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calling all love experts!

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Hey, I've never had a boyfriend or girlfriend. I guess I'm looking for a boyfriend but I wouldn't mind having a girflriend either.

What I came to ask anyway, is, what do I look for? I don't even know what I want and I can't base anything off experience because I've never dated. I guess I just want some opinions on what you think the best person for me would be.

some of my good and bad traits in my opinion anyway

>good sense of humor
>blunt about my feelings I don't like to beat around the bush
>hopeless romantic, i feel like i have a lot of love to give if i find the right person

>kinda spoiled
>can be clingy/attentionwhore but not on purpose
>blunt can be misconstrued as me being insensitive

The guy I currently like is

>bear mode
>very kind but not naive
>basically a gentle giant

those are the main things I like about him but the issue is I"m probably going to give up on this particular guy for reasons and I've noticed that all the guys I've liked in the past I've liked for different reasons. Which is why I feel like I don't really know what I want/what is best for me.

Any thoughts on what type would be good for me? If you need any more info just ask.
>Any thoughts on what type would be good for me?

Are you retarded OP? We don't know you or your potential love interests, there's no way anyone can help you with that via 4chan. This thread is useless, go back on tumblr
How the fuck are we supposed to know what you want?
>we don't know you
that's why i said to ask for any additional info you would need
You're not. I don't even know what I want. I'm asking what would be good for someone like me? What types of traits should I look for?

Sorry, I just thought if match.com can do it, 4chan would be able to do atleast a better job.
you won't know what type is good for you until you get some experience by dating.

but at bare minimum, you want someone who can respect you, someone you can trust, and be attracted to.

i thought i had a "type" that would be a "good match", but it turned out the guy i'm dating right now was the complete opposite of what i thought i had wanted. never would i have imagined that i would be dating such a guy, but damn, he's the sweetest and really knows how to make me smile. i haven't felt like this about a person in years.

just go out there and start dating as many "types" as you please. you never know who you'll click with.
>I'm asking what would be good for someone like me?
Given you've told us absolutely nothing about yourself, I repeat my question >>16574693
What the fuck, are you trolling?
>I'm asking what would be good for someone like me?
now matter how many additional info you give us, we won't be able to tell you. You date someone who rocks your boat. How am I suppose to know what traits do you like in people? And even if you tell me, how am I suppose to help you? I won't find you a date. Fuck off, op
So just basically date whoever I have a crush on? Sounds simple enough.
At best, I'm the realest bitch you will ever meet. At worst, I'm damaged goods.

To be honest, despite my not so fun past, I know I've come a long way and I think I have a lot of love to give. I have confidence, but I can be sensitive so I would like someone who's understanding and caring even if it's more on the inside. I'm pretty empathetic, so I don't really judge and I get it if other people don't show their emotions as easily as I do.

I can't think of much else to say without sounding like a self-centered fanfic writer
I guess I just thought you guys could help me out because I constantly see threads about relationships stuff and i see posts like
>your bf is blah blah you should be with someone better and vice versa

even though they don't know the person personally.
>So just basically date whoever I have a crush on? Sounds simple enough.
pretty much. once you get to know them, you'll see how compatible you guys are. (or not)
If there's a guy you're already into why not start there? Or is there a particular reason why you'd want to give up on him?
You want us to get invested, paint your psychological portrait and ponder what kind of a person would fit well with what you got. But that's someting you have to figure on your own. You must very, hmmm, inexperienced, if you don't know that dating is basically spending time with your crush and seeing with time how compatible you are.
ooh boy. umm. I'm not the best at flirting or anything like that so maybe that's what i should have made this thread about.

How do I get a guy to like me? Is it like my japanese animes? Do I just confess? I guess I just figured I'd casually try to get to know him and become friends and go from there.
The reason I wanted to give up on him is because he lives far away and I figure I don't know if it's really worth if it's just a crush.
bait or a retard. I'm oficially dropping this thread
For a start, i've put together some things you should be able to trust your partner with all your heart and no worries:

>that they are going to be faithful to you
>that they tell you if they changed views on shared values
>that they are responsible with their finances
>that they always keep your welfare in mind too
>that they won't hold you back, but instead have your back
>that they are honest in a respectful manner
>that they stay their own person and let you have your freedom too

There's so much op. Some of those things you can only find out after being in a relationship with somebody for a while. I think it is absolutely legitimate to expect these things from a partner
I am very inexperienced. I haven't even thought about my love life in years. I thought I was asexual for awhile.
Then get some real life experience with real life men, posting on adv isn't really a way to solve it.
Thanks anon. All those things sound great, I'll get working on that perfect person in my workshop!

Just kidding haha, but really I agree with those things you listed. The real issues for me is getting to know a person. I know how to have friends, I'm not that retarded despite how I may sound. but what if someone has no reason to be your friend? How do you casually reach out to someone like that? Is letting them know you're interested too much too early?
Hmmm, what I'm getting from this thread is I just have to figure everything out for myself. I'll just go do that then.
Honestly, it's best to be friends first. This way you can get to know somebodys personality without the added strain of a new relationship. You should just go on with life with thw intention to be genuinely interested in getting to know people you meet. And that means EVERYBODY! that old lady at the bus stop? Maybe she got a cute grandson... Maybe if you are genuinely a loving and attentive person she might want to set you up with him cause she feels like the two of you could be a match? That's a bit constructed, i agree, but sometimes life works this way! For example: my bff has tried to set me up with one of her brothers single friends for a while now. And low and behold, a few weeks ago i genuinely clicked with one of them! And the best thing is that i am able to really say that we are a match. Cause we know each other a long time now. We had many awesome conversations that weren't interferred by romantic interests at first. The tension slowly built up, making the whole ting 100x more exciting. And i know he's genuinely the most awesome person ever, cause my bff knows him since he was a little boy. So, just try to be your most awesome self and try to be somebody people would love to set their most loved single aquintances up with!
Thread posts: 20
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