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>28 years old, 29 in 5 weeks >Worked hard, had a job while

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>28 years old, 29 in 5 weeks
>Worked hard, had a job while in uni and still got my degree at age 22
>got married after uni to girl who seemed really nice (dated her for 2 years)
>she racks up credit card debt, ruins my credit rating
>she cheats on me with some nearly anorexic 18 year old that could probably pass as a girl if he wanted (albeit a 6 foot 3 girl)
>we get divorced
>have to pay her alimony until late 2017
>have 15k in credit card debt
>have 25k in student loan debt
>only make 11.50 an hour even though I've been trying really hard to get a better paying job

What the fuck kind of life is this? I worked my ass off since adulthood and have literally LESS THAN NOTHING to show for it. Right now even if everything goes PERFECTLY and I work like a mad man I won't be debt free until I am middle aged.

Seriously thinking about an hero. My life would literally be better if I was one of those stereotypical neckbeards that just stayed in his parents basement, and spent all day playing video games and smoking weed.

What the fuck should I do?
Never trust a woman
Sadly, deal with all that money problem. Then forget about dating a women ever again.
>Sadly, deal with all that money problem.

The money problem is pretty much the only problem I'm concerned with right now. So in other words just "deal with it"?

I won't be able to start paying off my debts until late 2017, when I'll be almost 31.

After that I have credit card debt to pay off first since the interest rate is higher on that it makes sense to pay that off first.

Then I have a 25k student loan debt to pay off.

Even if I live frugally as possible, get raises and work my ass off I will not be able to escape debt until I am literally middle aged.

I can't just "deal with" this shit man. I'm gonna snap and off myself

I Paid off a 30k debt within two years.

Move to a place where there is a low cost of living and high wages.

I worked 48+ hours a week at my first job making roughly 18-20 an hour and then an additional 15-20 hours a week at 10 an hour at my second job.

My expenses were under 1k a month. Best advice I can give you here, maybe also file for bankruptcy and contact a debt lawyer to see if you can get 15k credit card debt discharged/transferred to your shitty ex.
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>19 years old
>make $12.50 an hour
>am in zero debt

Secondly, Live as frugally as possible. All i had in my "apartment" (efficiency) was a bed, a dresser, a comp, and my internet. I was even renting out my internet to college students and making sweet bank from that too. (+20 a month after service fees, etc.)

You can live under 1k a month if you do it right.

Alimony, i have no idea how to fix, you got to find a debt specialist for that. Ask for deferrment, talk to a judge, hell even ask for legal counsel, some lawyers give that shit out for free.
What places have low cost of living and high wages?

What job did you have where you made 18-20 dollars an hour? I've been looking really hard for a better paying job but I can't find anything.

Another shitty thing is I have never been able to get an interview that wasn't during my working hours. They always tell me that's the only available date/time and they're not going to let me off work early...so I have to just call out and give up a daily wage to do an interview for a job I probably won't get because they're probably interviewing 15-20 people for 1 job and at least half of them are more qualified than me.

>Secondly, Live as frugally as possible.

WAY ahead of you on that one. I'm not the kind of guy that goes to starbucks every morning and gets a 5 dollar frap, buys big name designer clothes counter culture clothes, buys video games and weeb shit, or goes out clubbing every week.

I have been wearing the same clothes for 3 years.

I have not been to a bar or a club since I was like 24.

My diet consists mostly of bread, potatoes, noodles, pasta, and peanut butter on bread. This is taking a toll on my health. The only time I buy something that isn't one of those items is if there is a really great sale on it.

My shoes are falling apart.

I only drink water.

You won't believe the shit I do just to save like 30 cents. I hang half of my clothes up to dry and only dry jeans in the dryer to save money on electricity.

Yet after rent, utilities, gas money, car insurance, groceries and alimony, I barely break even.

kay, you sound like me then.

Go talk to a debt specialist or a lawyer, ask for free counsel. They probably will help you out.
The mistake you made was dating in college.
This is why I'm so hesitant to go to school.
Nothing you can do besides trying to get rid of the debts/alimony legally.
You could try to pull the same move in reverse and get yourself a sugar mamma but don't think it would work out.

Shit like this is why you shouldn't marry, hope you learned your lesson now.
More like - don't get married to someone who doesn't know shit about personal finance. Pretty sure there were signs early in the relationship, so blaming all of marriage for what's one persons's stupidity is fucked up.
How does your wife's Spending leads to you being in debt? Did she use your card? If so, top kek
>Getting married
Pfffft hahahahahahahaha faggot. You got what you deserve
Thread posts: 16
Thread images: 2

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