manage to bury this natural lack of reaction with my already-quiet personality. I do laugh, but most of the time i'm between serious and a subtle smile. It's just my way to be. And a lot of times like this one i end up reacting in a fake manner because i'd look bothered/angry by it and i just end up looking like a bothered angry smile-faking retard. What do i do? I'm thinking of explaining to them tomorrow about my lack of reaction so they don't confuse it with offense or intimidation. But damn it'll be awkward, hell, today -was- awkward. I didn't know how to react at all. If i didn't fake it, i'd just look at them in a serious manner asking them to either take it or let me take it. We all were laughing, except mine was very fake, and very noticiably fake. Once again, i did find it funny, but i feigned laughter because otherwise i'd just smile. What do i do, /adv/?
>get bullied
>develop a super elaborate delusion for why it's not bullying
you need help.
Anon, i didn't find it offensive. I found it funny. By your logic, i also bully people, people bully each other. We're all grown man and we like to mess with each other. The only problem i find is how i don't react to it. I don't get sad, angry or bothered by it. It's fun, i just fail to express it in an appropriate manner.
you just tell yourself you donĀ“t get bothered by things
been there done that
man up or see a doctor
I was already going to do so but because of other things, but sure. But even if i did find it funny, i was still bothered by it? What would you do in my place, punch a friend for something i'd also would have helped doing with someone if i was up to it? I'm not crying here. I could've even just not mention this episode. It doesn't only happens with this ''bullying''. It's in a lot of situations. What would the doctor tellme, basically? Teach me autist techniques to feign emotions better?

You're a fucking loser pussy. You haven't bullied shit.
Well then, let's take the situation i mentioned. What should i have done? Punched him in the gut instantly? Threatened legal action? Called his mommy? WH is it so hard to believe i interpreted it as a normal joke?
One more bump.
I think you handled it perfectly. You want them to question their actions "Hey maybe I shouldn't fuck with this guy."

Don't apologize either shit. Just put it behind you, they are just gym dudes.
You can't be serious. I looked awkward as fuck. It was something like a psycho awkward nerd and an awkward scary nerd, two things no one there ever saw me as. They'll probably say they're sorry today and i just can't find this a good thing since it'll be an awkward sorry and i'll be seen as the weird nervous guy, that IF they don't decide they'll try to bring out that weird side of me again, if this side does last(which i doubt, since i've decided i won't feign reactions anymore).
Last bump.
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