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First year in University. I feel like when I get my BsC at the

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First year in University. I feel like when I get my BsC at the end of 4 years i'll be in a mound of debt with no decent job. Plus I really don't give a shit about learning academic shit.

I was considering going to college and taking a 2 year paradmedic course. Can anyone provide insight on how the paramedic business really is in Ontario?
I doubt you'll have a problem finding a job. Ontario is huge as fuck. If you can't find a job with one company, odds are you'll only have to move like two hours away, unless you're from shitty NWO like me. But no you should be fine
Also if you're worried about osap, don't. They're pretty good about letting you decide how much you pay each month. Rn I'm at 90 a month
Bump for interest
paramedic fag here.

you have to become an emt first before you progress to paramedic.

its emr emt a-emt and paramedic

but you can skip emr and a-emt and just do emt>medic

you are the last line of defence. you have to bit somewhat fit. Get ready to see death. Get ready for an emotional fucking roller coaster.
>that pic
>leaving his gloves on while pushing the stretcher
the whole point of wearing gloves is to protect yourself from the patient, why bother if you're just going to leave them on and touch everything else after you've moved him to the stretcher

sorry that triggered me, anyway don't become a medic until you've put in atleast one year as an EMT, its a huge waste to do a 2 year medic course when you don't even know if you enjoy EMS. EMS takes a certain kind of personality to really enjoy, and being a medic means you're under a tremendous and constant amount of pressure.
How much do these people make ? Not op btw
idk about in Toronto but here's the pay scale for my agency

not much unfortunately, lots of people in EMS try to stack their schedule to do 40 hours in 3 days so they can work a second job. Or do what I do and live with their parents. There is overtime aplenty however.
OP here.
Kind of a stupid question but how can I test myself to see if I'm capable of withstanding pressure and violence?

Also could you give more information about your job?
EMT training is not really that much of a commitment, its usually only 3 months and the classes are set up so you can take them while you're already working. I'd suggest taking the class and then getting a job as an EMT, you'll find out within the first 2 months whether you can handle it or not. You will be under quite a bit of pressure, though most of the calls are what people in emergency services call "bullshit", which means that it wasn't really a true emergency and they would have been fine without you, but they did feel that they needed an ambulance. You'll deal with way more of those calls and things like old people falling and breaking their hip than you will serious things like heart attacks or drug overdoses. I'm not gonna lie and say the pressure can't build up over time and get to you but its not really as bad as you might think. As for violence I wouldn't worry so much about that, EMS always works very closely with police (which was pretty weird for me at first since I've always been uncomfortable around cops but now we're all supposed to be one big happy family) so its rare that you find yourself in a situation where you're actually in danger. One of the first things they teach you is to never go in until the cops give you the green light that its safe, the reality on the street is a bit different than that but I work in an area with a fair amount of gang related crime and I've not once felt like I was in a dangerous situation. Though I do make a point of not wearing a badge so people don't confuse me for a cop, its not a very good time to be one of them.

So anyway what exactly did you want to know? I could go on at length about anything.
I live in a relatively low crime city in Canada. Thank you for the safety advice though. Is it true that work schedules are uncertain and can really drain you? What kind of benefits do you receive and how does seniority work?

I was also wondering if I could segway into Paradmedic training from university somehow. I have a high GPA and am physically fit
well I live in New York in the states so some things are probably a bit different for me than where you live, I'd recommend doing a bit of research on what EMS agencies are in your area and see if they're paid or volunteer. If you live in a rather sparsely populated area then they might just all be volunteer and you'd have to move to Toronto to pursue this.

In my agency, which has about 300 EMTs and medics, the scheduling is done by seniority where they put out which shifts are open at the start of the month and you can bid for what you want. If you don't bid for anything or all your bids lost you get a different schedule every month. It took about a year for me to get a set schedule that I really liked, but again I'm sure this would be different for different agencies. As for benefits I'm part of a union and have medical coverage, though unfortunately we all can't live in a civilized country like you so I'm sure Canadian EMS is much better off in that regard.

You probably could segway iinto medic school at university (though idk for certain) but I wouldn't recommend it. I strongly believe that people shouldn't put in the financial and time commitment to medic school until they've put in atleast 1 but ideally 3 years as an EMT to make sure they actually like it and have enough experience under their belt to be a good medic.
>bidding every goddamn month

Yeah, fuck that.
you don't need to bid every month, once you win a bid its your shift until you give it up. It can take a while to get a schedule you like if you're new though. I liked getting different shifts all the time since it put me with a ton of different partners so I got to meet more people.
Are you sure you want to do this? I have no personal experience but I have friends and family that are paramedics and all of them dislike it and have even quit for periods of times because of it. The hours and job stress are no joke. That and the pay is very mediocre and I'm in one of the largest cities in the US.

You're already in Uni, so have you thought of trying to make the best of that situation and maybe changing to a major that gives you better job prospects?
while that's all true there is great job security and demand
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