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Is she ever going to text me first? I always have to start the

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Is she ever going to text me first? I always have to start the conversation and she'll texting me, but should I just not text her at all and see what happens?
My policy on this is usually yes. If you ever think you are texting first too much, I always prefer to back off and see if she is as interested in talking to me as I am her. If not just stop texting/talking all together
i tried this as well as the common advice of acting disinterested in girls and it got me nowhere
I hardly ever message first unless it's something I need to say/ask, because I constantly feel like I'm bothering people and am not worth their time.

It drives my bf mad because 80% of the time it's him who's initiating conversation, but I just hate the thought of bothering people.

How often do you text her? How long is it between replies from both of you?

I'd say leave it for a few hours and see if she messages first. If she doesn't, leave it for another couple hours then message her.

How close are you? Discussing this with her could help, I didn't even realise that I never message first until my bf told me.

my policy is that you shouldn't be texting her unless its for something specific, generally for when you plan to meet up next.

no girl has ever gone from not interested to porking you based just on texting. if shes got your number shes either already wanting to meet, or not.

today the guy ive been seeing actually blew the fuck up cuz i hadn't texted him back after 3 hours. i did see his initial text, but i was busy at that moment and it wasn't response worthy. i generally respond to all of those right before bed.

what a whacko.
Currently in the same boat.

>Really liek grill
>text first all the time, she has only texted me once.
>feel like she doesn't like me because she never texts me first, turns out she feels like she's bothering me and apologizes when she tells me about herself.
>not sure what to do now

you have to get that girl's interest level in you to increase first, to a point where there's something about you that intrigues her, for her to start texting you

if you aren't in that top 20th or 10th percentile where the hot, sexy guys are, you have to work to get a girl's interest levels up. not much, but she has to get to know you, to get a general idea of you at least. this can be done within as little as 30 minutes of texting

the moment she initiates a text out of nowhere, you have to take that as her telling you "please notice me, senpai! i want your attention!" and you immediately make arrangements to meet up. otherwise it's a blown chance and she takes your lack of advance as you not being interested enough in her.

if she makes an excuse cos she's busy or something like that, reschedule. ask her when she's free and arrange a date on that day. no confirmations, no pre-date texting. just tell her "i'll be there" and be there. if she blows you off again, she just isn't into you.
I text her around once a week maybe twice... And usually our respones are from 15 minutes or a few hours max
I asked her twice, but she kept saying she was busy...
I don't really like texting.
But after getting a girl's contact, I usually text first, some small-talk, getting to know her better and asking her to go out if it goes well.

Then I just text to say thanks for the night and text her again after when i want to hang out with her again.

But I feel the same as you sometimes cause I'm usually the one asking her to go out together not the other way around.
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Well I'm going to piggy back off of this thread and ask my own question(s).

How many responses can "lol" acceptably go into? I have friends who say 3/5 messages is normal, and those who say that its only effective up to the point where it starts to be corny. When I try not to use it I end up coming across as a stone faced monotone grey slab of dry wall.

How many times is it okay to "double" text? I would like to think I'm a complex individual, and as such can convey thoughts without writing paragraphs, but for the sake of texting I have noticed that nobody really stops to read (or appreciate for that matter) punctuation marks. Peoples common mistake of glazing over my commas and periods has led me to breaking up each "thought" into its own message. They arent super long, nor are there that many (on every blue moon I might end up with 3 back to back messages but its usually just two). If I dont break them up into separate messages however they tend to get kinda paragraphy which is even unappealing to me.
Why do you text so little? Do you see her in person? How often? What's your relationship like?
Thread posts: 12
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