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Give it to me straight, /adv/. Do I have a chance of ever finding

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Give it to me straight, /adv/.
Do I have a chance of ever finding a girl that will like me?

21 year old kissless virgin, never had a gf whatsoever.

yes, obese or deformed, or a single mom with three kids.

Yeah bro you got this. Stop thinking like a virgin and start acting like a 6'3 man.
Shorten the hair on the sides of your head.

Work on your shoulders/neck.
My forehead looks like yours, am 5'9, and i've got a cute gf since three years. So yes op, you can do that too.

Thanks everyone

How did you meet her? Is she really in love with you? That must feel so nice
yeah if you do this with your hair I think you forehead will look better. other than that your pretty hot. I'd fuck you. it must be a lack of confidence or maybe your attitude that's the problem. cause it's not your body
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Lack of confidence is definately a part.
I just think my failure to get to know a girl is a combination of the confidence thing and being ugly.
You're good looking and I'm not trying to be nice.
If you mean that, this is the first time I ever heard that in my life.

About the hair thing.. I really hate that look. I feel like that's what douchebags and sheeple do with their hair. Would it help if I would just shorten it in general?
Met her through my hobby. Pretty much felt butterflies in my stomach when i first saw her. Talked to her immediately, because in that moment i felt the need to do it so hard. I just followed the urge, felt no fear of fucking up, i just wanted to talk to her, see her, be around her. we both spaghettied hardcore, it's not even funny. After a month it became obvious that we had a connection that would lead to a relationship. Didn't have any mutual interest besides said hobby, don't share any political view or worldview but there was something about her and something about me that just clicked effordlessly.

That's what i look for in a potential partner, that effordless click.

Did she have the same butterfly feelings at that first sight?
OP. You're not even ugly.
Eventually you'll get a girl.
If virginity is such a big ass deal, you can find some chick in /soc/ to take your virginity.
You look and have the height. Just work on your confidence and girls will come. And try to initiate the talks.

Damn nigga, you have all kinds of shit in your favor:

-eye color
-decent chin

Do you have any bros? You need to ditch your virgin attitude (thinking about love, worrying about your appearance, being gentle, etc.)
and start doing man shit (telling dirty jokes, going on adventures, womanizing, etc.)

Watch the movie Swingers. Vince Vaughn says it perfectly- "You're a bear with sharp claws, wondering how to kill a tiny bunny"
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Given that I'm a straight male, I really don't think you're ugly, OP. Maybe your face is shaped sideways a little bit or maybe you're just doing it out of habit. I don't know.

All that nonsense about confidence and being yourself and shit is really not good advice. When there's a connection, there's a connection. Also stop wearing t-shirts. But that's personal taste.

It's not so great either. I would give my life to become a wizard and stop this horrible heartache that's been around since forever. But hey, it's an experience. You'll find someone. I believe in you.

Ganbatte, OP.
Thanks anon.
I just wish I could honestly believe that.

I've been contemplating seeing a hooker so often lately...
I guess the only reason I didn't do it yet is because I even find that scary.

Thanks man. Where do I find them?

Thanks for the advice, I'll definately give the movie a go.
Nah, she didn't. But i made her feel that way after a short time. Kids in kindergarden have gf's and bf's. That drive that i described when i saw her and got to know her, that drive to be around her, talk to her, make her laugh, tease her, provoke her, protect her, make her mine, that's what even little boys feel, and i know you've had that feeling too before. You can kinda act on it. As if you were that little boy again, and as if dhe were that little girl again
Damn OP, you're cute.
wait, did you say decent chin?
my dentist advised surgery because he said people were gonna think i got beat up or something
>didnt do it because 'it would hurt'

it's not a habit, unfortunately. it just grew sorta asymertical i guess ;_;

>when there's a connection, there's a connection
b-but there isn't any. ever. ;_;

I love t-shirts. It's what I feel most comfy in. Sorry anon.

Thanks for the reply <3

pls no bully
>pls no bully

I'm serious. You've gotta have confidence, maybe that's the problem.
The angle of this picture makes you look like you have the head of a three year old on the body of a large adult.

You have a decent face in this picture.
In that case, thanks so much anon.
How does one acquire confidence?

Thanks man
OP don't worry about looks... I am a 6'5 fellow who has awesome public speaking skills but a big nose and crooked teeth... but girls don't seem to care because i have a big load of confidence. Thats all it takes

That's comforting actually, thanks.

Now all I need to do is get confident. Somehow.
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fifteen finger forehead
Thread posts: 26
Thread images: 4

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