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Careers without college

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I've been in college for a year and am probably going to drop out. Are there still any good careers out there that don't require a college degree? I'm a pretty simple guy, I don't need to be rich. All I'm looking for is a stable job that provides enough money for me to live comfortably-- not planning on getting married/having kids. Considering becoming an electrician. What are some other options? (If possible 1.) how much do they make 2.) what are the requirements to become one)

bartending.. flipping cars.. any kind of retail salesperson
Tech jobs. You can do IT work really easy. I make about 46k a year doing it and I work from home in my pajamas.

You can also teach musical instruments as a private teacher. Depending on your area you can get away with charging $30 an hour(that's on the cheap side). I did that to get by when I moved across the country.

There's a lot of options and honestly good for you that you're dropping out of college. It's a waste of money. You could get a basic bitch degree from a community college for dirt cheap if you still don't know what you wanna do.
Construction construction construction

people always say this but what do they mean? like a trade? or is there just some general field called "construction" that you get into?
Framing, drywall, insulation, roofing- they need no degrees or education, just a willingness to work and, in the case of drywallers, the ability to slam down an entire 26er of Jack without sweating.

Not because they are tough, but just to prove that you don't have overmany brain cells to get in the way of work.

There are also slightly ore complicated trades- sheet metal and HVAC, plumbing, electrical, etc- you can get into them without much trouble, and there is a nice ladder there to climb in an apprenticeship. A lot of bosses will pay for you to climb that adder, i.e., send you to school if you prove you are good enough.

Thanks for the reply mate. I'm a uni grad who despises his degree, I'm not a dumb fuck but I've just made a stupid decision in going to uni for the sake of going to uni.

I really want to get into an electrical apprenticeship but I have predictably been encountering difficulty considering I have 0 experience to work with even as a 1st year app. You say there is a ladder you can climb to apprenticeship, do you mind explaining this more? Only because I was under the impression that the ladder was: high school shop/manual arts class > apprenticeship. Is there such a thing as electrical labouring positions or do you mean just being a general labourer, digging holes etc. but proving I can at least work hard?
Where I am, there are actually come colleges that offer 'pre-employment apprenticeship training', which basically means you do two nights a week at the place learning the basic skills you'd need for what you are aiming at. My college here offers it in electrician, welding, and heavy equipment mechanic. It's actually a rather good way to train yourself up while still working. Once you are out of there, you've got a basic set of skill that is attractive to an employer.

If you don't have access to that, you can try just walking in the door and trying to get work as a labourer or helper- they're the low guys on the totem pole and you are going to be a gopher for awhile, but if you show willing and develop skills you can go from there. You'l be doing grunt work, but also getting in there and helping out the tradesguys as they do their stuff, and if you prove yourself competent you'll start being given more advanced tasks. Most trades will also take guys on in the helper position and require them to sign up as an apprentice- other places you might have to ask, but most everyone wants to train guys up and keep them in shop

Just working with the guys is enough to qualify you as an apprentice, so I'd suggest looking into the details on that for your country/state/province.
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I dropped out of college too! And don't regret it :)

I make $60,000/yr doing Armed Security. Although, I don't really enjoy it. I don't have any other options. So I guess I'll be stuck doing this forever :/
The world will always need plumbers, electricians,contractors,auto repairmen
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