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I'm unsatisfied with my boyfriend's performance in

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I'm unsatisfied with my boyfriend's performance in bed and am trying to figure out how to make him get better.

>been together two years; I'm 21, he's 25
>he was a virgin before me, he's my 4th
>he was OK enough at first, but I've realized he has a low libido and sucks at sex
>lasts 5 minutes tops
>always wants to do either doggy or missionary
>just GOES SANIC FAST even though I plead with him to try going slower sometimes and changing up his pace to maybe fucking last longer
>went through a period of losing erections due to anxiety, kind of OK now but still has trouble keeping it up
>initiates sex by dropping his pants and just showing me his dick like it's supposed to turn me on- just makes me resent him for being lazy and unromantic, but I take what I can fucking get

I've asked him- are you still attracted to me? He is, so it's not that. so wtf. I've been kind of overlooking the sex thing because he eats pussy like a champ, but it's starting to grate on me that I can't ever enjoy PIV sex with him. I've never had a vaginal orgasm, but once with him he was hitting the right spot and I felt I could've almost reached it.. but of course he came in under 3 fucking minutes so fat chance I'd get that. I don't know, can this shit be fixed if I have tried to tell him over and over and he makes no changes? I don't want to break up over sex but I'm feeling like I should.
that pic is like tamagotchi 2.0
If he's not even going to attempt to make any changes (like you saying to go slower during sex) then it might be best to just let him go. He doesn't seem very willing to work on the problems for you.
Go fuck someone else, he's just not up to snuff.
Tell him this he is probably as retarded as you for thinking goin on the internet too solve my problems is smart more then half the problems on this site can be solved if you talk about it not goin on 4chan
Were you dropped on your head as a child? Dat word salad

He always gets super apologetic and sad, and I think he does want to please me, but he just sucks. I just wish I had a way to approach this without making it an ultimatum, because I feel like that would be a shitty thing to do. My personal theory is that he's both sexually submissive and lazy, so he basically wants me to either control it to my liking or he won't change. It's frustrating, because he acts like he wants to change but he doesn't
Sounds like you should buy a strapon then, and show him how you want to be fucked.
Just go fuck Chad like we all know you want to.
tell him you need space and after you come back give him an ultimatum. Listen to your pleads and change or you will move on. He's being selfish, but are you openminded to his desires? Just because he cums doesn't mean he's happy. Remember, just because a man ejaculate it doesn't mean the orgasm was good. I've had orgasms where it just felt like peeing, plenty of times lol. Hey when you got the urge you got the urge.

I think he might have some things he wants you to do he has bee scared to ask. Anyways if you keep this up you will inevitably cheat on him.

>He always gets super apologetic and sad, and I think he does want to please me, but he
just sucks.

He doesn't suck, he's taken advantage of you and being selfish. If i payed him a million dollars, he'd fuck you right. However we men do like a pump and ditch every now and then. Do you do oral and such? Are you willing to give, like you request from him?
He's probably expecting you to cheat on him at any time, so in his mind why would he bother? He's knows you're not satisfied, so it's a lost cause.

>he should last longer
>he should turn me on
>he should go how I want
>he should make me orgasm
>he he he
>it's his fault

Do you ever do anything for him apart from adding tension?
>do you do oral and such
I give him oral pretty much every time we have sex, handjobs, I've spanked him, handcuffed him, roleplayed, wore lingerie he wanted, done all sorts of things to please HIM, and meanwhile he can't even change these things for ME. A lot of sex is him lying there and expecting something to happen. This thread made me realize I have to give another chance and then peace out if he doesn't change because I just feel frustrated and don't deserve such a shit lover
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>he was a virgin before me, he's my 4th

Oh look, it's this thread again.

Your insecurity is showing, anon
>so he basically wants me to either control it to my liking or he won't change.
Say the following to him:
«Honey, if I ever do something in bed you dislike, say "stop". Otherwise I'll just assume you're liking it, okay?»

Then, suddenly, when you're in the mood and you two are alone, take control over him. «If you want me to stop, say it, otherwise I'll go on.» And then proceed to use and abuse him in the way YOU want sex to be.
Not many girls climax through penetration. It's mostly finger/oral/gspot/clit stimulation. However, you need to tell him you're not enjoying the sex. To the point where if it doesn't improve, you might break up. Not because he's bad, but because he's not willing to try. Also, that he needs to be a bit more passionate on the foreplay front. Just whipping out his dick isn't enough. Kiss your neck, suck on your tits, fondle your body. Whatever it is that turns you on.

But you also sound like sex is all about him pleasing you. Even if you do give oral, thats not enough. You should be asking for certain positions instead of expecting him to constantly decide what to do. Show some initiative. Sex is a two way thing, not just the man doing his thing. Nothing worse than a girl who just moans but doesn't do anything herself.

If you can't come out and say the words, don't bother getting in a relationship with anyone, because sometimes unpleasant sounding things need to be said.
This. It takes two to tango OP.
First off, and no offense, but you sound like a bitch making it seem like its all about you and that he's doing something wrong. Believe or not, a lot of guys are like him and jizz in 5 minutes (myself being one of those men). Does he not do anything after he cums? For example, with me, after I jizz, I'm ready to go for more rounds in like a minute, and that's enough to please some of the women I've been with because it makes it seem like a long fuck session so just help him get it up quickly since he has some trouble and continue. Here's more advice, you can have him stop after a minute to do multiple positions, or to eat you out and finger you. Fuck, I don't know....if you're not willing to at least try to help him help you, then just dump him and be done with it
Really I think you've been thinking about leaving him already and you're just coming to 4chan to validate your decision. I mean I think something else is going on besides bad sex. I mean you've been with him for two years and its just now gotten to the point where you feel the need to hit the road....
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Thread images: 2

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